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Whether you live down South or on the West or East Coast, you're no stranger to hot summers and heat waves. When those days come, you can count on your air conditioner to cool your place. But ACs, like any appliance, can break down if they're old or haven't been serviced.

Nowadays, AC repair costs are between $65 to $900. But this can still change, depending on how far you live from the repairman, the brand, how many units you have, and more. 

Keep scrolling and read through this price guide to help you learn more about the various costs of AC repairs.

Average AC repair cost based on service type

Don't know how much AC leak repairs cost? Or how much do home AC repairs cost, in general? Check out this table for the prices for each aircon service. Note that the price will depend on the severity of the problem. 

Tune-up AC diagnostic repair cost


AC thermostat repair cost


AC freon leak repair cost

$200+, depending on the severity

AC motor repair cost


AC capacitor repair cost


AC condenser repair cost


AC compressor repair cost



Average cost of AC repair based on unit type

Different air conditioners come with their own suitable parts. Naturally, the AC repair price will vary, too.

Portable AC repairs


Window AC repairs


Central AC repairs


Ductless mini split AC repairs


Inverter system repairs


Geothermal AC repairs


Swamp cooler repairs


a technician repairing an AC unit

Factors that affect air conditioner repair costs

Not all air conditioners that need repairing will cost the same. The following variables will give you an idea of what might dictate the total costs.


Some air conditioner brands will cost more to repair if they require more expensive parts. For instance, less popular aircon brands and the latest aircon models may have fewer parts available. Likewise, popular air conditioners from well-known brands may cost cheaper to repair if they use generic parts. 

Size and power

Larger air conditioners, including those with more horsepower, may require more time to repair. Hence, increased labor costs and more expensive replacement parts. Smaller ACs tend to be less pricey since parts replacements are smaller and, thus, cheaper. 

Unit type

Got both a window-type aircon and a split inverter type? Both units may cool your house, but they'll cost differently to repair since they require different parts to be tuned up or fixed. The repair specialist may also charge a little extra if the aircon unit requires components that aren't easily accessible. 


If your AC unit suddenly breaks and needs parts replaced or fixed, check its warranty to see if it covers tune-ups. But if the warranty period is over or the covered parts were damaged due wear and tear, prepare to shell out a couple more bucks to buy the necessary parts. 


The cost to repair a window AC unit and AC coolant leak repair costs can be cheaper during spring since not a lot of people are buying or maintaining AC units. Booking a service during spring may also be easier and more affordable, as businesses won't be as fully booked as they tend to be during summer.


An aircon or HVAC technician who has to travel hours to get to the house will charge a higher rate than if you hired someone closer, especially if they charge a service call fee. Moreover, AC contractor costs in urban areas are more expensive compared to locations outside the city. 

an AC repair specialist unscrewing the compressor unit of a split-type air conditioner for repair

Signs your AC needs repair

Air conditioners provide more than cool your home. But it can run into trouble when used constantly for some time. That’s why it’s important to spot the problems before it’s too late. Look out for these signs so you can get your air conditioner cleaned and repaired as soon as possible.

It blows warm air

Curious as to why your AC isn’t suddenly blowing cold air? This indicates there could be a problem with the compressor or refrigerant. The good thing is it’s easy to fix this, so you’ll have cold air in no time.

Weird odors 

Does the aircon emit air that smells pungent or musty? A wire could be burnt and needs replacement, or there could be mold in the unit, which could affect your health.

Loud noises

Air conditioners run fairly quietly. If you suddenly hear squealing, grinding, or other loud sounds, it's better to have it checked soon to rectify any internal issues and prevent them from worsening.

Leaks around the unit

Leaks or unusual moisture around your AC could mean something’s blocking the drain that’s supposed to channel condensation away from the unit. While this isn’t a big emergency, you’ll want to get your AC repaired immediately to prevent mold from growing.

High humidity levels

Air conditioners are supposed to pull humidity from a room. If you notice the air feels sticky in your room or water pooling around your windows while the AC is on, it's time to check it for possible problems.

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Now that you know how much it would cost to repair your AC, the next step is to get cheap air conditioner repair and connect with aircon repair professionals.

Find a reliable aircon repair specialist by posting a task, reviewing the offers, checking the reviews, and arranging a time and date to schedule the repair. To get the best Taskers, don’t forget to include these in your listing:

  • Air conditioner brand and model
  • Your location 
  • Major or minor repairs?
  • Issues noticed
  • Equipment provided, if any
  • Additional services required
  • Warranty coverage, if any

The more detailed your listing is, the easier it will be for the repairman to send over an accurate quote. You won’t have to worry anymore about DIY-ing your AC problems! 

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If your air conditioning system is over ten years old, it may not be worth repairing anymore as it might not run as efficiently as it did when it was new. If it's under ten years old, it's better to start looking for AC repair services or Taskers to get it checked. Consider the severity of the issue and your needs to make an informed decision. 

Generally, technicians perform a full physical and electrical inspection test of the air conditioning unit—from the thermostat, electrical connections, condensate drain line, and system controls down to the air filters.

Air conditioners can last an average of 12 to 15 years if maintained properly. To ensure it doesn't break down in the middle of a heat wave, have it serviced once a year, so it's ready for summer. This will also prevent any headaches or additional expenses if parts need to suddenly be replaced because they weren't properly maintained. 

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