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Studio apartment inspiration

By Rhiannon W

Updated: August 7th, 2020

Studio apartments are no longer a trade-off of ‘space for city’.  Photography is a wonderful source of interior design inspiration "Studio apartment inspiration"

Studio apartments are no longer a trade-off of ‘space for city’.  Photography is a wonderful source of interior design inspiration for a studio apartment.  Here’s some visual inspiration to lust over.

studio apartment inspiration
Source: Brit + Co

Industrial studio apartment inspiration

Exposed brick, concrete, pipes, tiles, or any kind of material that is structural or functional is begging you to do it justice with the industrial look.  Complement this style when furnishing your apartment by going for neutral colours, wooden pieces, exposed light bulbs and wiring. Add a high ceiling, and you’ve got a lofty, industrial style studio.

industrial studio apartment inspiration
Source: homedit

industrial studio apartment exposed brick
Source: onedio


Minimalism makes perfect sense if you have a studio apartment you’d like to decorate without making it less spacious.  Achieve minimalism by focussing on essential furniture items.  You can create an ‘accent’ of style with the addition of small ‘personality pieces.  Even when experimenting with minimalism, you can style your apartment to a theme or design that exposes character.

minimalist studio apartment

minimalist studio apartment

NYC chic

Enviable NYC style is within reach!  These studio apartments sprinkled with funky homewares and bright hues are functional and inspiring.  They convey the ‘Manhattan vibe’ without the ‘Manhattan price tag’.  Living in a chic, cooridinated space like this will put a spring in your step.

stylish studio apartment inspiration
Source: homedit

stylish studio apartment
Source: Brit + Co

Cosy and comfortable

Personalising your space with creature comforts will make it feel cosy. Decorative trinkets, sentimental items, inspirational art and the use of soft, neutral colours and textures will bring warmth to your studio apartment. Make ‘cosy and comfortable’ your number one goal.

cosy comfortable studio apartment
Source: Brit + Co

cosy and comfortable studio apartmentSource: LABLSTUDIO

Intelligent use of space

Your studio apartment doesn’t have to be a case of ‘eat where you sleep; sleep where you eat’. Clever organisation, the inventive use of furnishings and maybe even a little DIY will make you feel at home, with room to move.

small space studio apartment inspiration
Source: homedit
If you don’t have room for a cupboard, use racking and shelving to create storage on the walls, or in this case, above the bed.  If you’re not confident in installing shelving on your own, get some help from an Airtasker Handyman.

bookshelf room divider studio apartment
Source: homed
Do you want to create a semi-private escape to the bedroom, but have heaps of cookbooks that can’t live in a box?  Why not install a bookshelf as a room divider?  Furniture retailers like IKEA have plenty of designs, and Airtasker have plenty of IKEA flatpack assembly gurus available to help you out.

bed cube studio apartment
Source: Brit + Co
Now this is interesting!  Create privacy with a ‘bed cube’ (on rollers, no less).

reading nook studio apartment
Source: Est Living
This idea is ‘clever’ and ‘cosy and comfortable’!  Construct a reading nook by the window, on top of a horizontal bookshelf.  If you don’t have a built in bookshelf, there’s nothing stopping you from purchasing your own and doing a bit of DIY to make a safe and sturdy base.  Top with a comfortable mattress, a few cushions and a throw.  (Again, if you need help, hit up an Airtasker Handyman).

Modern European glass bedrooms

Using bold colours or unexpected materials is an exceptional way to modernise your studio apartment. European glass is a luxurious, modern feature when used to partition off a ‘bedroom’.

european glass studio apartmentSource: HusmanHagberg

european glass studio apartmentSource: Brit + Co

Do you love these studio apartment design ideas?  If you’ve got some more lust-worthy visual inspiration that you’d like to share, please copy a link in to the comment box below.



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