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How do you sell products online and gain 1k followers on Facebook? And how does Facebook marketing work? When people hear the term "social media marketing," paid ads or Sponsored Posts usually come to mind. However, do you know that there are other ways to use Facebook to promote your business or brand? One of them is to grow a Facebook group dedicated to your niche.

Why businesses should invest in Facebook groups

Facebook groups enable you to target people who are interested in what you offer organically or without running ads. Compared to paid ads or creating "viral" content, a Facebook group helps you gather those who need your service or are interested in the content you regularly create, keeping them engaged. This doesn't mean that it's inherently better than other strategies. It's only one way to grow your online presence and is best combined with other efforts.

Tips for starting a Facebook group

Before we dive deep into how to promote a Facebook group, let's make one. You can check Facebook's Instructions Page for a step-by-step guide. However, if you want to maximise this Facebook feature, here are some tips to follow:

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1. Determine your target audience.

Established businesses can dedicate their online groups to advocacies, like human rights and environmental protection. But for new entrepreneurs, their Facebook groups should be valuable outright to potential members. For example, if you're a pet supplies brand, you might want to focus on first-time puppy owners and share pointers on basic pet care.

2. Set a clear name for your group.

Aim to balance creativity and brevity; long or hard-to-read names might only put off your target audience. Are you a laundry shop looking for customers in Perth? Then integrate those details concisely in your Facebook group name to make it easier for users to find you. It would also help to quickly provide essential info in the blurb or description.

3. Prepare a content calendar.

People naturally will go where they gain value. So if you want to get people to join your Facebook groupthink of posts that will benefit them. You'll spend much time on topic ideation and research, but consider it a long-term investment. Meaningful and timely content will help you grow your Facebook group and, eventually, your business.

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4. Don't fall for underground sellers offering groups with big memberships.

Unfortunately, some Facebook group owners sell their groups to newbie marketers or business owners with the promise that these will help them convert members into buyers. However, the members will eventually notice that you changed the group name or topic and leave the group. Worse, they might report you for spam or unauthorised sales, which can lead to the group being shut down.

Tips for setting Facebook group policies

Policies help your group become a better engagement avenue for Facebook users. This will also guide you in cases when there is conflict in the group. Here are some questions that can help you determine which policies must be included in yours:

  1. Are there criteria for members before joining?

  2. Is there a day for other advertisers to post, or are they free to sell?

  3. Are affiliate links allowed?

  4. What is considered spam?

  5. Are there posting and engagement guidelines for members?

As you start, set clear group policies without micromanaging your members. The sweet spot in growing a Facebook page is to build an online space safe enough for members to engage freely with each other.

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How to grow a Facebook group and keep it engaged

Once you've set up a group, you'll find yourself asking, "How can I make my group grow?" Keeping a Facebook group active hinges on two things: interactive content and dedicated moderators. These are foundations when it comes to Facebook group growth strategies.

Make your content interactive

It can't be reiterated enough to create content that gives value. This doesn't only mean educational content. Entertaining content also adds value! Ensure consistent content uploads to the group. Try to make exclusive content as much as possible to separate your Page content from the group. 

Remember, these people are already interested in the topic and have questions and opinions forming. Start from there and be creative with how you present information. Polls, questions, quizzes, and surveys are great conversation prompts for group members. 

Have dedicated moderators

Once you've established the group as a good source of information, members will begin to ask questions or post their insights on the topic. Having a team of dedicated moderators makes a Facebook group more active and helps everyone follow group policies as they interact with each other. This also ensures that member questions are answered. Consistent engagement from moderators encourages group members to post and comment among themselves.

Don't focus on the numbers

When it comes to Facebook groups, engagement trumps volume. For instance, a competitor might have hundreds or thousands of followers, but do they actually engage with its posts? Don't be disheartened if your group doesn't grow immediately. Instead, focus on the people who are there because they genuinely care about your content.

Connect your Facebook group to your business website

There are several ways to connect a Facebook group with your business website, store, and other channels. You can put your logo on your cover or display photos and then put business links in the description box and future posts. Moreover, link and promote your Facebook group on other channels to continuously grow your membership. 

Grow your Facebook group today

Overall, growing or promoting your Facebook group for free is feasible. Though you can't boost a Facebook group, these simple ideas will help:

  1. Regularly post on your Facebook page and other social media channels.

  2. Collaborate with an influencer to promote your Facebook group.

  3. Create an exclusive giveaway for members to join.

  4. Incentivise members to invite their friends and family.

If the process seems tedious, note that Facebook group growth doesn't happen overnight. And if you'd rather take on other tasks, you can hire a Tasker for Facebook marketing. After you fill out the request form, experienced moderators, content creators, and digital marketers will reach out to you. Post a task today and see your Facebook group thrive as it should.

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