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Ironing is a challenging task if you’re pressed for time. If you need smoothened and neat clothes, a home ironing service can expertly do it for you after washing your clothes and deliver them to your doorstep for that extra convenience. 

On average, most ironing service costs are packaged per hour, per piece, or by weight. For instance, the average cost of ironing services per hour is between £13 to £16, with £20 being the highest. Continue reading to learn more about ironing service prices and how to budget for this expense.

Ironing price list per task and item

Per task

Here are the average laundrette costs for ironing per hour and kilogram. Note that these are only estimates and can change depending on where you live and outsource the service.





Per hour




Per KG




Per Item

Below are the ironing services prices per item or article of clothing. Once again, please keep in mind that these are only rough estimates and prices in your area may be different.



Tea towel












Sheet - Double


Sheet - Single




Silk blouses/tops










Duvet cover - King/Superking


Duvet cover - Double


Duvet cover - Single


Baby items 


Delicate clothing


Factors that influence the costs of ironing services


Pricing method

Determine the primary cost factor of the ironing service you choose. As mentioned earlier, professional ironing services can charge you by the number of clothes, their total weight, or per hour. 

Ironing companies that base their cost on weight might be the best choice if you have plenty of thin and lightweight clothes. Alternatively, ironing companies specialising in clothing with sensitive and delicate materials often charge by the hour. 

Types of clothing

The type of clothing can also increase service costs. Ironing companies typically handle clothing and bed linen with corresponding charges for both items. For example, a duvet cover for a king or super king-sized bed can cost £8 per piece. 

On the other hand, a children’s T-shirt set can cost about £2 each. Specialist ironing companies that can handle silk or other delicate pieces can charge £11 per article of clothing.

Delivery service

Top-notch ironing companies and expert laundry services usually offer pickup and delivery. Some offer free delivery after ironing shirts and other clothing if you live in their proximity. Most free-charging pickup and delivery services have a minimum order cost to use their services, often at £20.

Ironing companies will charge for long-distance or heavy-duty vehicle pickup and delivery. If you live nearby and have too many clothes and need a vehicle delivery, you will likely have to pay for its delivery. Be sure to ask your prospective shop about their delivery costs and other additional services to factor in the total costs.

Ironing service duration

Some ironing companies charge by the hour. A large volume of clothes or delicate clothing that requires specialised equipment and expertise will take some more time to press properly. 

Often, expert ironing companies knowledgeable and equipped to handle clothing with tricky structures or unique materials charge per hour. On average, you might pay £13 to £16 per hour for ironing.

The local market

The number of laundry and ironing companies in your area also determines the average cost of the service. Some areas with one or two clothing ironing businesses may see higher prices than areas with a competitive market. 


Saving money on ironing services

Here are some helpful tips to save money on ironing services.

Determine the primary cost factor

If you have only a few clothes, entrusting them to an ironing company that charges by the hour or by weight can save you money. On the other hand, if you have silk and similar clothing materials that might be damaged when ironed, a per-hour or per-piece ironing company is the best choice.

Iron only when necessary

Working in your home office? You can wear casual and relaxed clothing most of the time while working–you don’t need to press your clothes if you’re working remotely. Unless you need to wear a button-down polo, you may need to iron that. Manage your time ironing by properly folding your wrinkle-resistant clothes, especially your duvet covers or flat sheets! 

Wash as needed

Not all clothes need washing after one wear. You can wash some articles of clothing only after two uses. Moreover, duvets need cleaning once or twice every two weeks. For example, jeans and jumpers may only need washing after two or three wears. 

Shop around first

There are plenty of ways to compare prices from all laundry and ironing companies in your area. Then, compare the offers you receive from various ironing companies.

Post a task for ironing services

Now that you understand the costs involved in ironing service prices, the next step is to look for a professional ironing service.

You can start by creating a listing and getting Taskers to send their offers. Make sure to put in your location, the number of articles of clothing you need to be ironed, specify if clothing materials require special care, the time you need it picked up and delivered, and your budget range.

Once you post your listing, just wait for Taskers to send you their offers, which should only take an hour to a few minutes after posting it. With an ironing expert on the job, you’ll have one less chore to worry about and more time to devote to other activities.

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FAQ about ironing services

Ironing services can press and deliver your clothes ready for use. Ironing clothes by yourself can be tricky and time-consuming. With ironing services, you have a team with experience and knowledge to employ effective methods to press your clothes perfectly.

On average, both t-shirts and shirts cost about £2 to get ironed in the UK. Keep in mind that this is only the shirt. If you go to work and need your shorts or socks ironed well, you might pay about £5 for the entire set.

The average number of items that can be ironed in an hour depends on the material and size of the clothing article involved. It’s possible to iron about 7 to 9 shirts per hour.

Yes, if you can. Most laundrettes offer their clients washing, ironing, and dry cleaning services. You can spend more quality time at home and get better results by leaving the entire task to laundry collection and delivery companies.

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