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50 best DIY Christmas ideas on the internet

By Emma Bergmeier

Updated: April 16th, 2020

From the tree to the table, these awesome ideas will bring the holiday spirit.

You’ve put up the Christmas tree, right? Posted all of your Christmas cards, organised thoughtful gifts for your nearest and dearest and planned the perfect menu for a light Christmas lunch (which will follow festive brunch with the neighbours, before festive dinner at your in-laws)?

Oh, not yet? Don’t worry – nor have we, so we’ve pulled together the best festive hacks and Christmas themed DIY ideas we could find to make silly season celebrations a cinch.

Below are the top 50 best DIY Christmas ideas on the internet

1. Christmas Tree – Scandi Style

Chic minimal Scandi style Christmas tree DIY
This minimal Christmas tree DIY is subtle but stylish. Image by The Merrythought for West Elm

Sometimes less is more! This chic Scandi style Christmas tree is perfect for adding the holiday spirit to any small space with minimal effort – all you need is a petite tree, a woven basket and a few fairy lights. Caitlin and Manda from The Merrythought put together this minimal Christmas tree DIY for West Elm, check out the step by step tutorial here.

2. Christmas Tree – Modern

Colourful modern Christmas tree DIY
A mini forest of modern Christmas trees! Image by A Kailo Chic Life

Christmas needn’t be a traditional affair. Give your festive decorations a modern twist with a forest of mini Christmas trees in your favourite colours. To create this eye catching DIY project you’ll need paper mache cones (you can find these at educational suppliers or craft stores like Spotlight), aerosol paint and metallic pens in copper or gold for painterly splashes to complete the look. Kara explains exactly what’s involved on her blog A Kailo Chic Life.

3. Christmas Tree – Fairy Lights

Fairy light Christmas tree DIY
Luminous lights for a glowing Christmas. Image by A Pair and a Spare

It might be too hot for a fire on Christmas day in the Southern Hemisphere but you can add an inviting glow to your living room with a luminous fairy light tree. Visit A Pair & A Spare where Geneva gives super easy to follow step-by-step instructions on how to assemble a fairy light Christmas tree on pine wood backing. Can’t fit 3m of plywood in your house? You could also attach 3M hooks directly to your wall in the shape of a tree then thread through a string of fairy lights for instant ambiance.

4. Christmas Tree – Hanging Herbs

Bunches of herbs hanging on string in tree shape
Festive and fragrant hanging herb tree. Image by Michael Wiltbank

An aromatic and rustic alternative to a traditional Christmas tree, this novel DIY is perfect for foodies. Bundle up your favourite herbs (make sure to pick varieties such as Rosemary or Sage that will dry well – no one wants droopy Parsley), then hang them with twine from a picture rail or wooden dowel. Bonus, this will come in handy if you run out of herbs while preparing Christmas dinner!

5. Christmas Tree – Cactus

Cactus Christmas tree with pom poms
Move aside pinetree! Image by Sugar & Cloth

Move aside, pinetree! You can transform any indoor plant into a Christmas tree with the addition of some pom poms, tinsel or other festive accoutrements. Sugar & Cloth prickles our fancy by transforming a humble cactus into a Christmas tree alternative with brightly coloured trim and super cute pom pom trim – check out their easy DIY instructions here!  Can we keep our plants decorated all year?? Get some inspo on which plant to choose with our tips on the best indoor plants for Aussie homes.

6. Christmas Tree – Geometric Balsa Wood

Balsa wood geometric Christmas tree DIY ornaments
Sleek and chic geometric wooden trees. Image by Fiddle and Spoon

Ensure Christmas is a classy affair with a modern minimalist balsa wood tree via Fiddle and Spoon. Chic and architectural, this DIY project promises a luxurious final product that wouldn’t look out of place in a high end boutique. These tree-riffic designs also make great table decorations when created in miniature. Customise the colours to match your decor.

7. Christmas Tree – Party Fringing

Fringed Christmas tree DIY pastel and gold
Bring the party with festive fringing. Image by A Bubbly Life

Have a penchant for pastels? Then yule love A Bubbly Life’s fringed Christmas trees in mint green and bubblegum pink. Laurel shows us how easy it is to start with cardboard or paper mache cones and cover with fringing created from cut up tissue paper strips. This DIY also works great with metallic tinsel if you’re looking for something with more glitz and glam.

8. Christmas Tree – Mini Vignette

Tiny Christmas tree vignette DIY
A tiny-space tree. Image by Stone Gable

Apartment dwellers may not have halls to deck with holly but they needn’t miss out on spreading Christmas cheer! Bring the fun of the silly season to a small space with this idea shared by Stone Gable. Check out the tutorial, complete with a list of all of the household items you could use to put this together this fun-sized festive scene, here.

9. Decorations – Bauble Wreath

bauble wreath in provincial style farmhouse
Go big or go home with this bold bauble wreath! Image by Sweet Pickins

Your front door is sure to become the talk of the neighbourhood if you recreate this fun idea from Sweet Pickins. Steal a few of yours kids’ pool noodles, invest in an abundance of baubles (Kmart has a great range), fire up a hot glue gun then get glueing to create this show stopping wonder. We love the rainbow effect Sweet Pickins has created, but this DIY would also look great in one block colour.

10. Decorations – Minimalist Wreath

minimal Christmas wreath with candle
Clean and elegant Christmas style. Image by These Four Walls

Between presents, decorations and social occasions, most of us tend to go a bit overboard on Christmas. Cut through the clutter and give your back pocket a break with a chic and minimal wreath that can be assembled in minutes, and with very few materials, thanks to this step by step guide from These Four Walls.

11. Decorations – Horizontal Wreath

Horizontal wreath above table set for Christmas dinner
Elevate your table setting by elevating the decorations. Image by The White Company

Love a pendant light? How about a pendant wreath? This clever idea by The White Company is a stylish twist on a traditional decoration. For this suspended showstopper you’ll need a wreath, some rope and a strong ceiling hook (hire a Handyman if you can’t hang one yourself). Check out this post for more inspo. And, bonus, more space on the table for Christmas dinner! No complaints here.

12. Decorations – Advent Calendar Wreath

advent calendar DIY wreath project
Pick a pocket! Image by Maria Plusvier

Maria has combined two traditional decorations in this cute and crafty DIY, creating an interactive advent calendar wreath with numbered paper bags that would be perfect hung on the door of a child’s room. See more photos on her Instagram post. To keep this in line with the rest of your Christmas theme you could make your own decorative paper bags from the wrapping paper you’re using this year. Sew or glue together the envelope pockets, attach a calendar date with washi tape, punch a hole in the top and attach to the wreath with string or ribbon and enjoy a little moment of magic opening the envelopes each day.

13. Decorations -Mason Jar Lid and Bauble Wreath

bauble wreath in shape of Christmas tree on door
A little rustic, a little sparkly. Image by Funky Junk Interiors

A fresh wreath will generally last around two-three weeks maximum depending on how well you take care of it, and how much Mother Nature decides to crank up the heat during December. For an option that that lasts forever, and is a fresh take on tradition, this DIY is for you. Check out the full tutorial by Donna at Funky Junk Interiors here.

14. Decorations -Tinsel Wreath

Ho Ho Ho tinsel Christmas wreath
A very merry Christmas wreath. Image by Happy Thought

Your days will be extra merry with a tinsel wreath positioned above your mantlepiece! A cheap and cheerful DIY project, a tinsel wreath can be assembled in under ten minutes (which leaves you extra time to shop for all of those last minute gifts!). Visit Happy Thought for the full tutorial, plus ideas on how to customise your creation.

15. Decorations – Marble Baubles

blue marbled Christmas baubles
Beautiful contemporary baubles. Image by Melissa Fenlon

According to DIY enthusiasts Alice and Lois, it only takes five minutes to make these stunning marble baubles! A must-do-DIY for anyone with a penchant for marble, these gorgeous baubles can be done in any colour to suit the your festive decor. Visit Alice and Lois for the full DIY, plus plenty of other crafty Christmas ideas!

16. Decorations – Clothespeg Snowflakes

Glitter Christmas DIY ornaments made from clothes pegs
Sparkly snowflake stars. Image by Dream a Little Bigger

You can make Christmas ornaments from just about anything, as Allison from Dream a Little Bigger shows in this DIY project. Steal a few pegs from the washing line, grab some glitter and glue to transform an everyday household item into a beautiful Christmas tree decoration! These stunning stars would also make great present toppers when attached to a gift with ribbon.

17. Decorations – Painted Pinecones

pink painted pinecones with glitter in vase
Pinecones with a pop of colour. Image by ShabbyFuFu

Hunting for the easiest Christmas DIY ever? Call off the search! Just forage for some pinecones (or twigs, or pampas grass, or palm leaves), pop down to Bunnings and grab some metallic spray paint then spray to your heart’s content! Instant luxe with natural charm and the possibilities are endless. Add them to a vase, arrange in a bowl or scatter over the table as a festive centerpiece. For tips on how to paint pinecones, visit ShabbyFufu.

18. Decorations – DIY Snowglobe Terrarium Jars

Christmas snow globe terrariums in jars
Christmas scenes in tiny terrariums. Image by Guia de Manualidades

Part snowglobe, part terrarium, this is a great use for all those jars you’ll have leftover from feastive-season nibbles. Guia shows the process of her delicate DIY project step-by-step in these pictures on Instagram!

19. Decorations -Luminaire Centrepieces

Berry and foliage tea light candle holders for Christmas
DIY candle holders that are totally lit. Image by Today’s Creative Life

December days are guaranteed to be lit with these simple yet effective centrepieces. Round up some mason jars, tea lights, greenery and cranberries and voila, your table is ready for Christmas lunch! Kim from Today’s Creative Life explains how to make these 5-minute DIYs here.

20. Decorations – Ice Light Candle Holders

tea light candles in ice holders with leaves
Fabulously frost candle holders. Image by Bo Bedre

While we’re not sure how long these would actually last on a hot Christmas night in Australia, we think these ice lights are super cool! Check out the tutorial from Bo Bedre here (just FYI it’s in Norwegian so you’ll have to translate!). For a longer lasting version of this fabulously frosty DIY, we recommend making the bases from resin with help from this tutorial.

21. Decorations – Gold Handlettering Ornaments

hand lettered gold baubles
Stylish gold hand lettered baubles. Image by Ting and Things

There is something so elegant about gold lettering. In addition to making your own tree look fab, these glittering ornaments also make a great gift for friends, family and colleagues. Lorita at Ting and Things shows how easy it is to make these stylish DIY ornaments. Find the full list of supplies and instructions here.

22. Decorations – Personalised Baubles

silver Christmas bauble customise with name
Your very own bauble! Image by The Kmart Mumma

As you may know, we love a good #kmarthack so when we saw this on our Insta feed we were impressed! As Rachel from TheKmartMumma on Instagram demonstrates, creating a personalised bauble is as simple as purchasing a $3 decoration from Kmart and spelling out the name of your loved one with alphabet stickers. Watch the Bauble story on her highlights for step by step instructions.

23. Decorations – Car Ornaments

classic matchbox car Christmas ornaments
Zoom into the festive season with these cool ornaments! Image by Please Note Paper

The motoring enthusiast in your household will get revved up over these wheely cool decorations. Rather than raiding your favourite little person’s prized Matchbox collection, we suggest purchasing some cheap car toys from your local $2 shop to complete this DIY. Visit Please Note Paper for the full list of materials plus a comprehensive how-to.

24. Decorations – Giant Baubles

gold bar cart with giant Christmas baubles
Baubles, bar cart and beverages! Image by A Kailo Chic Life

Supersize your Christmas celebrations with XL baubles! Fabulous stacked up in a pile, or perched atop a Christmas tree, these oversized and over-the-top ornaments are easy to construct with foam balls and a few other materials. Love this idea? Kara from A Kailo Chic Life has you covered with her simple step by step guide.

25. DIY Gift – Bath Salts

A gift to use all year round. Image by Sugar & Cloth