10 Simple but Spooky Halloween Decoration Ideas

Decorating your house for Halloween? Here are some ideas to DIY or share with your party decorator.

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Throwing a Halloween party this weekend? We've found some last minute DIY decorations to help get your house looking fantastically ghoulish. Here are 10 Halloween decoration ideas set to make your home look as good as your costume.

Idea 1: Ghostly fridge

Fridge decorated for Halloween

Source: Buzzfeed

Perhaps the easiest decoration just get a sheet of black cardboard and you've got an instant ghostly fridge.

Idea 2: Scary doorway

Source: Listotic

Make an entrance with this cardboard last minute project. You'll have a monster of a time.

Idea 3: Hipster pumpkins

Painted pumpkins

Pumpkin or butternut squash carving can get mighty messy, so why not show off your painting skills instead? Perhaps you could even get guests to BYO their own creations and have a prize for the best looking pumpkin.

Idea 4: Mummy mason jars

Source: Home to Indy

Mummify recycled jars with bandaging and craft store purchased googly eyes. Just don't forget to add the tea light candles and light when it gets darker.

Not enough time to decorate? Hire a decorator to prep your home for Halloween! And while you're at it, check out these easy Halloween costume ideas to match your spooky decors!

Idea 5: Glowing ghosts

Balloons designed as green aliens

Source: Buzzfeed

You can stick these glowing balloons all throughout the house, even in some cupboards for an extra scare. Just crack a glow stick and place into a blown up balloon.

Idea 6: Pumpkin cooler

Pumpkin cooler

Source: Princess Pinky Girl

At the end of the day it's still a party and drinks need to remain cold at all times. Staying with the theme, crave out the inside of a pumpkin and place in a glass bowl with ice.

Idea 7: Halloween-themed garland


Source: Home to Indy

It doesn't have to be all fake blood and pumpkins – use colours orange, black and white in new original ways. To make this garland just buy different bits of ribbon (even ask for offcuts to save money) and away you go. 

If you wanna go a little extra, use the same ribbons to make a costume that complements your home decor!

Idea 8: Bloody candle 

Source: Princess Pinky Girl

Who are we kidding, it's the one time of the year where it's blood-themed decorations are acceptable. This is simple to recreate by melting red candle wax onto a white candle.

Idea 9: Scary bottles

Pained wine bottles for Halloween

Another chance to get out the paint brush and convert wine bottles into works of Halloween art.

Idea 10: Milky ghosts 

Source: Buzzfeed

Line the backyard or balcony with these recycled milk bottles that have been made to look like ghosts thanks to the help of a Sharpie.

And there you go! Happy decorating!

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