How much do piano lessons cost?

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£15 - £40







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How much do piano lessons cost in the UK?

Piano lesson costs vary, with prices generally ranging from £15 to £40 per hour, averaging around £30 per hour. The actual price can be influenced by the teacher’s qualifications, location, and lesson type. It's advisable to explore local piano tutors or music schools to find suitable lessons that align with your budget and goals.

Piano lesson cost by location



Piano lessons in Greater London 

£30 - £46

Piano lessons outside London 

£25 - £40

Piano lessons for children

£15 - £35

Online piano lessons

£15 - £25

a teacher and their student playing a piano duet

Factors affecting the price of piano lessons

Many things affect piano lesson prices. Here are a few reasons why the cost of piano lessons differs across cities or states:

  • Your location. If the piano teacher needs to go to the student’s house, they will likely charge more. This includes transportation costs. 
  • Lesson duration. On average, a piano lesson lasts for one hour. However, some students can have lessons for 30 or 45 minutes.
  • Teacher experience. Piano teachers with a good reputation and years of experience charge more than newer ones.

What are the different types of piano lessons?

The cost of piano lessons also depends on the class size. Most students opt for individual lessons, while others take online and even group lessons. 


Private piano lessons in Australia cost £30 to £50 per session. These lessons are popular because the teachers focus exclusively on their students. This is a significant advantage for people looking to improve their skills and technique.

Individual lessons are also an excellent option for children studying piano for the first time. These cost £15 to £35 per lesson and have a fun and more motivating approach. It is also taken for a shorter period, usually 30 minutes, depending on the child’s attention span. 


Because of the global pandemic, online piano lessons have become more common. Thanks to technology, your teacher will not need to go to your home. Many teachers choose to conduct through video calls.

The cost of online piano lessons is relatively low. Expect to pay £15 to £25, depending on their length. However, this method is optimal only if both teacher and student have the proper instruments and a stable Internet connection.

a man giving a woman a piano lesson

What to expect during your piano lessons

Piano lessons generally last about one hour for children over seven years old. For younger kids, lessons usually last for 30 or 45 minutes every week. Prices for the lessons depend on their duration. Thirty-minute lessons cost around £30, while hourly sessions cost £46.

During these sessions, you practise finger exercises and read various music books to help you develop specific skills. For the rest of the week, you practise assigned pieces.

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Yes, it is ideal to have a piano or keyboard when taking lessons. Even if you decide on taking lessons in a teaching studio, you have to practise different exercises and pieces after class.

It is better to find someone with a degree in practical or music theory. You can also request their ABRSM grades and see if they have professional music experience. There is no legal requirement to be a piano teacher in the UK, but having the skills and knowledge to match is good.

Piano lessons don’t automatically mean that you need to take the ABRSM exam. It’s usually essential to students who want to achieve professional musical careers as teachers, directors, or performers. If you do choose to take the ABRSM exam, you can hire a piano tutor to help you prepare for it.

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