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DIY Ideas For Your Small Bathroom

By Katie

Updated: August 23rd, 2018

Apartment bathrooms are often small with little to no storage, but something about this compact area definitely makes it easier "DIY Ideas For Your Small Bathroom"

Apartment bathrooms are often small with little to no storage, but something about this compact area definitely makes it easier to navigate. Better yet, the smallest of changes can make the biggest impact to your small bathroom.

If you’re looking for a pop of colour, better practicality and something a little different in your bathroom then a little DIY for your small bathroom is the way to go.

Shower Rod

Change your typical silver metal to a different colour, such as copper or black. This can be easily done by heading to your local Bunnings and purchasing a new iron pipe.

Source: Desert Domicile

Shower Curtain

Move over boring white or dare I say, clear, shower curtain – it’s time to jazz up your bathroom. The girls behind a beautiful mess have transformed a tie-dye shower curtain into an everyday motivational wake-me-up message. Take a look below.

Source: a beautiful mess


Frameless mirrors can be framed with a lick of paint on the wall surrounding it.

Source: Rice Design

You can also create a mirror in a second-hand wooden crate. All you need is to get the right size mirror into the crate and some glue.

Source: diy network


Paint your dull bathroom cabinet a different colour and pick up some new handles. If you’re wondering about painting on laminate, use protective enamel oil-based paint.

Source: Decorchick


Having space in your bathroom for towels, make-up, and extra supplies is hard to come by in apartments. To make the most of the space you have try putting a shelf above the doorway that could store toilet paper or towels.

Source: My so-called home

A Mason jar bathroom organizer is perfect for storing the essentials in the bathroom.

Source: Liz Marie

Or if you have a cupboard, maximise the space with stick on pods that allow you to easily organise all your smaller items.

Source: Buzzfeed

Add Greenery

Bringing the garden inside the home on trend at the moment and that means you can bring it into the bathroom too.

Source: Leigh Laurel Studios

If there’s no room on your vanity, try hanging a pot from the ceiling or a moss ball planter as seen below.

Source: PO Box 9

Got any more easy DIY ideas to brighten up your bathroom, let us know in the comments below.



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