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Inviting your friends and family to your backyard is always exciting. The good food, fun conversations, and fresh air are a great combo for a fantastic night. Events like these are only elevated when you have a covered outdoor kitchen where you can make fantastic meals without going in and out of your indoor kitchen all night.

Being a host is a tough task, and it starts with making sure your place is right for the events. Renovating your outdoor kitchen can be daunting, but there are plenty of ways to upgrade! From kitchen equipment to patio furniture, read on for some covered outdoor kitchen ideas that will make your next event the party of the century.

Covered outdoor kitchen ideas for alfresco dining and cooking

1. Go big with your grill station

outdoor kitchen grill station

The real star of the show in your covered outdoor kitchen is the grill, where you can show off your cooking and hosting skills. Upgrade to a stainless steel grill with wheels that you can move in and out of the shade. You can also get a complete countertop with a stove and a built-in grill for the ultimate covered outdoor cooking experience.

2. Complete your cooking set-up

Get stainless steel appliances and you will be set for success for every dinner party. Modern covered outdoor kitchens are fitted with all the equipment needed for prepping food, like appliances or even an outdoor refrigerator. Try adding an outdoor pizza oven or a tandoori oven to expand your home menu and make mouthwatering dishes.

3. Expand your counter space

top view of an outdoor kitchen benchtop

One of the most overlooked backyard outdoor kitchen ideas is simply expanding the space. With a bigger prep space in your outdoor kitchen, you can seamlessly multitask between prepping, cooking and plating up your dishes. Concrete and granite countertops are popular because they fit the outdoor vibe and are sturdy and durable enough to withstand being outside.

Got limited outdoor kitchen space? Here are 14 Small outdoor kitchen ideas to make the most of your space!

4. Put up a hood

It's a piece of equipment that takes hosting to another level, as you can divert the smoke from your cooking away from your guests. You’d also want to install it if you have a covered patio and need better ventilation to keep the space free from smoke. 

5. Ensure ample storage space

stylish patio outdoor kitchen

An outdoor kitchen becomes much more comfortable cooking in when you have enough storage space. It’s handy having all your outdoor cooking essentials stored near your grill and having a place to store your outdoor appliances whenever bad weather comes. Put up enough storage cabinets and make sure there’s room for all your cooking equipment.

6. Provide enough shade

Do outdoor kitchens need to be covered? Not necessarily, but preferably! If you're in the process of expanding your outdoor area, ensure that the outdoor kitchen in your covered patio has enough shade to hide from the heat or the rain. 

There should be enough covered space to cook in and protect your precious equipment like your stainless steel grill or your pizza oven.

7. Set up a poolside barcovered outdoor kitchen with pool

There's nothing like having a poolside bar for outdoor entertaining! Besides serving food in your patio kitchen, you can also have a blast with some cocktails after dark while taking a dip. Put up an outdoor kitchen bar and stock your favorite liquors and some more mixology essentials for the ultimate pool party.

8. Add an island

Get a double-duty fixture in your outdoor kitchen by putting in an island. Not only will it divide your outdoor space for cooking and entertaining, but it can also provide more counter space for your prep. It also serves as a focal point in your outdoor area, and with a few stools, it can be a great place to chill out.

9. Upgrade your outdoor furniture

pink and red covered outdoor kitchen bar stools

Your outdoor space doesn’t have to be limited to the typical outdoor pieces. While there’s nothing wrong with a picnic table, you can elevate your patio or outdoor furniture with some key pieces. 

Get a statement outdoor dining table that becomes the center of your dinner parties. Add in some natural elements like wooden chairs or wicker baskets. You’d be surprised just how luxurious your outdoor kitchen can feel with comfortable seating and stylish tables.

10. Design for your house’s aesthetic

A good tip for creating complementary outdoor kitchens is to match the design with your indoor space. Rustic string lights might look out of place when your house is full of clean lines and minimalist design. For instance, you can match your minimalist interior with modern and simple outdoor lighting fixtures. 

11. Add a fireplace

covered outdoor fire pit

Create a cozy space and put up an outdoor fireplace! For those living in colder climates, enjoying your outdoor kitchen in the winter might be hard, but a fireplace can help you fend off the chilly nights and make you make happy memories around a campfire. 

Besides being a great place to cuddle up, it can be another way to cook outside! You can make s’mores and cook over an open fire. Just make sure to play it safe when using a fire pit.

Add spice to your covered outdoor cooking area

Design an outdoor kitchen that fits your lifestyle and makes your events memorable. If you often host elaborate dinner parties, go for an elegant setup with decorative elements. Meanwhile, if you prefer casual barbecues, adding some string lights and picnic tables will do.

Whatever vision you have, make sure you get the help of an expert so you can execute your renovations seamlessly. Airtasker has many professionals who can help you build an outdoor kitchen. From contractors to landscapers, your outdoors can become ten times better. Contact a pro today so you can get started on your dream outdoor kitchen!

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FAQs on covered outdoor kitchens

The best way to cover your outdoor kitchen is by installing a portable or stand-alone pergola  and using waterproof furniture covers to protect your appliances and furniture from dirt, dust, rain, and heat. 

The rain can do some serious damage to outdoor kitchen appliances, so it's best to place them under a roofed area. However, if your grill or some countertops can't be fully protected from the rain, you can always use a waterproof cover that prevents any water from damaging your outdoor kitchen. 

There are plenty of cheap ways to make your outdoor kitchen look and feel better. Here are some examples to get you started: 

  • Use a portable grill or smoker

  • Build a simple countertop with a sink

  • Place some outdoor seating

  • Hang some string lights

  • Decorate with plants and flowers

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