How to clean all types of Venetian blinds like a pro

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Everything you need to know to clean your venetian blinds

Cleaning the blinds is not easy, and it’s no surprise that it’s one of the most dreaded home chores. Follow this guide to learn how to clean Venetian blinds.

Venetian blinds make a beautiful window covering for your home or office. Whether vinyl, wood, aluminium, fabric or faux wood blinds, many people do not like cleaning these bendable slats. The thought of cleaning Venetian blinds is enough to put you off. Why? Cleaning blinds take a lot of time, and no one knows whether they are doing it right. Luckily, this guide has easy and effective ways to teach you how to clean Venetian blinds, so maybe, just maybe, you might enjoy it.

There are three easy ways of cleaning Venetian blinds, namely;

  1. Vacuuming to blow off the dirt
  2. Light cleaning to remove dust and dirt
  3. Deep cleaning to remove dirt, dust, grease and stubborn stains

Tools for the job

The three methods of cleaning Venetian blinds namely, vacuuming, dusting and scrubbing depend on the material of the blinds or how much dust has accumulated. Assemble the following tools before you attempt to clean Venetian blinds:

  • A vacuum cleaner fitted with an attachment

  • A microfibre cloth or you can buy a microfibre mini blind duster from the store

Light cleaning your Venetian blinds 

Light cleaning means easy and less time-consuming methods that should be undertaken once every few days without taking down the blinds. Light cleaning is useful because you don’t allow dust or debris to collect on and in between the blind slats. With consistent light cleaning, you eliminate the need to give your blinds a deep clean.

Light-dusting the blinds using a feather duster is the simplest method, but for the best results, you should clean each slat individually using a microfibre cloth. No worries if you don’t have a microfibre cloth, you can use anything from old cotton cloths, antistatic cloths to old socks. Check the local household store for Venetian blind slat cleaning products; you will find a few that do the job well.

For Venetian kitchen blinds, you’ll most likely spot grease and other stain marks. You need to clean them off with a cleaning solution and water. Use window cleaning products or the specialised Venetian blind sprays that leave the slats in an antistatic state, that cuts the amount of dust that attaches to the slats.

Important Note

Do not use just any Venetian blinds cleaner on your slats as many products in the market aren’t suitable. Also, if you’re using the water and household cleaning solution method, use only a small amount and quickly dry the slates to avoid spreading the dust. 

Vacuum cleaning is another light cleaning method. When cleaning using a vacuum, add an upholstery attachment or other Venetian blind attachments. When vacuuming, keep the suction levels low to avoid sucking in the slats and damaging them. This is important, especially if you have aluminium or PVC slats.

Light clean the inside and outside of your Venetian blinds but if you’re not getting the expected level of cleanliness, give them a deep clean.

Deep cleaning Venetian blinds

You need to lightly clean your Venetian blinds regularly to postpone deep cleaning them. But sadly, many Venetian blinds sit for months before receiving the cleaning attention that they deserve. Even if you light-clean them, dust will accumulate in those hard to reach places, and this can only be addressed by deep cleaning.

For this method to work, you need to take your Venetian blinds down and place them in a bathtub and remember to lay some towels on the bottom and side of the tub to avoid scratching. Put enough water into the tub and add a suitable cleaning solution for your blinds. Allow the blinds to soak for about two hours and use a soft brush to remove the loosened dirt and grease on both sides. After cleaning the blinds, dip them again in clean plain water and rinse them in the shower.

If your blinds cannot fit in your bathtub, you can clean them outdoors. You can hang them on the fence, or wash them in your driveway, lawn or path using a garden hose. You must lay a blanket or any other material to protect your blinds; this also ensures that they do not pick up more dirt. You need a soft brush, water, and cleaning solution to scrub them down gently. Clean and rinse them a few times to get the desired level of cleanliness. 

After cleaning, airdry the blinds by hanging them up to prevent the formation of water stains. After drying, you can hang them back to their rightful place.

How to clean different types of Venetian blinds

Faux wood blinds

These are the most commonly used window coverings. Faux wood blinds are easy to clean, and you can vacuum the dust off.

  1. Before vacuuming, close the blinds and hold the bottom rail.
  2. Vacuum on the side and then turn to the other side.
  3. Remember to use the lowest suction setting to avoid warping the slats.

If your faux wood blinds have grime and grease, you need to give them a thorough cleaning using white vinegar. 

Mix equal parts of vinegar and water in a bowl. Dip a microfibre cloth in the solution and wipe each slat at a time and remember to cover both sides.

White vinegar cleans off the dirt, grease, and grime leaving the slats clean as new.

Wood blinds

High-end wood blinds have a unique finish that doesn’t hold dirt and stains. Cleaning wood blinds is easy, and you can wash them with a clean cloth. If you want to polish them, apply furniture polish on the cloth and wipe each slat.

Wood blinds and faux wood blinds are absorbent, and you shouldn’t clean them with water or any other form of liquids. The timber slats can take in water and then warp when drying. Also, some of the colour finishes on faux wood and wood blinds should not come into contact with water as they can cause the finish layer to peel off. If you have wood or faux wood Venetian blinds, we recommend that you use light cleaning methods such as dusting.

Fabric blinds (pleated, roman, and cellular)

To clean fabric blinds, clean and dust the fabrics using a vacuum cleaner at the lowest setting. If you don’t have a household vacuum, you can use a hairdryer. Blow the dirt caught between the creases and the openings, and do not squish any bugs that you find between the honeycombs because they will leave a stain.

If the blinds are stained, clean them with a damp microfibre cloth but do not oversaturate.

How to clean vinyl or aluminium blinds

You can clean vinyl or aluminium blinds just like faux wood blinds by dusting or light cleaning with a cloth. But if they are many, this method of cleaning takes a lot of your time and its best to deep clean them.

Unhook the blinds and soak one set at a time in a bathtub, and use a sponge to work on both sides of the slats. After cleaning, dip them again in clean and plain water to rinse away the soap suds.

After rinsing, lay the blinds on some towels to soak up all the water then hang them up to air dry.

If your tub is not big enough to soak your blinds, hang them outside on a clothesline on a hot sunny day, spray them with soap and spray with a garden hose. Work on both sides and scrub with a soft brush. Rinse and leave them out to air dry.

Additional blind cleaning tips

You don’t have to buy the blind cleaning tools; you can make your own by attaching a couple of microfibre cloths with some clips, rubber bands or a pair of tongs.

Always keep track of your slats because you can get distracted when cleaning, making it impossible to know where you left off. Hook a pin to the last slat that you cleaned.

Protect your blinds when cleaning. Do not spray the cleaner on the slats, spray on a cloth and wipe each slat at a time.

Call the professional blind cleaners

If you’ve read this guide and still think that cleaning your Venetian blinds is a tedious task for you, or you don’t have the time, you should consider hiring a professional Venetian blind cleaner. A professional blind cleaner will take down your blinds, clean them using the right method and put them back in place. A skilled Venetian blind expert can also make all the necessary repairs when cleaning.

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FAQs on How to Clean Venetian Blinds

Fill a tub or bucket with water and add the right amount of dishwashing liquid. Take a sponge or microfibre cloth and clean all the slats and both sides of the blind. Rinse and hang them to air dry.
A professional Venetian blind cleaner will charge anywhere between $70 to $150 per blind.
You should wipe the dust off your blinds every time you’re cleaning your house, at least twice every month.
Fill a tub or bucket with water and add the right amount of dishwashing liquid. Take a sponge or microfibre cloth and clean all the slats and both sides of the blind. Rinse and hang them to air dry.
You should wipe the dust off your blinds every time you’re cleaning your house, at least twice every month.
A professional Venetian blind cleaner will charge anywhere between $70 to $150 per blind.

It takes less than 2 minutes. And it's free.