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Maintaining a lush and healthy lawn is hard work. But it can be easier with the help of a professional landscaper. In the US, the average cost of lawn care is $50 to $800 for a one-time service. This article will discuss the different factors that contribute to lawn care prices. Think of it as a one-stop cost guide for all your lawn care needs.

Average lawn care costs

Looking at lawn care pricing calculators, you'll notice different services. These can range from something as simple as weeding or mowing to fertilizing and seeding. To help you understand their differences, read on.

a man mowing a lawn

Lawn mowing

Having your lawn mowed costs an average of $50. This includes basic tasks like cleaning the cut grass. For this straightforward service, it's best to have it done regularly. Doing so will save you money because Taskers offer different rates based on the frequency you want your lawn mowed and how long the agreement lasts.

Lawn aeration

Having your lawn aerated removes dead grass and compact dirt from its top layer. This process gives the soil greater access to water and nutrients, which grass needs to flourish. It also enables roots to grow deeper, making your entire lawn look healthier. Lawn aeration typically costs $175.

Lawn fertilizing

This is an essential part of keeping your lawn lush. Generally, you can do it by yourself, but it's better to hire a pro so that your lawn gets the care it needs. You'll need to have your lawn fertilized 5 to 6 times a year to keep it in tip-top condition. Expect to pay $10 to $15 per hour when booking a Tasker for lawn fertilizing. 

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Lawn seeding

This is an essential service when you see your grass thinning already. The process includes planting seeds, using fertilizer, and watering the lawn now and then. The cost of reseeding a lawn is around $800, but it also depends on your lawn size. 

Lawn care service price list

Summarising the discussion above, the table below shows the average cost of lawn care services: 

Lawn care service

Average cost

Lawn mowing


Lawn aeration


Lawn fertilizing

$10 to $15 per hour

Lawn seeding


Lawn care cost factors

a woman using a lawnmower


Lawn care involves a range of jobs, and its cost is based on the service you need for your lawn and how complex the job is. Simple tasks like lawn mowing and regular watering aren't that expensive, but higher rates will apply to specialized services like lawn fertilizing and treatment. 

Lawn size

The size of your lawn is an important determinant of the overall pricing of lawn care services, especially if you have a huge space. The size dictates how much time is needed to work on your lawn, and pros will likely charge you per acre for a simple lawn care service. 

Lawn landscape

Your lawn's layout will influence costs. You can expect a higher price range if your yard has a fairly complex or unlevelled landscape. Features like flowerbeds, walkways, and ponds could affect Taskers' fees, especially if they would need to work around them to avoid property damage while mowing. 

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Overall, hiring a lawn care specialist saves you a lot of time for other things. And now that you know the basics of lawn care, the next step is to post a task. Booking a Tasker is simple! Just log in and fill out the request form. Mention the services you need, as well as your budget, location, and preferred schedule. That way, Taskers can give you accurate price quotes and prepare for the job well.

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Most companies have an hourly rate covering the labour, materials, and personnel needed for the job. Lawn care charges depend on the service you’re getting. For example, lawn mowing is fairly cheap, as it’s a straightforward task. In contrast, lawn seeding and fertilising involve the use of chemicals, so they cost more.

While it’s cheaper to mow your lawn by yourself, tasks like seeding and treatment require lawn care specialists. While the upfront payment might be higher, you won’t have to worry about the technicalities of lawn care. It saves you time, which is something you can’t take back.

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