How much does it cost for Asbestos Removal?

Price Guide

£25 - £2,500







How Much Does Asbestos Removal Cost?

Asbestos is a natural mineral that has been used in building and construction due to its insulating capabilities and resistance to high temperatures. 

The average asbestos removal price may range from £25 - £2,500. However, the cost depends on your location and the amount of asbestos removal work to be done. Professionals work with different types of asbestos, which they determine through a lab inspection and audit report. 

Read on to know more facts that can help you determine how much asbestos removal costs for different building sizes and locations. This price guide can provide you with clarity in calculating how much to remove asbestos on your garage roof, ceiling, or any other parts of your property. By the time you’ve finished reading, you’ll be one step closer to keeping you and your family or workplace safe.

Why do I need to remove asbestos?

Asbestos was common in building materials until the 1980s. It is odourless, tasteless, and resistant to chemical, heat, and fire. However, reports on deaths due to prolonged exposure to asbestos became a cause of alarm. Since the 1990s, all asbestos-related products - whether sold, installed, or produced - were banned in the UK. 

Asbestos releases fibres that can be dangerous to a person's health. When breathed in, these fibres may increase the risk of developing lung cancer or other complications.

Where do you find asbestos?

Asbestos can be found in approximately 50% of homes. If your property was built before the early 2000s, it’s wise to get your place checked by a professional.

A trained specialist can conduct an asbestos survey on different parts of your home or building: 

  • Flat and corrugated sheeting

  • Cement

  • Drywall

  • Gaskets

  • Fireproofing

  • Insulation

  • Floor tiles

  • Adhesives

  • Roofing

  • Textiles

  • Textured paints

  • Rubber

What are the key questions to ask an asbestos removal specialist?

Apart from knowing how much does it cost to remove asbestos, here are some questions you should ask when hiring an asbestos removal specialist:

  • Are they licensed?

  • Do they test the type of asbestos found on-site?

  • How do they dispose of asbestos after removal?

  • What is their full process for asbestos removal?

  • How much training do they have in asbestos removal?

Always hire a professional to avoid risking yourself to asbestos exposure. Be sure to check if you're hiring a trained and licensed asbestos remover. Only those with specialised training are legally allowed to remove and dispose of asbestos.

How much does asbestos removal cost based on the service?

Professionals may offer different rates for asbestos removal services done in various areas of your home or building. 

Here’s a quick guide when comparing asbestos garage removal cost, asbestos roof removal cost, asbestos ceiling removal cost, and other services. 

Asbestos removal service

Price Guide

Asbestos removal service

Price Guide


$3,500 - $5,500

Sheds (per square metre)


Fencing (per sheet)

$25 - $50

Flooring (per square metre)


Ceilings (per square metre)

$40 - $100

Flooring w/ adhesive vinyl (per square metre)

$90 - $100

Eaves (one side)


Soil (per tonne)


Eaves (entire parameter)

$1,500 - $2,500

Removal of cladding (per room)

$1,000 - $1,500

Internal & external cladding

$4,000 - $6,000

Air monitoring


What are the factors when calculating asbestos removal prices?

Professionals take multiple precautions and steps to ensure your building or home remains asbestos-free. Many factors can affect how much you’ll need to pay for their service. These include the following:

  • Size of the area that asbestos needs to be removed from. 

  • Adhesive vinyl flooring - as it may contain asbestos in the adhesive.

  • Removal of asbestos from premises.

  • Type of asbestos found. 

  • Type of material used for your ceiling - cement sheet, insulation, ceiling tiles, popcorn ceiling etc. 

  • Obstacles that may cause further damage (i.e. trees, roots and rocks).

  • Height and gradient of the roof.

  • The number of asbestos fibres found - loose fibres will take longer to remove and may cost you more. 

  • The travel distance to your location.

  • The condition of the asbestos.

  • Accessibility of the asbestos location.

What other services can you get from asbestos removal specialists?

Apart from removing asbestos from your building, asbestos removal specialists may offer:

  • Asbestos disposal

  • Asbestos testing

  • Site inspections

  • Site demolitions

  • Site Advice

  • Asbestos analysis

Asbestos disposal must be done by professionals or disposed of at a licensed hazardous waste site. Cost may be based on how many square metres of sheets with asbestos to be disposed of. Transport and disposal of asbestos waste must comply with all relevant legislation and guidelines. 

These services depend on the type of asbestos remover that you hire. Be sure to check their services before hiring, so you can take full advantage of their packages or deals!

How much is an asbestos inspection?

If you’re not sure whether your home has asbestos materials or not, it’s a good idea to get a sample tested by a laboratory. Experts may get discounts for asbestos analysis, but it may cost extra if you wish to get results on the same day. 

Here is a quick asbestos inspection price guide as a reference:

Asbestos Inspection Service

Price Guide

Asbestos sample analysis

$25 - $200

5-day service


3-day service


24-hour service


Same-day service


Generally, it will take an inspector around five samples to determine the type of asbestos found in your home or building. This can be a factor in the final price for your asbestos removal. 

What are the different types of asbestos?

There are six major types of asbestos; three of these are commonly found in buildings and materials in the UK. 

  • Chrysotile (White Asbestos)

This is most commonly found in building materials, such as in the flooring, ceilings, roofs, walls, and pipes. 

  • Crocidolite (Blue Asbestos)

This asbestos is mostly found in steam engine insulation, but also in some spray-on coatings, pipe insulation, plastic and cement products. 

  • Amosite (Brown Asbestos)

Brown Asbestos is common in cement sheets and pipe insulation. It can also be found in the insulating board, ceiling tiles, and thermal insulation products. 

  • Anthophyllite (Grey or dull green colour)

While used in limited quantities for insulation products and construction materials, it's not as common as the previous three types.

  • Tremolite and Actinolite (Brown, white, green, grey or transparent)

These two forms of asbestos are not available for commercial use. However, they can be found as contaminants in chrysotile asbestos, vermiculite, and talc. 

A professional will determine your asbestos removal cost based on the type found in your home or building. They will sample, test, and analyse the asbestos before removal. 

What is the average asbestos removal cost based on location in the UK?

Asbestos removal prices vary depending on your location, as well as the amount and type of asbestos found in your building. 

Every asbestos removalist has their own rates and regulations. Some asbestos removalists may also add fees for the following:

  • Travel expenses

  • Asbestos disposal

  • Asbestos testing/analysing

  • Location of asbestos in the property

Getting ready to hire an asbestos removalist

Need to clear your building of asbestos? Let’s get started! Explain your task, post your listing, review your offers, and select the right person.

Here are some things to include in your listing: 

  • Location 

  • Time

  • Budget

  • Previous asbestos testing (if applicable)

  • Size of the building

The more information you include in this listing, the better your outcome will be. This will also help your removalist come up with a detailed asbestos removal quote. Once you have a tasker, they’ll start working to make your building safe! 

FAQs about asbestos removal

Can I remove asbestos myself?

Depending on the location of the asbestos, you may be able to remove it yourself. However, it is suggested that you hire a professional to do this, as the fibres have shown to lead to lung cancer and other deadly cancers If your building is commercial, however, you legally have to hire a professional to remove the asbestos from the building itself.

What is friable asbestos?

Friable asbestos is asbestos that is in the form of powder, which is soft or crumbles under hand pressure. You can find this form of asbestos in pipe insulation and the backing of asbestos adhesive vinyl flooring.

How long does an analysis take?

An analysis can take anywhere from five days to the same day it was originally sampled. If you wish to have it returned to you on the same day as it was tested, expect to pay a higher rate for the speed of return.