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40 Grey bathroom ideas

By Elise Hodge

Updated: May 4th, 2020

Switch out plain old white for cool, sleek grey!

We’ve all seen an abundance of white bathrooms, but what about stepping a little outside of your comfort zone and introducing some grey into your space? As a neutral and monochromatic colour, grey is timeless, calming and classy. Plus, bathrooms are often a place for relaxation and rejuvenation, so it really helps when your surroundings reflect the same calmness that you wish to feel. Not only is grey stylish but it also can help provide a relaxing space to get ready for the day or to unwind after a long day (fancy a bath, anyone?).

And the best thing about grey is that it’s just so versatile. You can use it in so many different areas of your bathroom – consider the following…

Grey bathroom tiling

If you’re looking to drastically change your bathroom, placing grey tiles on the floors or walls will give a different look to your bathroom and make it feel brand new.

Grey bathroom cabinetry

If your cabinetry is old and you’re in the market to replace what you have, by all means, change it. But if you’re just wanting a refresh, a fresh coat of grey paint will definitely do the trick!

Bathroom decor

By simply adding small decor items to your space, you can enhance contrast and bring depth into your bathroom – this is really important to break up the grey.

1. Mirror finish

Adding mirror finishes is such a clever way to incorporate some greys into your space. Just take inspiration from this classic bathroom. Plus, it also includes beautiful design elements like herringbone grey marbled tiling on the floors and halfway up the walls and grey paint and silver metallic finishes. This bathroom is all kinds of classy with the high ceilings and long curtains whilst the large freestanding bathtub looks so inviting and relaxing.

Grey bathroom
Source: Homes To Love

2. Modern neutrals

This bathroom is inviting and homely with its modern finishes and neutral colour palette. The walls and floor are tiled with a textured stone grey which compliments the starkness of the white bath, feature window and slick white cabinetry. And to offset the neutrals, I love how this bathroom has been styled and freshened up with some pink flowers and greenery in the corner – how fresh!

Modern bathroom
Source: Trende Decor

3. Mermaid vibes

It’s no secret that I absolutely love fish scale tiles. They remind me of the most beautiful mermaids tail. And what better place to feel like a mermaid than your very own bathroom?! The marbled finish of the tiles add texture and interest to the already captivating nature of the tile pattern.

I also love the addition of gold finishes as well as the built-in shelving that has been cleverly designed with a light inside of it for ease of sight, especially at night.

Grey bathroom
Source: Pop Sugar

Honestly, these tiles are the best and there are so many different colour schemes that you can do with mermaid tiles. To see what I’m talking about, here are some stunning bathroom tile ideas that you need to see.

4. Contemporary vanity

This grey bathroom beautifully combines whites, blacks and greys altogether in a sophisticated, contemporary look. The black cabinetry is perfectly set off by the white benchtop and sink. And one of my favourite aspects of the whole bathroom is the clever use of different patterned grey tiling on the main wall and side walls. How very creative!

Contemporary bathroom
Source: Desire To Inspire

This is perfect in a modern house that wants to bring in a little art deco with the curved mirrors and wall sconces.

5. Hamptons opulence

If there’s one place in the world that I’m dreaming of visiting, it’s the Hamptons. And this beautiful Hampton’s bathroom is really giving me major wanderlust! I love how opulent and lavish this symmetrical bathroom is with white cabinetry, grey walls and marble floors which bring the main focus of the bathroom to the dark grey freestanding bathtub.

This is a place that I’d happily spend an afternoon or two relaxing with a good book and a candle burning.

Hamptons bathroom
Source: Mitchell Wall

This look is timeless and works in almost any location around the world because it’s extremely versatile. You can go ultra-glam Hamptons or just pair it back. See all the different variations of Hamptons bathroom design to find the right fit for your home.

6. Shiny tiles

Shiny tiles are something we often see used in pools so using them in a bathroom really gives a wet look and the feeling of being underwater. The shiny grey tiles have been used as a feature in this bathroom and it’s just divine! I love the floating white vanity along with the little white lampshades that make this bathroom look seamless.

Grey bathroom
Source: Freshouz

7. Wonderful wallpaper

Another great way to bring some grey into a bathroom is by choosing a patterned wallpaper and then matching your other surfaces to your wallpaper. The classic pattern of this grey and white wallpaper looks great with the grey cabinetry, white countertop and silver metallic finishes. What a lovely place to brush your teeth and get ready in the morning.

Grey bathroom
Source: Home Depot

There are no limits with bathroom wallpaper, do one wall or wrap it all around. Use it to make a standout guest powder room or to add a little bit of extra something to your master bathroom suite. But no matter what application you go with, you shouldn’t do the actual installation yourself because there is glue and trying to line up designs. Instead, leave it up to a professional wallpaper installer to do the tricky stuff.

8. Big grey tub

My eyes are immediately drawn to the big grey tub which is the feature of this modern bathroom. The width and depth of this huge bathtub is one that you could put the kids and dog in as well as just stretching out and relaxing by yourself after a long day. The simplicity of the walls and floor, along with the slatted timber bath grate work beautifully with the grandeur of the bathtub.

Grey bathroom
Source: The Blue Space

9. Ring light mirror

Installing a ring light is a great way to bring some natural light into your vanity area, so you can easily do your makeup! A ring light works so well in this inner-city apartment as it injects light on a grey and dreary day. Speak to an electrician to make sure you get all the safety aspects right when you’re in the installation phase of fitting your mirror.

Source: Modern Mirrors

10. Grey stone tiles

This grey stone tiled finish is urban, modern and minimalistic. And the black details such as the taps, handles, sink, cabinetry and decor items give a dark and moody feel that enhances the overall contemporary feel. I love the element of the skylight that is bringing in oodles of natural light into the otherwise dark bathroom.

Grey bathroom
Source: Dot and Pop

11. A cosy space

The designer of this space has been able to utilise the small space fitting in the essentials. The bathtub and toilet are framed by the grey planked half wall which separates the two areas. And timber has been used to break up the whites and greys which works really well especially with the timber slab across the bathtub and floating shelf which is housing decor and a plant.

Cosy bathroom
Source: Madeleine Olivia

12. Moroccan tiles

Moroccan tiling is something that really makes my heart sing. This pattern is reminiscent of flower petals which brings a feminine touch however still has a hint of masculinity with the grey tones throughout. The silver handheld shower hose is as practical as it is stunning with the luxurious vintage style of the fixture. I think this could be my favourite favourite of the bunch.

Tiled bathroom
Source: Decor Pad

Talking to a professional bathroom tiler and someone who can look after regrouting if you need that too.

13. Simple greys

This bathroom is pretty simple, however, the use of grey has given it a classy finish. The same tone of grey has been used for the walls, floors and cabinetry whilst the mirror reflects more of those spectacular greys around the room. The white toilet and sink have brightened up the space and the greenery from the faux plant brings some life into the overall bathroom atmosphere.

Dark grey bathroom
Source: Decor Corners

14. Grey feature wall

The way this grey feature wall continues through to the flooring works really well. I love the cutout shelf in the wall which is the perfect home for a little plant. Get two jobs done at once by watering your plant while you’re in the shower! The large floor to ceiling window brings lots of natural light into the space which makes this shower area light, bright and airy.

Grey bathroom
Source: Inspire Uplift

15. Farmhouse comfort

This farmhouse bathroom is welcoming and calming with the warm grey tones and family-friendly practicality. I love the way the ‘wet look’ shiny tiles have been used in the shower room which visually separates the two areas. However, the same tiling has continued from the main bathroom area through to the shower recess which seemingly brings the two areas together.

Farmhouse bathroom
Source: Strawberry Fashion

16. Clean and bright

The design in this minimalistic space has maximised the narrow bathroom space. The slick grey walls and grainy grey countertop work in perfect harmony together. And the glass shower screen makes this bathroom seem bigger and more open, especially with the bright light coming from the skylight above the shower.

Light bathroom
Source: From Luxe With Love

17. Grey cabinetry

This homely space utilises grey successfully through the darker grey cabinetry, lighter grey walls and fuzzy grey bath mats which brings warmth and coziness into the bathroom.

Having a clock in the bathroom is also a great idea as you can keep an eye on the time as you get ready for the day or a special dinner date.

Light grey bathroom
Source: Centophobe

18. Apartment living

Usually, in an apartment, you have limited space to work with and this bathroom has definitely made the most of the tight space. By combining your shower and bathtub, this gives you both options without comprising any space. Although there doesn’t seem to be any storage in this bathroom, the floating sink area is sleek and stylish. Plus, the addition of the fiddle leaf fig in the corner brightens and freshens up the abundance of neutrals.

Small bathroom
Source: Homes To Love

19. Concrete jungle

In the words of Alicia Keys this bathroom is a “concrete jungle where dreams are made of”. Using concrete in a bathroom does sound a little odd but it all makes sense when gazing at this bathroom image. Even though the walls and floors have been finished with concrete, there is a tranquility about this concrete bathroom that almost feels like a tropical outdoor shower with the large shower head.

Grey bathroom
Source: Dot and Pop

20. Pearl grey limestone

The grey limestone used in this bathroom has the most beautiful pearlescent details coming through the natural characteristics of the stone. As the light is bouncing off the shiny surfaces, this brightens up the room beautifully especially with the contract of the black cabinetry and other dark details. This bathroom has many clever alcoves where all your essentials can be kept, making it an oh-so-practical space.

Dark grey
Source: Travertine Tiles

21. Homely master

This stunning master bathroom is all things cool, calm and collected. I love how subtle the light grey cabinetry is and how it’s paired perfectly with the grey veining in the white marbled tile. The rest of the master bathroom is mainly white which creates a calm and homely atmosphere and an overall colour palette that is timeless and will last the test of time.

Light grey hamptons bathroom
Source: At Home Byte

22. Herringbone details

Wow, I just love the grey herringbone details of this wall that add a little something extra to the bathroom area. The tiles that have been used have a slight texture running through them which also creates interest. Using silver metallic finishes along with a grey towel will tie your grey intention together, whilst using decor items like touches of wood and greenery will bring in a natural element.

Grey bathroom
Source: Sadecor

23. Marble coordination

Coordinating the tones of grey through the marble finishes with the other features of your bathroom help to tie everything together. The same tones from the marble have been represented in the cabinetry, silver finishes and striped shower curtain. And the pop of yellow in the floral arrangement really brings a happy feel to the greyscale colour palette.

Marble grey bathroom
Source: Kylie M Interiors

24. Patterned shower

The tiles used inside this shower are heavily patterned however it works well with the space as most of the other surfaces are block colours. The random and almost ‘out of place’ elements such as the blue towel, greenery and brown stool give this bathroom more of a family-friendly feel. As we all know in a real family bathroom, things don’t stay matching and uniform for very long.

Grey bathroom
Source: Decor Corners

25. Feminine touch

This elegant space incorporates a feminine touch with the use of the grey and white oversized floral wallpaper. Without bringing this touch of femininity in, the space would appear rather masculine with the bold choices in the grey cabinetry and large marbled tiling.

Marble bathroom
Source: Elwood Trades

26. Charcoal grey

Charcoal grey plays a huge part in the composition of this bathroom. The design choices in this space remind me of a locker room, gym or even a spa bathroom with the minimalistic and practical approach. I particularly love the choice of black towels which are rolled up and give a lovely luxe hotel vibe.

Dark grey bathroom
Source: Jansenterborg

27. Grey warmth

The use of grey in this bathroom has been warmed up with warm coloured LED lights and timber finishes. The built-in shelves are extremely useful as you everyone in the family can have a shelf each or you could even categorise your shelves by putting face products on one, and hair products on the other.

Dark grey bathroom
Source: Neon Signs

28. Small space

This small space has been made to appear larger with the addition of a large mirror which opens up the bathroom. The timber shelving fixtures are a great idea as you could use these for storage or displaying your favourite decor pieces. The open rectangular vanity also coincides with the shelving as it houses the towels.

Dark grey wooden bathroom
Source: Arch Zine

29. Light grey and airy

The light grey finishes in this bathroom give an airy and open space feel. Almost every element of this bathroom is a shade of grey which has been executed well. As always, I love the addition of the greenery which adds to the airiness of the space and brings a pop of colour into the room.

Light grey bathroom
Source: Victoria Plum

30. Tranquil greys

The design of this bathroom is so tranquil and divine with the use of various greys on the walls and floor. Plus, I love how the dark grey is contrasted against the timber finish where the bathtub and toilet are situated. The timber finish reminds me of a sauna, so this bathroom really creates a warm and relaxing space!

Soft greys
Source: Wojtyczka Interiors

31. A place by the window

What a fabulous airy bathroom with amazing natural light coming through the windows. A grey tinted shower glass with a plaited pattern gives privacy to the shower. And the diamond floor tiling feature works well with the shower screen pattern. Plus, the wallpaper on either side of the window brings the garden inside.

Light bathroom
Source: Raj Marble

32. Relaxation in simplicity

Clean, bold lines give this functional bathroom a tidy, no nonsense look. The recess in the wall gives a perfect spot to shelve bathroom products. The larger wall tiles are easy to keep clean. And the darker grey tone means the tiles will look as good as new for years to come.

Dark grey bathroom
Source: Next Luxury

33. Grey floors and walls

My eyes are immediately drawn to the floating wooden and white vanity, highlighted by a modern hanging bulb light. Clever lighting under the cabinet lightens up the dark grey tiles that merge from floor to walls and the clear shower screen makes the shower area blend seamlessly into the rest of the bathroom.

Matte black bathroom

34. Grey with greenery

Hardy succulents and hanging vines really make a bathroom come alive. They love the moisture and steaminess and bathroom plants seem to thrive in this environment. The wall shelves provide extra space to add plants and other pieces of decor to this small basic bathroom.

Grey bathroom
Source: Inside No. 40

35. On trend details

This Bali inspired bathroom has teemed the grey tile with wood and cane. The ladder towel rail saves drilling into the wall and can be moved outside to dry towels in the sun. The mirror is an amazing addition and doubles as an art piece as well as a functional mirror.

The large grey tiles on the wall and the side of the bath are so much easier to keep clean than smaller tiles that require more grouting.

Boho bathroom
Source: Interieur Huisjekant

36. Urban greys

This sleek bathroom features lots of clean, strong lines and soft greys that almost seem white. The shower screen disappears into the background and it is in a clever position in front of the bath. And the mirrored cupboard doors have a dual purpose. The only downside is that fingermarks can be annoying over time – so keep it sparkling clean!

Light grey bathroom
Source: The Local Project

37. Grey tones

The grey tones in this marble benchtop and the tiled mirrored wall provide a perfect privacy partition for the bath area behind. This vanity shows you can fit two basins into a small area. Plus, I just love the contrast of the brass taps.

Grey bathroom
Source: Ashley Deboer Designs

38. Silver finishes

Silver and grey pair perfectly together to create this very stylish and functional bathroom. Using shelves to display minimal knickknacks bring a personal touch to this bathroom. And the lights over the silver-framed mirrors give clear vision for gazing at yourself.

Grey bathroom
Source: Addeda Appeal

39. Subtle grey

With the grey so subtle, this bathroom looks almost white… But don’t be fooled – the grey flooring and window frames give the design a lovely definition. While the room is narrow, the design uses clever sleek fittings to make it look larger than it really is. Plus, the freestanding basin is quirky and cute!

Grey bathroom
Source: Sylvieat Home

40. Speckled walls

The speckled wall behind the lovely round mirror gives a subtle softness against the stark black of the benchtop and white of the basin. The white vase and flowers and white fluffy towel add a beautiful homely touch. Plus, the countertop square basin really stands out under the round mirror.

Grey bathroom
Source: Home By Martyna

Whether you’re looking to bring some calm into your bathroom, trend up your space or go for a full bathroom renovation, grey is the colour to use! My favourites are the different tiling options like the fish scale, herringbone and Moroccan styles. What are your favourite ways to incorporate grey? Let me know below!

And if you’re a bit of a grey fan in home design, take a look at these grey living room ideas and grey kitchen ideas.


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