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50 Hamptons bathroom ideas for your home

By Elise Hodge

Updated: May 4th, 2020

Sit back, relax and be inspired by the signature Hamptons style!

The Hamptons is an oceanside area on eastern Long Island’s South Fork in the United States where New Yorkers typically holiday to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. With a unique location, it has developed its own style with influences from the lavish homesteads which feature a combination of coastal and beachy vibes with a farmhouse and french provincial twist.

The Hamptons design style has become largely popular worldwide with its laid back, light, bright and airy feel that is still as luxurious as it is homely. So as well as featuring in kitchens and bedrooms, you’ll often find a lot stunning Hamptons bathroom ideas, which we’ve collected just for you!

Hampton’s colours

The typical colours that we see in Hampton’s designs are pops of nautical colours like greens, yellow, blue and white. And often there are a lot of neutrals which is what makes this design style so timeless.

Hampton’s furniture

The Hamptons is all about comfort and relaxation, so when purchasing items for your Hamptons inspired abode, it’s best to go for comfortable, yet luxe pieces that will stay beautiful in years to come. In a bathroom, large bathtubs are definitely a must so that you can melt away into the afternoon after a long day relaxing at the beach.

Take a look at these beautiful Hamptons style bathrooms that will make you feel all the vacay vibes.

1. A romantic bathroom

This stunning bathroom features a romantic freestanding white bathtub that makes me think of bubbles and candlelight. The ornate feet on the bathtub give an antique feel to this very classy bathroom. The soft blues on the wall paint tie in perfectly with the blue glass table and towels. The grey/blue tones that splash through the marble tiling in the shower and on the floor give the room a light and clean ambience.

Hamptons bathroom
Source: Maria Killam

2. Bathroom with a view

White on white is classic and will always be in fashion. This bathroom gives such a fresh and clean appearance. The combination of window glass and mirrors give the impression of a very roomy and airy bathroom. I can imagine spending time in this bathroom enjoying the view, whilst having so much natural light for applying makeup or shaving. The white stool makes this bathroom somewhere I could definitely feel relaxed in.

Hamptons bathroom with ocean view
Source: Lucy Williams Interior Design

3. Natural light

The french style high windows in this beautiful bathroom give off so much natural light. The slight variation between the white walls, the white window frames and the white bath work perfectly together with the streaks of grey in the bath tiles. The greenery in the pot plant on the edge of the bath brings the beauty of the outside trees into this elegant bathroom.

White bathroom
Source: Home Beautiful

4. Floating vanity

This floating vanity has been fitted to make the most of a small space without looking overcrowded. Keeping the colour scheme light also gives the illusion of a larger area. The round mirror gives a softer feel to an otherwise angular vanity and the clever additions of shells to give a beachy vibe.

backlighting in bathroom floating vanity
Source: Inspire Uplift

Want to see some other vanities? Here are plenty more bathroom vanity ideas.

5. Double door elegance

These gorgeous wooden double doors are a welcoming entrance to this bathroom. Even when closed, these doors would still let in some natural light with their window framed glass tops. Looking straight into a double feature light fitting with the vase and flowers cleverly separates the perfect twin basins that would work so well for a busy couple who need their own space.

double doors in bathroom
Source: Interior Collections

If you’re going to get double doors in your house, lining them up perfectly is very important so make sure you find a professional to help with the door installation.

6. Sheer luxury

Imagine being a guest in a beautiful Hamptons home and walking into this luxurious bathroom. The ‘wow’ factor here is that magnificent high ceiling with its curves and stunning pattern whilst the mirrored wall doubles the ceiling’s unique design.

The bath is set under an arch in its own little secluded alcove. And the pop of colour in the artwork is certainly tasteful and clever as well as the mushroom-shaped metallic stool next to the white bathtub.

Hamptons bathroom
Source: Lavender Hill Interiors

7. Three little trees

This gorgeous double vanity in white is enhanced by the ornate tap fittings giving it a country and vintage feel as well as the gingham privacy curtains reflected in the mirror. The monogrammed towels sit well above the open cabinetry where the spare towels are kept. The miniature topiary trees add the feel of the outdoors while the rattan basket cleverly houses perfumes and lotions, keeping them organised and tidy.

White bathroom
Source: Porch and Butler

There are plenty of plants that will thrive in a humid environment, so here are the best bathroom plants.

8. Simply symmetrical

The gold taps and fittings in this Hampton style bathroom add warmth and tie in the featured chandelier into this otherwise modern room. The black frame around the mirrors coincides with the black on the light fittings. A cottage coastal feel is achieved by the white painted wooden walls. This is a beautiful master bathroom idea for a Hamptons house.

chandelier bathroom and wall sconces
Source: Marianne Simon

9. A mirror with a view

What would you do if you had a fabulous window view from your vanity but no mirror to look into? You would hang your mirror from the ceiling of course! Having it centred between two hanging lights does not detract from the beautiful view outside. This vanity is stylish with its clean lines and as it is minimal, it stays uncluttered.

Hamptons bathroom
Source: Mitchell Wall

10. Minimal luxe

Not to be discouraged by minimal space, keeping walls, floors and furnishings white will always give the illusion of a larger area. The clever use of darker tones on the blind, stool and vase break up the starkness. The towel rail behind the bath is a sleek and clever use of the space. Also how nice is the black trim on the roman blind – love it!

Minimal bathroom
Source: Brendan Wong Design

11. Pastel perfection

The cabinetry in this bathroom is a pale pastel mint colour which gives the feeling of crystal clear ocean water. It’s cool, refreshing and enticing. The brick wall behind the bath has been painted white and I just love the recess in the wall housing the cute lamps.

Rolling towels instead of folding them and putting them into a cute country basket saves cupboard space as well as adding another homely feature to the bathroom.

Hamptons bathroom
Source: Mark Williams Design

12. Marble all around

I love the fabulous shower in this Hamptons style bathroom. The marble wall that becomes a feature in the shower makes it look very inviting, along with the large round shower head. The clear screen is seamless and looks almost invisible. Even though this bathroom only has one basin, there is plenty of bench space which creates another large area for styling needs.

Marble bathroom
Source: Scavullo Design

13. White on white

I never get tired of white on white. It’s clean, classy and timeless. The silver fittings are sleek and modern which go perfectly with the white towels that look soft and fluffy. Nothing says spring more than a white vase filled with fresh yellow flowers.

White bathroom
Source: Milton Development

14. Blue hues

I absolutely adore the blue and white china pot that is cleverly placed which divides the bathroom from the toilet entrance. Plus adding a couple of vases of greenery really gives this bathroom that homely touch.

I love the depth of colour in the blue/grey bricks behind the double vanity. And an abundance of drawers means you can keep things put away so this bathroom would never be cluttered with products. The white slatted french window blinds will allow light and air into this Hamptons style bathroom.

Blue bathroom
Source: Heather Garrett Design

15. Be my guest

This bathroom reminds me of something out of Beauty and the Beast with its beautiful ornate mirror. Guests really do feel so much more relaxed when they are not invading other people’s personal bathrooms. Make your guests feel refreshed and comfortable with this simple yet elegant basin and mirror area next to the toilet. The grey on the wall behind the mirror fits in perfectly with the silver mirror and the stunning light fitting.

Light bathroom
Source: Mitchell Wall

16. Coastal details

I love this little beach shack styling that gives a fresh seaside look. These blue and white tiles on the wall and the bath have really given this bathroom a fabulous lift. I love the massive clam, coral and candle on the edge of the bath which really gives those coastal vibes. Close your eyes and pretend you are back on the beach.

Blue bathroom
Source: Three Birds Renovations

For more wonderful tiles inspo, here are all of our favourite bathroom tile ideas.

17. Magnificent mosaics

The blue and white mosaics look fabulous on this bathroom wall. They really set off the white mirror and the grouting matches the gold fittings perfectly. I also absolutely adore the pop of pink in the peony flowers which are such a stunning contrast to the blue and white.

Mosaic tiles
Source: Domino

18. Bright, light and airy

I love the wide rim around this bath as it’s such a perfect place to place your drink, your favourite candles or indeed to rest your book. The gold-rimmed mirror is a classy feature and the gold ornament works well to tie in the mirror with the rest of the bathroom.

White bath
Source: Marie Flanigan

19. Exposed beams

The high exposed beams in this white bathroom give permission for shades of brown to be incorporated which can be seen with the mirror frame, the stool and the gorgeous dome light fitting. The soft wood-look flooring is also in keeping with the theme as well as the earthy-toned floor rug which is warm and inviting.

Bathroom with timber beams
Source: Decor Pad

This modern Hamptons-look actually reminds me of some of the fabulous farmhouse bathrooms that we’ve collated.

20. Grand hotel vibes

I love that feeling when you walk into a bathroom and you feel like you have walked into a day spa. Just the luxuriousness of the fittings and the grandeur of the stunning light hanging from the centre of the ceiling gives this bathroom a feeling of exquisite taste and elegance.

Grand bathroom with a gold light
Source: House and Home

21. Brass accents

How stunningly bold does this bathroom look with its deep grey cupboards and drawers against the white vanity?! The brass handles really set off the look of the black and white floor against the grey tiles which gives this bathroom more of a masculine look.

Black and white bathroom
Source: Style Blue Print

22. All warmed up with a vintage rug

A cleverly matched vase of white flowers with a pop of green blends perfectly with the gorgeous warm-toned floor rug to warm up this very all-white room. The silver fittings are sleek and clean with a slight hint of grey in the floor tiles which bring this clean look together.

Rug in bathroom
Source: Amber Interior Design

23. Blue and white divine

When bringing the Hamptons style into your home, the flash of blue in this beautiful white bathroom matches perfectly with the blue and white furnishings in the bedroom. I love the blue and white tiles on the wall behind the vanity and the white dish filled with blue and white. It certainly gives a particular ocean ambience.

Light bathroom
Source: Three Birds Renovations

24. By the sea

A dream come true to have an ocean view, and to be able to gaze at the sea from my very own bathroom sounds like my idea of heaven. Imagine floating in this beautiful bathtub, imagining yourself bobbing around in a little boat on the gentle sea. I love the baby blue walls against the white which create the most blissfully calming scene.

Big bath
Source: R Design

25. Coastal stripes

The fabulous denim blue stripes on this bathroom wall remind me of those gorgeous deck chairs you would see on the beach under the palm trees in front of a classy hotel. The ornate gold mirror and tap fittings give this simple bathroom a very classy look.

Coastal bathroom
Source: The Leslie Style

26. Quirky mix and match

I love the contrast between the denim blue patterned wallpaper with a smaller pattern on the lamp which matches perfectly with the baby blue on the cupboards. The gold is subtle yet classy and the black and white prints on the wall either side of the cane white mirror show a lot of character in this quirky bathroom.

Patterned bathroom
Source: Halcyon House

27. Drop the anchor

This nautical themed bathroom makes me think of sailing to a tropical island with the addition of cane baskets and palm fronds in the clear vase. The round mirror gives the feeling of being in the galley of the boat, somewhere to kick your thongs off.

Anchor wallpaper
Source: Buyer Select

28. Wooden finishes

Whenever I see a bathroom with two sinks, I think two busy people getting ready together but not getting in each other’s way. The three mirrors give the design balance and the silver fittings work equally well against the white of the wall and the wooden finish on the drawers and darker tiles on the floor.

Hamptons bathroom wooden vanity
Source: Ashley Winn Design

29. Space for everyone

What a fabulous bathroom which will work for the whole family. The clear screen on the shower is almost invisible and the handheld shower head with the cute little bench in the shower makes showering kids and saving legs a breeze.

master Hamptons bathroom
Source: Home Beautiful

30. Open to the outdoors

A long narrow bathroom such as this one is cleverly designed so you almost feel like you are bathing outside, opening onto a private deck with privacy screens either side. The whiteness draws your eye beyond the narrow, making it appear longer. The marbled floor reminds me of swishing water in the shallows.

Open bathroom with balcony
Source: Delikatissen

31. White, gold and marble

The white and grey zig zag marble tiled floors give the illusion of drifting out through the gorgeous white french doors onto a sweet balcony overlooking the garden. The cupboard with glass doors on the wall looks fabulous next to the grey and white wallpaper giving it a real french provincial and Hamptons look. The gold trimmings take this bathroom to the next level.

Floor tiles
Source: Society Social

32. Stripes and blues

The central bath taps in this bathroom give the bather permission to sit either end of the bathtub. The dark slate tiles give depth and blend perfectly with the striped grey and white blind. The blue wall colour perfectly brings all the colour contrasts together. Adding the natural colour stool brings a natural vibe into the mix.

Hamptons bathroom stripe blind
Source: Fine Furnished

33. All about the view

If I actually lived in the Hamptons, this is the view I would dream of seeing from my bathroom window. You can almost taste the salt in the air as you gaze out at that beautiful ocean view. The gorgeous deep bathtub tucked into the nook with that fabulous long tap is so dreamy with the white stool against the diamond-patterned floor surrounded by white louvred shutters.

Bathroom with a view
Source: Homes To Love

34. Comfort and calm

This beautiful vanity is so compact but the plentiful drawers and cupboards give lots of storage space. The grey wallpaper gives a soft look against the white and the wooden look floor gives a soft and natural feel. Add a white orchid for a fresh, contemporary feel.

Hamptons bathroom
Source: Crit Home

35. Trendy meets practical

There is nothing classier than black and white, especially on a bathroom floor. This gorgeous black and white tiled bathroom floor certainly showcases the perfectly clear, shower screen with the dark wooden furniture. This bathroom is simple but functional.

Patterned tiles industrial bathroom
Source: Bloglovin

36. Tropical luxe

Bathing under a chandelier gazing out to tropical palms makes this bathroom feel like a five star island holiday. Imagine after a day relaxing under the palms and dipping into the crystal clear sea, and then sinking luxuriously into that beautiful deep bathtub. Breathing in all that fresh air guarantees a fabulous night’s sleep.

White bright bathroom
Source: Caesar Stone

37. Vanity goals

For someone who has eyesight challenges, this magnified mirror on the bench makes close up beauty routines so much easier. I love the comfy stool that makes grooming a relaxing experience. The gold trim in this bathroom gives it warmth and class.

Bathroom dresser makeup
Source: Room For Tuesday

38. Decadent details

This bathroom is so classy with the chandelier, the white fluffy stool, the french provincial windows and the twin vanities on either side. The soft grey of the walls blends beautifully with the silvery grey on the tiled floor. The shape of the bathtub is pleasing to the eye and oh so very inviting.

Grey hamptons bathroom
Source: From Luxe With Love

39. Baby blue

What strikes me about this bathroom is that the bathtub wasn’t obvious, so one would feel as if this was a continuation of a bedroom. The lounging formal chaise and the chandelier give this room a place to pause, recharge and reflect. The baby blue walls are so soft and calming which match perfectly with the herringbone tiled floor. Mirrored cupboard doors give the illusion of greater area and space.

Blue walls bathroom
Source: Kathy Kuo Home

40. High ceilings

The high ceiling in this bathroom suggests an attic type bathroom, perhaps as an ensuite for an attic bedroom. The roomy shower recess features gorgeous tiles that pair well with the window blind. The ceiling lights and the circular high window keep this room light and airy.

Grey hamptons bathroom
Source: One Kindesign

41. Tranquil oasis

This beautiful bathtub just looks like the most relaxing and tranquil places nestled between those beautiful bay windows that are quite typical to see in the Hamptons. The drapes give an air of royalty and sophistication. The tree trunk-like stool brings in a natural element to the tranquil oasis.

statement bathtub
Source: Scout and Nimble

42. Cosy oceanfront

At first glance, this room looks more like a cosy sitting room with a fabulous oceanfront view. But on closer inspection, the room also contains a bathtub and vanity. Enjoying a bath on a chilly evening whilst toasting in front of a warming fireplace is a luxury most of us could only dream about.

Dark bathroom
Source: 1st Dibs

43. Ornate mirrors

Introducing a rose gold border around an arched shaped mirror gives off a warmth that silver alone can’t provide. The pink flowers and bathroom accessories give this room a warm, feminine glow. The touch of rose in the decor works really well with the silver taps and door handles.

ornate bathroom mirror
Source: The Greenspring Home

44. Blue and white

This is a perfect example of having a vanity and drawers set that hasn’t been built in. A free-standing piece of furniture that has been plumbed in to be functional is the key. A brick wall painted white can instantly modernise a space and paired with the easy to clean flooring, this bathroom setup would be extremely easy to maintain.

baby blue bathroom
Source: Your Asset Renovations

45. Rustic wooden

I love how these magnificent double wooden doors blend perfectly in cool tones with the bath exterior and the stool under the mirror. And yet, set against the rather warm. rustic wooden floorboards, it works perfectly. The white wooden ceiling merged with the white wooden walls, gives the illusion of a very roomy space.

Wood rustic bathroom doors
Source: HGTV

46. Cottage retreat

Curtains always work well when privacy is required. These long curtains compliment the planked wall that runs vertically from ceiling to floor. Stools, fluffy towels and cute stools really bring this bathroom together, making everything tie in wonderfully.

cottage bathroom
Source: Style at Home

47. Arched to the outdoors

I’m automatically drawn to the roped side table, which is so unique and eye-catching. I get an Indian snake charmer vibe, as the stunning arched window gives an Indian palatial feel. Freestanding bathtubs are so on-trend at the moment and create such a central feature to any bathroom. I also really love the addition of candles in the bathroom that create ambience and mood.

Boho archway bathroom
Source: Lighting Stores

48. A warm welcome

Imagine flinging these double wooden doors wide open to reveal such a warm welcoming bathroom. The brass stool and brassy coloured chandelier tie in giving this bathroom a lot of warmth and invitation. The arch which leads you into the bathing area makes it feel like a separate room without shutting you out. The greenery from outside which has been brought gives off an indoor/outdoor feel.

Warm bathroom
Source: At Home Arkansas

49. Bringing the Outside In

Whether fake or real, bringing in an amorous pot plant into a room immediately makes you feel closer to nature. The wall hanging in the frame matches with the pot plant and is a stunning contrast to the white of the bathroom.  The above benchtop sink looks trendy and prevents excess water from splashing onto the benchtop.

White bathroom pannelling
Source: Tradelink

50. Statement cabinetry

If all white is not your thing, make a statement with a bold colour through your cabinetry. You can subtly bring in your choice of colour by tones in your basin, bench and floor tiles. Matching the floor mat and to the hand towel will always bring the vibe your space together.

dark navy cabinetry bathroom
Source: Fox Hollow Cottage

There you have it, 50+ Hamptons style bathrooms for your next bathroom renovation. I’m definitely drawn to the bathrooms with the bathtubs that are positioned next to the huge windows that look out onto the gardens and ocean. If you can’t quite get yourself to the actual Hamptons, why not bring the Hamptons to you?!

Main image source: Architectural Digest


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