How much does home thermostat installation & replacement cost?

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A malfunctioning thermostat spells disaster. Think of high energy costs, chilly or scorching-hot temperatures, or inefficient appliances. You cannot afford all these, but how much will replacing a broken thermostat or adding a new one cost? 

The average thermostat installation cost is £275, including labour and materials. While it sounds affordable, the overall thermostat replacement cost can balloon to over £300 due to many factors. This guide will help you set your budget.

Thermostat installation & replacement prices

Two factors mainly affect the cost of installing a new thermostat (or replacing it): labour and unit.

Thermostat type

Unit + labour cost

Manual/Analogue thermostat


Programmable thermostat


Smart thermostat


Line-voltage thermostat


Low-voltage thermostat


Boiler thermostat


Central air conditioner thermostat


Furnace thermostat


Signs that a home thermostat needs replacement

replacing a thermostat

Some say that you should fix problems before they get worse. This sound advice also applies to thermostats. Repairing or replacing the device promptly saves your wallet, sanity, and even your home. So what are the signs of a thermostat going out? Here are four:

1. Abnormally high energy bills

Utility bills are usually higher in winter and summer. The demand and prices are high, and the HVAC system has to work harder to keep your ambient temperature just right.

But if you are paying way more than you usually do, you better inspect your thermostat. A problematic unit could cause your air conditioners, boilers, or furnaces to run longer than you prefer. It can also force your overworked appliances to use more energy because they can’t regulate the heat properly.


2. Inaccurate readings

This is tricky because you will never know that the thermostat displays the wrong temperature unless you compare it with another device. Regardless, anything more than two degrees off the mark is worth a closer look.

Thermostats can give off false or misleading readings because of a worn-out sensor, an old battery, or loose electrical connections. You might also have received a faulty unit when you bought it.


3. Unresponsive controls

If you repeatedly press buttons or turn the knob to no avail, your thermostat might be broken. To determine if a power outage is causing the problem, try unplugging and plugging the unit. If that does not do the trick, consider replacing it.


4. Unusual noises and odours

Your HVAC system should run quietly and without strange smells. Loud noises, musty odours, or smoke from the thermostat can indicate something wrong with its wiring or circuit boards. 

What affects thermostat installation & replacement costs?

Thermostat type

Thermostat prices can range from less than £20 to over £200, depending on their type:

Thermostat type


Average unit cost

Manual thermostats

These are the most basic and affordable types of thermostats. They are easy to use but do not offer advanced features like programmable settings or remote access. 


Programmable thermostats

Also known as setback thermostats, they automatically regulate temperature based on your programmed settings.


Smart thermostats

These Wi-Fi-enabled devices work with home automation. They also have more comprehensive options, making the smart thermostat installation expensive. For instance, they can automatically regulate temperatures according to weather conditions. 


Line-voltage thermostats

These are usually connected to electric space heaters, baseboard heaters, or most stand-alone heat-producing appliances that operate on average at 120–240 volts.


Low-voltage thermostats

These are commonly installed on whole-house systems, operating at around 30 volts. Because they involve more appliances and wires, they are expensive to buy, install, or replace.


Boiler thermostats

These units control the temperature of your boiler. They come in all shapes and sizes, from basic dial-style models to more sophisticated digital ones with multiple user-selectable settings. Some even have advanced features, like energy-saving and self-diagnostic functions.


Central air conditioner thermostats

These control the temperature of your central air-conditioning system, circulating cool air throughout the house.


Furnace thermostats

These control the temperature of your furnace, which heats your home by burning natural gas or other fuel sources.


Thermostat brand

Besides the unit, the brand can dictate the final cost to replace a thermostat. Here are some of the most popular options in the market and their average unit prices:




Founded in 1916, Honeywell is one of the oldest brands on the list. Their thermostats are also some of the cheapest because they can easily scale their products and draw revenue from various streams or market segments.

A manual or analogue Honeywell thermostat costs around £30, while a programmable type is at least £110.


The cost to install a Nest thermostat is high. A Google Brand, Nest manufactures and sells smart or Wi-Fi-enabled devices, so its units require specific expertise. They cost nearly £200. 


Trane is a well-known HVAC manufacturing brand. Some of its expensive thermostats are worth £225. 


The cost of installing a Hive thermostat is comparable to Nest’s because you can control its settings through a mobile device. Because of its eco-friendly features, it is also expensive, ranging from £128 to £185.  

Labour and miscellaneous costs

installing a thermostat

The average cost of hiring a pro for thermostat installation is around £30 per hour, and you can save money by buying the unit yourself. How about if you want to replace a thermostat? How much does a thermostat replacement cost? Usually, you pay £155 or below; it can cost less since the wiring is already available.

The labour cost increases for a smart thermostat. So how much does it cost to install a smart thermostat? It ranges from £230 to £420 for less than two hours of work. It also depends on whether you are supplying the device. For instance, the Nest thermostat installation cost, including labour and materials, is almost £300. But it goes down to £130 if you purchase or own the supplies.

But you may ask, “Do I need an electrician to install a thermostat?” In reality, you can DIY it, completing the installation or replacement process in less than two hours if it is a straightforward task. For instance, you work with only one or two wires with no other appliance or component connected to them. 

You should consider hiring a professional when:

  • Your unit is new, and you don’t want to void your warranty because of a mistake. 
  • Your thermostats must work with other appliances or components (e.g., smart or Wi-Fi-enabled units). 
  • The thermostat is a low-voltage unit. It is likely integrated into the house’s heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning (HVAC) system. 
  • You do not have the tools or basic skills to handle wires, batteries, and thermostats. 

Post a task for thermostat installation & replacement

Unless you are sure that you can install or replace the thermostat, you better call for help. One of the best places to hire professionals is Airtasker. It helps you find the best person for the job in four easy steps:

  • Register and create a profile to help the system connect you with thermostat installation and replacement experts near you. 
  • Write your request. Include sharable information, such as the house size, the service you’re looking for, and your budget and timeline. 
  • Wait for bids and offers.
  • Review the proposals and close the deal.

A thermostat change is ideal if you want to avoid paying a hefty utility bill or keep yourself comfortable the whole year. While several factors can impact your spending, Airtasker can connect you with HVAC technicians and electricians who work around your budget and preferred thermostat type or brand.

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The cost to install a thermostat is between £135 and £410, including labour and materials. However, many factors impact the final estimate. For example, the cost of a new thermostat for a house is higher than connecting the device to a stand-alone appliance, such as a space heater.

Yes, but hiring a technician is beneficial in the long run. You can avoid voiding your warranty because of a mistake and ensure that the installation or replacement is accurate. 

Yes, because malfunctioning thermostats can increase utility bills, make your appliances less efficient, and cause discomfort. The cost of replacing a thermostat can be as low as £100 if you buy the supplies or choose affordable thermostat brands and types. 

Yes, electricians can install thermostats. In fact, they are the most qualified because they understand complicated wiring and circuitry and possess the right certifications. They may also be covered by general liability insurance. 

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