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Congratulations, you’re now a step closer to earning money through your first window cleaning gig! But first, how much should you charge without shortchanging yourself or overcharging your clients? No worries, because by the end of this guide, you’ll have a clearer idea of how to charge for window cleaning.

Window cleaning pricing guide 

To help you start your window cleaning business and price your jobs fairly, we’ve listed the estimated cost of tasks.


Estimated Cost

Standard window cleaning

$149-297 per contract or 

$50-150 (10 windows)

$250-600 (50 windows)

$500-1500 (100 windows)

High-rise window cleaning

$85-170 per hour

Sliding window cleaning

$8-10 per window

Single-hung window cleaning

$8-16 per window

Double-hung window cleaning

$8-16 per window

Casement window cleaning

$15-30 per window

Skylight cleaning

$25-35 per window

Storm window cleaning

$30-40 per window

Sunburst window 

$30-40 per window

Glass door cleaning

$3-8 per contract 

a person cleaning glass windowsFactors affecting how much to charge for window cleaning

A lot goes into transforming windows from dusty, streak-filled panels to sparkling panes! Here’s what to consider when figuring out how much to quote for window cleaning. 


Number and size of windows 

The more windows or the bigger the panes are, the more resources you’ll spend cleaning. When putting together your window cleaning rates, you can charge per window or square foot. 


Window type

When checking how to price a window cleaning job, it’s important to determine the kind of windows you’re dealing with. These could be large floor-to-ceiling windows, inset windows with crowded windowsills, sliding windows with tracks, attic windows with screens, or interior windows with stickers and gum. Storefront window cleaning prices will differ vastly from window cleaning in a preschool and even skylight windows in a townhouse.  

Number of floors

When computing the average cost for window cleaning, note that you’ll need to charge more for multistory buildings. Here’s why: 

First, this is because these are typically commercial window cleaning jobs (vs. residential window cleaning). Next, multistory buildings will require you to use special equipment to reach the exterior windows, which could range from a ladder to a crane. 

You can package your rates based on whether a client is in a multi-level, mid-rise, or high-rise building: 

  • Multi-level buildings - 1-3 floors

  • Mid-rise buildings - 4-6 floors

  • High-rise buildings - 7+ floors

Evaluate if you’ll stop offering exterior window cleaning beyond a specific floor due to the risks involved and the insurance you and your team might need. 

Location and time of year 

A building’s location will also affect the condition of the windows and how frequent or intense each cleaning session should be. Here’s what to consider before placing a bid on that window cleaning job

  • Buildings near a highway will have more smog or dust on the windows 

  • Buildings near trees tend to be affected by pollen 

  • Windows in hard water areas will tend to have mineral deposits in the water 

  • Rain, snow, or dust can add to the streaks or specks on a window 

Remember to consider these factors when computing how to price window cleaning jobs. 

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Building type

Buildings have different needs when it comes to window cleaning. Sparsely populated ones might have less foot traffic, fewer fingerprints on the windows, and less dust. As for healthcare facilities, they require more careful cleaning due to the nature of the building. Consider the industry and activity level when checking how much to quote for a window cleaning job. 

You can also offer extra services as part of your residential and commercial window cleaning rates. This makes your business a go-to for clients who want to get more done than just cleaning actual window panes and sills. Some added perks you can consider offering are: 

  • Blind cleaning

  • Window screen cleaning

  • Shutter cleaning 

  • Glass door cleaning 

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How to bid on window cleaning jobs 

Since window cleaning jobs involve different steps or processes, you’ll need to learn to quote window cleaning prices based on the task at hand. This helps potential clients understand your window cleaning charges. You can easily price a window cleaning job in 5 steps: 

a person cleaning glass window panes

1. Visit the area

You can check the size and condition of the windows in the home or commercial space. Moreover, it gives your client an opportunity to discuss the task’s specifics. 

2. Ask for details and pictures of the windows

If you can’t visit right away, just confirm the square footage of the windows or ask for photos of the home or commercial space. Doing so will help you give a more accurate quote. 

3. Determine the resources you’ll need

Verify if your client will provide the cleaning tools. Otherwise, you have to bring all the essential supplies. 

4. Consider other operational costs and your potential profit 

These include your team’s wages (if applicable), travel expenses, and insurance. The latter is important for high-risk jobs, like commercial high-rise window cleaning. Your profit margin must be 20% of the total project cost.5. 

5. Bid on available jobs

On Airtasker, you can start bidding on window cleaning jobs as soon as you see clients’ posted tasks. After picking one that fits your rates, share your price quote and wait for the client’s response. 

Get window cleaning jobs on Airtasker!

Now that you know how to price commercial window cleaning, you can start looking for window cleaning jobs near you. If you want to grow your client base, Airtasker can help you. It enables you to connect with locals seeking window cleaners. And because your clients are nearby, you can reduce the cost of transporting all your cleaning tools and materials, as well as the time you spend traveling between jobs. 

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