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10 Easy DIY Headboards Ideas Anyone Can Build

By Katie

Updated: January 3rd, 2024

Your bedroom is a space to relax, read a book, and get a peaceful night’s sleep in. It’s the place "10 Easy DIY Headboards Ideas Anyone Can Build"

Your bedroom is a space to relax, read a book, and get a peaceful night’s sleep in. It’s the place in your home that is reflective of your personality and a spot where you feel happy to be in.

Redesigning your current bedroom or starting completely from scratch doesn’t mean you need to be a handyman or fork out loads of cash on a new bedroom suite. By simply changing your sheets, wall artwork, and your bed headboard; you can have a completely new space on a tight budget.

Here are 10 inspirational DIY headboards suitable for any interior style

1. Books

Stack books on top of each other to give your bedroom a homely look. You can recycle books you’ve read and make them as tall as you like.

Source: Homed It

2. Paint

If you have leftover paint you can use what’s left to paint your own unique headboard. If you’re like me and not the most artistically skilled person, you can just paint a simple square (as pictured below) and it still looks amazing.

Source: Homed It

Alternatively, you could pick up some chalkboard paint and apply it directly to the wall, or onto wooden sheets for something a little less permanent. Using chalk you can create beautiful images or put your favourite motivational quotes on your wall.

Source: Homed It

3. Wallpaper

Wallpaper is a great way to introduce an interesting design or bright colour to your room. Creating a focal point with wallpaper can be done with traditional glue wallpaper or removable wallpaper for renters who can’t leave marks.

Source: Just Bella Blog

4. Wood

Using scrap wood or pallets is a popular way to create a rustic or industrial DIY headboard. The options with wood are endless however you might need a bit more handyman knowledge and feel comfortable using power tools.

pinterest- wood-headboard
Source: Pinterest

Need a hand putting a headboard together? There are plenty of Airtasker Handymen ready to help.

Source: Homed It

5. Mirrors

After a quick look on ebay or Gumtree you can find a cheap second-hand mirror to hang or lean against the wall. This is a great solution for people with a smaller space to make it more spacious.

Source: Homed It

6. Old doors

One man’s trash is another’s treasure…

Old doors can be found on nature strips and salvage shops to create your headboard. You can even customise the doors so that they can work in any size bedroom, and along with a coat of paint, it will fit in perfectly with your colour palette.

Source: Decorating Your Small Space

7. Material

With some lovely material, you can produce a truly elegant headboard. An upholstered headboard is simple to make if you love a bit of DIY, and will instantly lift your bedroom.

Source: Pinterest

8. Artwork

For something a little different use artwork or a series of smaller pieces to create a bespoke headboard. Canvas artwork doesn’t have to be expensive and you can find great artwork online with a bit of research.

Source: Pinterest

Source: Decozt

9. Flags

Large flags from overseas travel or your home are a great symbol of happiness with the bonus of a great visual impression. Using simple hooks you can easily hang it up in a matter of minutes.

Source: Homesthetics

9. Lights

Pretty fairy lights can be draped on your current headboard or make something spectacular as you can see below.

pinterest headboard
Source: Pinterest

Have you got any other inspirational headboard ideas? Let us know in the comments below.



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