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35 Lovely laundry tiles ideas

By Elise Hodge

Published: February 23rd, 2021

Laundry splashbacks have never looked better

Need to mix it up in your laundry? Well, you’ve come to the right place! Laundry tiling could be the answer to all your laundry design problems as it can transform your place whether you need it more modern or add that splash colour. For a room that can build moisture and has a sink, a tiled splashback is practical (easy cleaning!) and also stylish. So let’s check out these stunning laundry tiles ideas!

1. Mini subway tiles

First up we have these sweet mini subway tiles! I love how simple they are yet they still make for the perfect feature splashback behind the laundry area. And if you weren’t quite sure what happens in this space, I love the little reminders everywhere with “The Laundry Room” sign and the “Wash, Dry, Fold, Repeat” plaques! What a sweet space.

Source: Our Das Home

2. Vertical grey

If you love the look of subway tiles but also prefer something that’s a little more out of the box, then these vertical grey tiles are for you! Also how great is the little alcove cut into the wall which provides a convenient shelf to store spare towels and your most-used laundry products.

Grey tiles
Source: Caplans Appliances

3. Bold pattern

Have a plain space you need to spruce up? Well, have no fear! Bold patterned tiles are here and these monochromatic tiles still match with the neutral colour scheme but also add some much-needed pattern and character into this simple laundry space. This laundry tiles idea would be great for a laundry room of any size.

Source: Caitlin Parker Ladd

4. Hexagonal honeycomb

Ah, I just love hexagonal tiles! They remind me of the fresh honeycomb created by bees in their apiary. I love the colour of these tiles that are a slightly mint, grey colour which work so well to add a little something special in a neutral space. Just add some cute little woven baskets for texture and additional storage.

Source: Ale Houston

5. Dark stone

When you look for laundry design inspo, you normally come across a lot of light and airy spaces but here is a beautiful example of a laundry which has used dark stone and cabinetry. I love the floating shelves above which allow for additional storage.

Source: Remodelista

6. Grey intricacies

Here’s a very similar patterned tile to number 5 that is made up of lighter grey and mid grey tones. I love how the rest of the space has been finished with mostly block colours like in the grey cabinetry, shelves and wall paint and the tiling helps create an awesome pattern over the floor area! Plus the oversized pegs on the wall are such a great idea to hold towels in a laundry space. It just makes sense, doesn’t it?!

Source: Wir Einfach Nur Liebe

7. Chessboard vibes

This laundry tiling is giving me serious chess board vibes. I can just imagine setting up some oversized chess pieces to play a game or two on the laundry floor. Or have I just been watching The Queen’s Gambit too much?! Either way, this look is super retro but also works so well with the modern finishes in this space. And I love the addition of the timber finish door and floating shelves which bring so much warmth.

Source: Edith James and Co.

8. White and gold

How feminine and gorgeous is this laundry room. I love the rose gold finish of the washing machines that look so chic and would make clothes washing just that little bit more bearable. The white tiling as the feature wall is so gorgeous with the golden details which are a great continuation of the femininity in this space. Plus a rack in a laundry is always a great idea!

Source: XX By Coco

9. White splashback tiling

Splashback tiling is a great idea if you want to create some interest and character in your laundry space but aren’t much of a risk-taker. The splashback tiling in this space creates some texture and also helps to define the main area where the washing machine, dryer and cabinetry starts and ends. Just add some cute little decor items around to make it more personal.

Source: Remodelista

10. Herringbone laundry tiles

Herringbone is one of the most popular tile patterns and in a laundry, it means you can be a little playful like you see below with the three-toned grey subway tiles. It’s perfect for a small laundry nook.

Source: homestolove

11. Neutral tones

I love neutral tones in a home. Choosing a neutral colour scheme means that they will most likely stay in fashion forever. I love the white hexagonal tiles on the wall with the grey grout which matches so well with the grey tiled floor. What a lovely combination. Plus how sweet is the black and white gingham print used for the floor mat and window?! Add some black fixtures to tie it all in together and voila!

Source: SBK Living

12. Small herringbone tiles

Another one of my favourite tile designs is herringbone. I love the marble tile that has been chosen for this laundry space that catches the light with its shiny surface. Using marble means that no tile will be the same and it will give a very natural and organic look. And I love the little jar on the bench with the laundry powder within easy reach!

White kitchen
Source: Leon Strenton

13. Brown laundry tiles

I know what you’re thinking, let’s skip this one. But a brown tile doesn’t mean dated and ugly, it can also mean eclectic and perfect for those mid-century vibes.

Source: House Beautiful

14. Plain white tiling

Ah, I absolutely love the simplicity of this space with the white laundry tiles and the white grout. The plain white tiling has a slight texture to it which gives a more natural and organic look. I also love how matte the tiling is as it really makes this space feel understated, yet sophisticated. Just add your favourite soap by the sink and an on-trend vase with some dried flowers and voila!

White kitchen
Source: Our Hutley Home

15. All in the pattern

This laundry room is oozing with character and it’s all in the pattern! I love the patterned tiles in the middle of the cabinetry which gives a bit more interest to the space. And the addition of the soft green coloured cabinetry is such a surprising choice yet it just works so well and cabinet painting is a super-easy way to refresh a space.

Source: Meme Hill Studio

16. Mix and match

This is for those of you who love to create spaces that break the mold and stand out from the rest.  The bird wallpaper is bold, fun and has so much character. And I love the tiling that has been used which creates a mix and match look with the clashing pattern. What a fun place to do your washing in!

Source: Timeless Transformation

17. Navy herringbone laundry tile design

Oh, how stunning is the navy herringbone tiled wall in this laundry room, it makes perfect for a Hamptons styled home. This is a very timeless look that will last for years, plus the simplicity of the large grey tiling for the floors works so well as it is minimal and not too in your face. Just add some woven baskets around for some extra texture to warm up the space. To see more Hamptons looks, check out these Hamptons bathroom, bedroom and Hamptons kitchen ideas.

Source: Laundry Tips

18. Horizontal and vertical lines

What a chic laundry room and perfect for a trendy inner-city apartment. The tiling has been installed alternatively so that the line detailing goes horizontal, then vertical and so on. And what an awesome effect it gives! The black cabinetry and washing machine, as well as the white benchtop, also work so well with the tiling!

Source: Apt 01 Solar Das Fontes

19. Mermaid tiles

Here’s another one of my favourite tile designs! A scalloped tile always reminds me of a gorgeous mermaid or fishtail (and if you love this type of tile, see plenty more examples of them in these bathroom tile ideas). I love the subtleness of the colour which works so well with the neutral colours of the space. And the light wooden cabinetry looks so seamless and has so much built-in storage. I would love to do my washing in this space.

Source: The Archive Design

20. Hexagon flooring

If you’d rather keep your tiling on the floors rather than the walls, then this one’s for you! The hexagon tiles look so gorgeous paired with the subtle green feature wall. And I love that there are so many beautiful indoor plants in this space which really make the whole area feel so alive. Plus you can never go wrong with white appliances and cabinetry which really brightens up any room.

Source: Shantelle Mn

21. Optical illusion

How cool is this! The splashback tiling in this laundry room is giving such an awesome optical illusion of boxes coming out from the wall. I absolutely love the playfulness of this tile and how it is super fun, yet still works so well with the modernity of the room. Just pair some block colour with it such as blue and you have yourself a laundry with lots of character.

Source: Elevations By DCS

22. Penny round laundry tiles

This laundry tiling makes me want to go up to the wall and pop it with its ‘bubble wrap like’ look. The tiny white dotted tiling is slightly raised which creates such an awesome texture. And you can never go wrong with the addition of a floating shelf to display decor on… Plus how chic is the glass jar with the laundry powder in it!

Source: Design Emporium Dublin

23. Long vertical tiles

Similar to earlier laundry tile ideas, these vertical tiles are similar to subway tiles but instead, they are… you guessed it… vertical! I love the simplicity of the white tiles which give just enough texture to the wall without taking the attention away from anything else. And here’s another hot tip; adding a vase of fresh flowers in your laundry will not only look pretty but the sweet smells will permeate through the room and distract from any icky dirty laundry smells!

Source: Andrea Estray CA

24. Laundry feature wall

The navy and white tiled feature wall really lifts this space and makes it feel so much more purposeful and thought out. And for those that still weren’t sure what this room was for, a friendly reminder plaque is in plain sight!

Source: Remodeling Bear

25. Tiles all around

You may think that putting tiles on your walls, floors and ceilings is a bit of an overkill, but I’m hoping this laundry will change your mind. I love the white subway tiles on the walls which is the perfect transitional tile between the heavily patterned black and white tiling on the floor and then the shiny silvery textured tiling on the roof. What an awesome space.

Source: Craig Mastrangelo Homes

26. White and gold

Ah, how calming and chic is this laundry room. Having a laundry room styled this beautifully would surely make washing clothes a lot more fun! I love the white hexagonal tiling with the dark grout which gives a slight texture and pattern to this room, as well as, the combination of the classic wood flooring and plain white cabinetry. And how gorgeous is the feature light pendant light which is creating so many beautiful shapes around the room!

Source: Tile Market San Marco

27. Barn doors

Check out this awesome hidden away laundry! Barn doors are always a great idea as they sit flush with your walls and you don’t have to worry about doors swinging in and out of areas. I love how these barn doors have been modernised with black tiling which goes beautifully with the black washer and dryer. Hidden away and out of sight, yet still easily accessible!

For more Farmhouse style houses, see these farmhouse bathroom and kitchen ideas.

Source: Just Tile It LLC

28. Modern tiling

If you want to create a space that’s modern and timeless, then this laundry bathroom combination is for you. The tiling around the majority of the room is quite a minimal white brick look tile and then you can just see little sneak peeks in the mirror of a modern patterned tile which has been used on the floor and up to one wall for a feature!

Source: Lenio Joinery

29. Navy colour palette

This is for those of you who want to add some colour into your space but just aren’t sure what colour to go with. Navy is a great colour to go with as it can be easily paired with neutrals and other pops of colour. I love how the tiling on the floor has hints of blue in it which works so well with the navy cabinetry. Plus you can never go wrong with indoor plants to freshen up a space.

Source: Megan of M Studio

30. Grey mosaic

How cool is this grey mosaic splashback feature wall! I love that the rest of the laundry is super simple and classic so the splashback really stands out. Just add a complimentary grey marble benchtop and you have yourself a very chic laundry indeed!

Source: Exell Ceramic Tile

31. Shiny navy

This luxury and coastal all in one exquisite laundry. I love the shiny navy tiling used in the laundry tub that doubles as a place to wash your pooch. Plus the intricate wallpaper along with the white and grey tiling on the floor work so well together with the shiny navy tiling and simple white cabinetry and appliances. And how cute is Mr. Cavalier poking his head out, I think he approves of this stunning laundry room!

Navy laundry
Source: Tile Market San Marco

32. Narrow laundry tiling

How sweet is this narrow laundry room? This space just goes to show that you don’t need a big area to make it look amazing and on-trend! I love the black and white tiling on the floor with the intricate detailing along with the white on white subway tiles on one wall. Just dot some plants around for a pop of greenery!

Source: The Big Ash Reno

33. Feature splashback

This is a feature splashback of dreams if I do say so myself. What a sight! I love the way the brown and white tiles have been placed in a random arrangement which makes the wall look organic and effortless. And what a great idea to install clever cabinetry solutions so that all your appliances are hidden away.

Source: Maria Luisa Oliveira

34. Textured black

If you already have black accents in your laundry room, then using black tiling will only enhance everything for the better! And I love the textured back tiling used for the splashback feature wall in this laundry room that matches so well the framed prints on the wall as well as the decor and appliances. Just gorgeous!

Source: Taryn Whiteaker Designs

35. For your furry friends

Similar to number 31, here’s another awesome laundry room that has a special spot to wash your furry friends. I love that the tiling in the little washing alcove has been tiled to match the blue cabinetry with all the different shades of blue through the pattern!

Source: Clayton Tile

So there we have 35+ laundry tile ideas to turn your laundry from boring to one with character and pizzazz! I absolutely love the simple bathrooms that have utilised patterned tiles to create some interest as well as the laundries with scalloped and hexagonal tiling. What were your favourites? Let’s chat below!


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