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You may just come into your laundry room for laundry day; it is also probably not the first area you think about remodeling. However, your laundry area is not something you should overlook. Besides making your home more appealing, revamping your laundry can introduce additional space, improve functionality, and make laundry a breeze.

Check out cool laundry room ideas for adding a wow factor to your small space. 

Laundry layout options

Time to put your interior designer hat on! Fabulous laundry room design begins with a proper layout. Consider having ample storage space, ventilation, and lighting when planning your mud room layout. Additionally, plan around the washer you currently have (or plan to buy).

Top-loading vs. front-loading machines

front-load washing machine

These washing machines only differ in terms of the access point, though what kind of machine you choose will impact your laundry room layout. A front-loader washing machine can be stacked with your dryer to maximize existing space. A top loader won’t require you to bend over, allowing more ease of movement. If washing machines are placed side by side with your dryer, you can use the extra surface as a folding station.

Laundry floor plan

L-shaped laundry room layout

Whether you’re only moving around your fixtures or need laundry renovation ideas, here are the types of laundry layouts to consider to make the most of your existing space.

  • An L-shaped layout features two main areas set against two walls of your laundry room—a shorter “leg” meant for one service (such as your sink) and a longer area where you can fit multiple units (your washer, dryer, and cabinets). This configuration gives you plenty of open space and work areas. 

  • Consider a U-shaped layout for a large laundry area. Adding an extra “leg” to the L layout provides more storage and countertop space.

  • Galley-style layouts are common for smaller laundry areas—your washing machine, dryer, sink, and storage are built on only one side of the wall. While compact, there are also several ways to maximize and ramp up this layout.

Ventilation and lighting 

a well-lit and ventilated laundry room

Laundry rooms should be well-ventilated to avoid dampness and moisture. Lighting is only sometimes considered for laundry and mudrooms, so you may have to use artificial lighting to liven up the space and make chores easier. If you don’t have the luxury of a large window, you can maximize extra space and avoid clutter to ensure good airflow.


Save room for a utility sink where you can handwash pieces, a work table for folding and ironing clothes, and drying racks or rods. Depending on the space available, you can make your countertops/work tables and drying areas fixed or movable.

Waterproof tiles and flooring 

Water-resistant materials on your countertops and wet room flooring can prevent mold growth. Make sure to add proper waterproofing to your laundry design checklist. Adding backsplash tile protects your walls against inevitable splashing when washing from your sink.

Laundry design ideas

white modern laundry room

Attempting a laundry makeover or building a new laundry space? An attractive laundry area doesn’t just mean it should be aesthetically pleasing—it should also be functional and have ample vertical space for storage. Here are some laundry designs to try out.

  1. Tie it in with your home: Who says wet rooms should be drab with grey walls and dull lighting? Make it a cohesive part of your home by using similar design motifs. 

  2. Make it a fun, themed space: Alternatively, you can make your laundry room stand out. Another laundry makeover idea is using specific themes for your area. Use chrome and brass hardware for an industrial look; add wicker baskets and wooden elements for a farmhouse vibe. Want a fresh-feeling space? Stick to all-white walls and similar fixtures.

  3. Modernize your space: If your space allows, opt for modern solutions like sliding doors and choose smart appliances to increase your laundry area’s functionality.

  4. Make it bright: If lighting is particularly tricky for your laundry area, add warmth to your walls. Use bright-colored tiles, pick a lively color palette for your wall, and attach artificial lighting to strategic locations (e.g., cabinets and overhead spaces).

  5. Go for patterns: One of the easiest ways to liven up your laundry room is to use patterned tiles. Make this the focal point of your laundry room by pairing it with muted fixtures in other spaces.

  6. Minimise clutter by streamlining storage: You don’t necessarily need to renovate your laundry room—sometimes, it’s reorganizing and simplifying. Work toward clean countertops and open areas. Make good use of containers to keep the laundry room neat.

Laundry storage solutions

laundry room storage

Storage solutions are vital to improving your laundry room’s functionality and look. The main thing to remember is not to waste an inch of your space! See some suggestions below:

  1. Open shelving: Combined with your cabinetry and drawers, open or floating shelves provide easy access to materials and supplies and give an illusion of more space. This is a stylish way to display frequently used things, like bio or non-bio detergent, soap, other cleaning products, towels, and small appliances.

  2. Countertop: Prefer to have your front-load washer and dryer side by side? Consider installing a counter for an extra work surface, a handy addition to your laundry room.

  3. Drip-dry rack or rod: Your laundry room should have enough space for a drying area. This might be a wall-mounted rack that can be stored away when not in use or a foldable stand that can easily slide into your cabinetry.

  4. Solid cabinetry: If you’d rather keep clutter out of sight, invest in good quality cabinetry. Aside from storing appliances like an iron or a vacuum cleaner, this is also good for storing items like bleach to keep out of reach. It will also be a good place to store larger items, like ironing boards.

  5. Storage containers: Use baskets or plastic bins to organize your smaller things, like clothes hanger bundles, stylishly. Laundry bins can help make sorting dirty clothes more efficient.

Spruce up your laundry

Whether planning minimal changes to your laundry room or a full-scale renovation, there are plenty of ways to tap into your inner interior designer to make it a stylish space. Use storage solutions to organize, ensure your essentials are covered, and keep ease of use in mind. Pick your favorite laundry room ideas and turn your laundry into a functional and beautiful room you wouldn’t mind doing household chores. 

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FAQs on laundry designs

There are several ways to spruce up this area of your home to make it a stylish laundry room. Make sure your room is organized as functionally as possible, pick out design elements, and choose the proper storage.

You can start by determining whether you must change your laundry room plan or layout. Sometimes, it is a matter of rearranging things you already own. Try out new elements like open shelves or built-in storage.

Make the most of your utility room space—don’t clutter the area, and maximize vertical space as much as possible. Smartly selected containers will make all the difference.

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