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£200 - £2,000







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Hiring a DJ for your event can easily elevate the entire experience. They add a particular colour and vibrancy to the party. With their expertise in music and talent for mixing, they'll have everyone busting their best moves on the dance floor. 

In the UK, a DJ's cost is between £200 to £2,000. It depends on several factors, and this guide will discuss them. Keep reading to learn more!

DJ price list

How much does it cost to rent a DJ? In the UK, it's usually based on the event you'll be having. 


DJ cost estimate


£500 - £2,000


£200 - £300

Corporate event

£300 - £400

a DJ using a sound mixer


Your trusted wedding planner might suggest hiring a DJ to spice things up for your event. This is a huge milestone for you and your special one, so why not make the most out of the day or evening? The cost of hiring a wedding DJ varies, and it's sometimes higher than for other events. 


If you want to get your guests in a dancing mood, a DJ can definitely help during birthday parties. You can make the entire event an experience to remember with catchy music to match the event's atmosphere. 

Corporate events

It might seem unusual to hire a DJ for a corporate event. However, their services can be useful in different corporate settings. When you hire an event planner, they'll tell you that a DJ can help liven the mood during promotional events, as well as mixers and office parties!

Average DJ costs based on experience

The price of a DJ can also be based on their number of years in the industry. 

Experience level

DJ cost estimate


£200 - £300


£250 - £350

Highly Experienced

£300 - £500


What factors affect DJ fees?

Event type

As seen in the table above, the average DJ cost per hour in the UK depends on the type of event. You can expect them to charge more for anniversaries and weddings than graduation parties. For some DJs, their rate for bar/bat mitzvahs is higher. 

Number of guests

A DJ needs to cater to different music preferences when there is a large crowd. Fortunately, they can read the room to get everyone engaged. A DJ might also need to bring more equipment for larger gatherings, which can add to their fee. 

Event venue

Events in London and bigger cities have higher DJ prices. Aside from that, the accessibility of the venue plays a role. If your prospective DJ doesn't need to travel far, you don't have to worry about covering their gas expenses. 

DJ experience

Just like in different industries, a DJ's reputation can affect their fees. DJs with more professional experience charge higher than those just starting out. 


Included in DJs' fees is the equipment they use. Professionals might bring simple lighting and sound equipment to the event. You can request more things, like microphones, speakers, and specific kinds of lighting. When you do this, expect to pay more.

Services provided by DJs

A DJ can do several things for you during a party. Here are some examples: 

a DJ mixing music


As the MC, a DJ may be responsible for making announcements about the event's different activities. However, this isn't a service offered by all DJs. Some include it in their fees, but others might charge extra to emcee the entire event. 

Mixing tracks

This is the most common service DJs offer. Using a computer, they mix different songs and create engaging playlists. Sometimes, they also use turntables to mix their music. 

Granting special music requests

DJs can adapt if you prefer a certain music genre. However, note that they might charge extra, especially if it's a style they're new to. It's best to discuss this with your DJ before an event to give them time to prepare. 

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Now that you know the different factors affecting a DJ's cost, you can start looking for the right professional for the job. Be sure to include the following details as you fill out the request form: 

  • Your location

  • Date and type of the event

  • Special music requests

  • Other services required

When you hire a DJ through Airtasker, you skip the difficult groundwork. You won't find yourself going to different bars and nightclubs searching for the best one in the business. With Airtasker, you can simply post a task and wait for offers in the comfort of your home.

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Since you’ll already pay a fee, it’s not necessary to tip your DJ. However, you can do so as a way of showing them gratitude for helping make your event something to remember.

If you’re looking to hire a popular DJ, it’s good to hire them months before the event. Sometimes, you can start hiring them even a year in advance to make the prep process more streamlined.

The most common genres that DJs offer are hip-hop, techno, house, and trance. But if you’d rather listen to soothing classical or instrumental music for a sober event, some DJs can tweak their playlists accordingly.

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