’Tis the season to be festive: Christmas decor ideas for the budget-conscious

Deck the halls (outside) with style with these outdoor Christmas decor ideas!

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Christmas is coming, so it’s time to bring out the stockings, garlands, ornaments, and whatever else you have to do your magic at home. But before embarking on your blissful project, are you looking for some inspiration for your Christmas decorations outdoor? Look no further. This guide will help you decorate your home without breaking the bank this holiday season. 

Easy and simple ideas for your Christmas decoration outdoors

1. Use natural materials

Since you’re decorating the outside of your house, you might as well look outdoors for your embellishments. Nature has a lot in store because you can use many items to achieve the Christmas feels at home. Find pinecones, holly, evergreen branches, and twigs. These are matchless for whatever Christmas decorations and projects you have in mind.

If you live near the beach or would like to put a twist on your traditional Christmas decoration, pick up some stones, pebbles, shells, and other things you might find by the shore. You can use them to add a beautiful summer vibe or achieve a Christmas by the Sea theme.

2. Go DIY

You can avail of an outdoor Christmas decorating service from an expert, but you can save more through DIY and stay in style. Be hands-on and do things yourself. You can create Christmas wreaths and garlands using natural materials like foliage, pine, moss, and other greenery. Throw in some eucalyptus leaves, and viola! Your decorations now have a mood-boosting scent.

making a Christmas wreath

Another tip for DIY crafts is to get the kids involved. If you have nieces, nephews, or children of your own staying over for Christmas, tap into their creativity. It can be an excellent opportunity to bond with them while making decorating easy as pie. Get artsy with the family and create various ornaments.

You can go as simple as using paper and coloring materials to exploring with homemade salt dough and cinnamon-scented decorations. Surely, kids would love working on outdoor Christmas candy decorations. The possibilities are endless with your Christmas spirit on.

3. Recycle old decorations

One more simple and budget-friendly idea you can try this year is to reuse old decorating materials. Check out your storage room or garage because you might have some items you can use for your outdoor Christmas display. Consider checking out a thrift store for decorations, too! You can surely get your hands on some great Christmas finds there.

painting Christmas decorations

Don’t let old Christmas decorations scare you. Although they’re aged, you can freshen them up to be like new again. For example, you can refurbish old, washed-out Christmas balls by gluing broken CD pieces or glitter to make them bright and sparkly again.

Retouch faded colors, repair broken parts, and add beads or other craft materials. But more importantly, have fun and express your style.

4. Switch to better lights

When it comes to outdoor lighted Christmas decorations, LED lights are a great option. They’re more energy-efficient, cost-effective, and long-lasting than incandescent bulbs. They also consume 90% less energy and emit less heat, making them a better and safer alternative.

Consider solar-powered ones if you’re eyeing sustainability for your outdoor Christmas lights. Buy them while on sale for a more affordable price. They’re worth getting since they run on renewable energy, which makes it cheaper for you in the long run. Plus, they’re easier to install and maintain compared to wired lights.

5. Borrow Christmas decorations from friends or family

a box filled with Christmas decor

The yuletide season is the perfect time to connect with your loved ones. If you’re spending time with them for the holidays this year, you could ask if they can lend you materials for decoration. Better yet, you can work on the outdoor Christmas arrangement together. With the team effort, everyone, including your wallet, is happy.

How to decorate outdoors for Christmas on a budget

With the cheap outdoor Christmas decorations and materials discussed above, you might now wonder what to do with them. Here are creative ways for you to decorate and make your house holiday-ready:

Create a festive front porch

The porch is much like the face of your home. Being at the front, it's a great spot to personalize as it represents you. But how do you decorate a deck for Christmas? Go for classic holiday pieces like garlands and a wreath. Add bells to your decoration for that extra joyful vibe. String lights are also perfect for brightening up the area at night.

front porch decorated with Christmas ornaments

Relocate your favorite plants, shrubs, and other greenery and make them your outdoor window sill Christmas decorations. Don’t be afraid to play with colors, too. Decorate your planters with holly berries, bright ribbons, and ornaments for vibrant, lively hues.

If you’d like to step up and make your porch stand out, try outdoor Christmas decorations patterns on your door. A fun, colorful print would surely scream you have your Christmas spirit on.

Light up your yard

LED lights, luminaries, and other Christmas solar decorations should be nonnegotiable for you every year. They’re not only ideal for illuminating your place, but they also add color, life, and warmth. You can hang them on trees, around the yard, patio, or in your outdoor fence Christmas decorations to ensure your house is well-lit and bright.

Transform your garden

If you have a garden, you can go all out and have a winter wonderland theme outdoors. No snow? No problem. You can get fake snow. Snow sprays, white cloths, dry plastic snow, and many other options are on the market. Choose one suitable to your budget.

Don’t forget to add a Christmas tree, happy snowmen, reindeer, Santa, elves, and other festive characters. You can even set up an outdoor Christmas train decoration. All ages will enjoy hanging out in your version of a snowy paradise.

Make a cozy outdoor space for winter gatherings

cosy patio with Christmas lights

On the contrary to a winter wonderland, create a warm and homey area for loved ones and guests. You can pick a spot in your house surrounded by trees or on your patio. Wherever it may be, remember to have comfortable seating and store up on blankets and pillows. Candles and a little bonfire area would also be lovely, especially if you have cold winters.

Tips for staying on budget this Christmas

Here are some easy pointers to ensure you reduce your Christmas decoration expenses.

  • Plan - List what you need to be on track with everything. This will also prevent unnecessary costs.

  • Look for the best deals - Shops usually have discounts, sales, and promo packages during Christmas. Watch out for these budget-friendly bargains when shopping for outdoor Christmas decorations. Be sure to bring coupons if you have any to get bigger rebates.

  • Use coupons and promo codes online - Virtual shopping provides an easy and convenient to browse desired items. But don’t forget to enjoy budget hacks with coupons, vouchers, and promo codes. You can score free shipping and cashback, saving you more money.

Sparkle and shine this holiday season

Christmas only comes once a year and is a holiday like no other. So, make every year count and have fun with your loved ones decorating your Christmas home. With this guide’s handy tips and creative ideas, you’ll have your winter wonderland house looking good. For a more magical and stress-free setup, hire a professional holiday home decorator from Airtasker today!

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FAQs on outdoor Christmas decoration

Professionals advise applying a water shield, polyurethane, or similar clear coats. But remember to handle these chemicals carefully. Securing and anchoring items would also prevent them from being blown away by winds. Use glue, zip ties, weights, and so on to help keep them in place.

There are many Christmas decorations you can easily make at home. For example, you can form snowflakes with blue popsicle sticks, turn old crates into a Christmas train, and create a wreath with a wire mesh and some greens. DIY Christmas decorations are easy and fun, especially with family and friends.

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