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Top 5 Cleaning Tips

By Airtasker

Updated: November 16th, 2021

There’s no better feeling than sitting back on the couch and admiring a clean and spotless house – but you "Top 5 Cleaning Tips"

Top cleaning tips

There’s no better feeling than sitting back on the couch and admiring a clean and spotless house – but you can admit that it was a bit of a pain to get there. You might be lucky enough to have a cleaner or a flawless roster for your family or housemates so that cleaning is not such tedious task. However it’s always handy to have a few tricks up your sleeve, not only will these tips save you time but also make cleaning a lot easier.

Top 5 Cleaning Tips to Save you Time

Tip 1: Organisation
Being prepared is key to tidying the house quickly with having a plan of attack will mean your not distracted and get the task done. You should:
– Plan (try to approach room by room)
– Multi-task
– Set a time-limit so you are constantly moving
– Have all your products out and ready
– Clear the clutter because it’s hard to clean when the house is a mess

Tip 2: Mopping
Mopping can bring it’s own challenges, but there are there are some things you need to keep in mind before and during the cleaning process.

Before you even fill the bucket with water make sure you sweep/ vacuum the floors, not only is it pointless to mop it but it can also damage your floors. Also check that you’ve got the right clean mop head. Here is a little helpful table:

Types of mops

Remember to not use too much detergent (just a little squirt) as it will make the floors slippery, change the water frequently as it’s pointless to mop the house with dirty water and don’t forget mops can be used on walls and ceilings as well e.g. bathroom tiles.

Tip 3: Dusting
This is often overlooked and even if you do get around to getting rid of that dust, there are spots you might miss so it’s always good to have a bit of a check-list for each room. So don’t forget to dust the:

– Celling fans and light fixtures
– Corners and door frames
– Walls (could use that flat head mop)
– Vents
– Picture frames and delicate items but be careful and maybe use a smaller duster

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Tip 4: Kitchen
The kitchen is the heart of the home where yummy treats are baked and where stories are shared over a cuppa or dinner parties.

So that it always looks fresh use brown vinegar on oven glass then wipe away after an hour. Rid dishwasher smells with a cup of white vinegar in an empty dishwasher and put on a normal wash or if it’s your chopping boards cut a lemon and rub the surface with the fruit.

Tip 5: Tools for the job
Making sure you have the right cleaning products means you’ll get the job completed quicker with better results. Don’t also forget to check supply levels before you start – no point in starting only to realize you’re out of spray n’ wipe by the time you reach the bathroom.

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Here’s a quick essential check list you can use
– All-purpose surface cleaning spray
– Glass, shower and floor cleaners
– Duster, vacuum, dustpans, mop, bucket, sponges, toilet brush, scrubbing brush
– Gloves

Check out our cleaning cost guide for your reference or if you have some tips to share? Leave it in the comments below!



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