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6 Non-Traditional Christmas Tree Ideas

By Airtasker

Updated: August 23rd, 2018

The traditional Christmas tree has all the trimmings with tinsel, baubles and lights. However, more and more we’re seeing all "6 Non-Traditional Christmas Tree Ideas"

The traditional Christmas tree has all the trimmings with tinsel, baubles and lights. However, more and more we’re seeing all different types of decorated trees.

So let’s think outside the box for this year (and the next) with coloured trees, wall inspired trees and much more.

The Coloured Tree

Source: Pinterest

Don’t be held back by the traditional red-and-green with your Christmas tree decorating – be creative with your colour.

A cheap, plastic Christmas tree can be easily spray-painted using a couple of tins of plastic-friendly spray paint from your local hardware store. Cream or white is a safe, goes-with-almost-every-house option. But for the more adventurous Christmas tree, go for brights – pinks, turquoise blue, even metallic.

The Apartment-friendly Tree

As more and more people live in apartments space, or lack there of, could mean you can’t even fit in a traditional Christmas tree.

You can still keep up the Christmas spirit though; all you need is a free wall.

Then you could use anything; paper, tape, twigs etc to make a Christmas tree on the wall and then put your presents on the floor or table below. Here is some inspiration.

Source: FreePeople

Source: Countryside Style

Source: Tree

Source: OhParty

The Easy Tree

Florists and hardware shops have trees in all sizes, even little potted plants that are great because you can keep them an place on your balcony or use for greenery decoration after Christmas.

You could even get twigs and put them in a vase. Just add some fairy lights and a bauble or two.

Source: Decoist

Place in middle of a table as a concession to the Christmas spirit. If anyone asks, say it’s rustic and minimalistic.

The Creative Tree

Using a poster why not get the kids involved with creating an original Christmas tree that you can stick to a wall.

Source: Homelife

The Book Tree

If you have an extensive library, instead of letting the books gather dust, you can use them to build-your-own Christmas tree.

Source: Popsugar

The Ladder Tree

Most households have a ladder for all those odd jobs, so why not recycle it to make a Christmas tree. You can put presents in the middle underneath and use lights to bring the festive style to an otherwise boring ladder.

Source: Buzzfeed



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