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50+ Master bathroom ideas

By Elise Hodge

Updated: May 4th, 2020

Create the peaceful oasis of your dreams!

Your master bathroom is so much more than a practical space – it’s an oasis to get ready in as the sun comes up and unwind in as the sun goes down. So when it comes to designing this room, it’s important to make sure it fits your lifestyle. Are you someone who enjoys a relaxing bath? Or would you rather have a large open shower? And what about your vanity – do you want a single or double sink?

With so many details to consider, I’ve put in the hard yards for you and dug up 50 of the very best master bathroom ideas. You’ll be inspired to start your bathroom project right away!

1. Brass hardware

For many the master bathroom is the statement piece of the house. What better way to make a statement than the addition of some heavy brass finishes? These are great for maintaining that high-end aesthetic that makes the master bathroom just so grand.

Modern master bathroom
Source: 9 Now

2. Warm touches

While it may be grand, no master bathroom is complete without some warm touches. It is often easy to lose yourself in the cold, metallic style of the modern bathroom. This bathroom perfectly balances these two styles using simple items (towels, vanity, etc.) to bring back the warmth into the home.

Natural bathroom
Source: The Interiors Addict

3. Black and white master bathroom

Does anything really beat black and white? This colour pallet is simple yet serious. However you play it, you can’t go wrong with this classic take on the master bathroom. This classic combo is so popular, that I’ve actually put all my black and white bathroom favourites in the one spot.

Black and white bathroom
Source: The Interiors Addict

4. Strategic lighting

While often forgotten, lighting really can make or break a bathroom. What I love about this bathroom is the sheer balance between practically viable yet design heavy lights. The downlighting not only acts as the main source of light for the room but makes exemplary use of shadowing to highlight and centralise the room’s statement piece – the vanity.

Warm bathroom

There are different kinds of lighting that you should make sure you have installed. See these illuminating bathroom lighting ideas that will work in your home.

5. Understand your mirrors

Mirrors are a major part of the master bathroom. When implementing a mirror it’s important to understand a variety of factors that may affect your space. The most important of these lies in the positioning and visual lining.

What I love about this mirror, in particular, is the way it spreads the entirety of the wall. This creates an atmosphere of grandeur and feels less clunky than most alternatives due to its reflective, open nature.

Grey vanity
Source: Juniper Home

6. Bathtub master bathroom

Who doesn’t love a good bathtub? It’s a place of rest, peace and ultimate privacy. Wall to wall bathtubs, such as the one shown below, are a great option for those looking to maximise their space.

Blue tiling
Source: Three Birds Renovations

There are so many different types of baths that you should think about fitting into your bathroom and you can see through these different bathroom ideas what options you can have in your home.

7. Nature’s touch

Whether it’s a glass doorway or just some simple plants, nature is a great way to bring life into your home. With its vibrant colours, a natural touch can go miles for any master bathroom, especially those suffering from a colder, clinical atmosphere.

Pink and white bathroom
Source: Three Birds Renovations

8. French tassel

This is a great way to personalise your master bathroom. The beauty here lies in the subtlety. The simplicity of these gorgeous french tassels remains a great option for those looking to add their unique personal touch. Contrast these with a brass overhead curtain and your bathroom is sure to turn heads.

Pink trimmed curtain
Source: At Home With Ashley

9. Simplistic tiling

Sometimes you just need a simple backdrop. That’s exactly what this is about with this bathroom tiling in natural simplistic colours. Keep it clean with a basic white or black colour scheme and allow your statement pieces to flourish.

Timber vanity
Source: The Interiors Addict

10. Geometric tiles

For those looking for a more modern, sleek design it’s time to leave those traditional square tiles behind you. The geometric design is an amazing alternative, giving your bathroom that sleek modern look without compromising the integrity of your statement pieces.

Geometric tiles in bathroom
Source: Katrina Lee Chambers

11. Colour coordination

It’s important to colour your bathrooms strategically. What I love about this one is the sheer detailing in colour consistency. When looking into master bathroom decor remember to always interweave your colours throughout the room (even in the smallest of items).

Pink bathroom
Source: Norsu

12. Beige and white tiles

Take inspiration from the designs of Morocco with lovely patterned beige and white tiles. These beauties blend in perfectly with this simple white, green and natural bathroom. I love the addition of the hanging green vine – it makes these space feel fresh and clean! Plants like this are a great choice if your bathroom doesn’t have windows – it’s one way to bring the outdoors in.

Master bathroom
Source: PRD Wagga

13. Rectangular wall tiles

Make a statement with a wraparound vertical subway. You don’t often see subway tiles patterned in this direction – they’re usually horizontal. But I like how the vertical nature of the tiles makes this bathroom really stand out and the addition of the hanging brass pendant lights makes it all the more intriguing!

Small bathroom
Source: Collective Gen

These are just a quick snapshot of some of the tiling options that you can have. If you want to explore some more, check out these 50 bathroom tile ideas.

14. Basket light shades

Yes, I’m being serious – these woven light shades are made out of baskets! Let me explain… A hole has been cut in the bottom of each basket and they’ve been turned upside down and fitted on to the lights. This creates a very cool natural look that makes this bathroom feel very Boho.

Vintage vanity
Source: Collective Gen

15. Perfect symmetry

Streamline your bathroom design by positioning all of your pieces of furniture and decor in perfect symmetry. This master bathroom is a beautiful example of this. It has a huge timber vanity, a double sink fitted with sleek silver tapware, two brass-rimmed rectangular mirrors, double-wall lights above the mirrors and a clean black-framed rectangular window in the middle!

Wooden vanity
Source: Lindsay Hill Interiors

To get a double vanity like this, you’ll need to find a great bathroom cabinet maker that can help customise it for your room.

16. Take it to the dark side

I’m a sucker for all light, white bathrooms and spaces. And I’m obsessed with how well gold hardware works with a white colour scheme. But I’ve got to admit, it’s totally OK to break things up with a bit of black from time to time. And this black timber vanity is a standout! It really is the statement piece in this master bathroom, adding depth and contrast to the shades of white and grey. Plus, the gold hardware looks great on it.

Black brass bathroom
Source: House Updated

17. Bright master bathroom

Create a fancy feature wall with some bold tiles, like these shiny green ones. This is one sure-fire way to inject a lot of fun into your master bathroom. And while you’re at it, why not lay pretty pink-and-clay-coloured ceramic tiles on the floor? The ones in this design look oh so fancy!

Master bathroom
Source: Studio DIY

18. Geometric flooring

While I know that bold colours and patterns may not be for everyone, you can add some detailing to your bathroom without loud shades. In fact, this master bathroom design is proof that shapes sometimes speak louder than colours. I love the tiny glossy white triangular tiles that cover this bathroom floor. And the grey grout makes them all stand out!

Modern vintage bathroom
Source: The House of Silver Lining

19. Gold, silver and black

Most people usually choose either gold or silver and team it up with black or white. But this design has spared no details, combining gold, silver and black for a fancy mirror frame. I think this works really well here because the pattern doesn’t take over the entire room. Instead, it’s confined to one part of the space and used for one piece of decor.

Tiled mirror
Source: Hi Sugar Plum

20. Black hexagonal floor tiles

Lay the foundation of your master bathroom with smooth black hexagonal tiles like these. I love how this space uses three distinct layers of colour. First, there’s the black base and then there’s the white painted walls and tiles in the shower. Lastly, there’s the all-encompassing light timber ceiling to top it off!

Black flooring
Source: Becki Owens

21. Multi-purpose space

While your master bathroom has got to have the usual vanity, shower, bench space and maybe even a tub, there are some other elements you can add. And for the lady who likes to take her time getting ready in the morning, there’s nothing more helpful than a makeup vanity.

You can create something like this by separating your vanity into two parts – one with storage space and the other with an open area for a stool. And how cute is this little fluffy pouf stool?

Modern mid century bathroom
Source: Sarah Sherman Samuel

22. Warm timber tones

Make your master bathroom feel tranquil and calm by using natural materials. My favourite material of choice is timber – you simply can’t go wrong with it. Use warm timber tones for your vanity and shelving around your mirror. And to top it off, you can weave in touches of soft pink, clay and gold.

Timber bathroom
Source: Almost Makes Perfect

23. Clean lines

Keep things simple in your master bathroom with clean lines and complementary decor pieces. Take this timber vanity, for example. It’s large, bold and strong frame sets the stage for the rest of the space which incorporates a beautiful rectangular mirror with rounded edges.

Navy blue vanity
Source: Chris Loves Julia

24. Large soaking tub

There’s nothing better than a warm soak in the tub, especially after a long day at work. I mean, can you imagine coming home to this bathroom? Ahh, what a dream. Well, imagine no more… If you’ve got the space, install a glorious large bathtub fit with gold or silver hardware and getting ready to relax!

Large bathroom
Source: Style by Emily Henderson

25. Repurposed timber

Why buy an expensive brand new piece of furniture when you can purchase it secondhand and make it even better? And this classic vanity is the perfect example of this in action. It’s probably an old piece of furniture that no one wanted anymore. But with a little bit of love and a lot of sanding down, it’s been transformed into a beautiful new piece. You know what they say – one man’s trash is another man’s treasure! Time to start scouring the vintage furniture store!

Timber vanity
Source: Sincerely Marie Designs

26. Modern farmhouse style

If you want to change up your existing master bathroom style but don’t have the budget for a complete overhaul, the good news is that you can still do it. This modern design has been completely transformed into a country-style space with the addition of an oval-shaped woven basket and vase full of greenery. This proves that sometimes the smallest pieces of decor can make the biggest difference!

Farmhouse bathroom
Source: 111 Light Lane

27. Make it pink

Transform your bathroom to a feminine space by using shades of pink. I particularly love the detailing that’s been created by the thin dark pink tiles above the square-cut light pink tiles.

Pink vanity
Source: Love Bergs At Home

28. Scalloped blue tiles

Mid-century designs are all the rage right now, and this one is pretty unique. It’s not every day you see scalloped blue tiles combined with gorgeous brass fittings. But it makes this little shower and bath space look great!

Blue tiled bathroom
Source: Style by Emily Henderson

29. Interesting shapes

While choosing a mirror for your master bathroom may seem like a pretty straightforward procedure, there are actually a lot of options out there! Why not go for something out of the box, like these curvy timber-framed mirrors – they’re a whole heap of fun!

Art deco bathroom
Source: Blesser House

30. A room with a view

Natural light is key when it comes to creating a relaxing light master bathroom. So if you’ve got the room to build a large window to outside, do it! I love this timber-framed rectangular window – it lets so much light in!

Master bathroom
Source: Sunny Circle Studio

31. Design it around your lifestyle

Here’s another lovely soaking tub! Like I said before, if having a bath is on your list of favourite things, then make it a priority when it comes to your master bathroom. And the addition of a timber tray will prove a handy spot to place a cup of tea and a book of your choice!

Master bathroom
Source: Babies Besties and Bubbly

32. Black and white

Ah, give me a classic black and white bathroom any day! This colour scheme always looks good, especially with a fun feature wall like this sleek black tiled shower wall with white grout. And how cute are the shower niches? They are indented in the wall and framed with black edging!

Black and white bathroom
Source: Grey Hunt Interiors

33. Green vanity

On the other hand, if you prefer to keep things bright and natural, then green is a great choice. And this shade of turquoise green is a beautiful option for this vanity. But you can integrate green without having to change up your furniture. Simply fill a couple of pots with lush greenery and you’re done – voila!

Green white bathroom
Source: Rachel Interiors

34. Double vanity master bathroom

If you share your master bathroom with a significant other, then you know the frustrations of fighting over the sink in the morning… or is it just me? Leave all arguments with your old bathroom when you upgrade to a practical double vanity.

Bathroom vanity
Source: brownstoneboys

35. Storage space

We’ve all felt the frustrations of not having enough space to store our freshly washed towels and linen. But worry no more with this large vanity. It’s not only a beautiful piece of furniture but it’s super practical. It includes plenty of closed-off storage space plus an open shelf below for holding plenty of towels.

Timber bathroom
Source: foxhomesmn

If storage isn’t something you’ve thought too much about yet, allow these bathroom storage ideas to change your mind.

36. Glam touches

Make your master bathroom extra comfortable by adding a luxe bench seat. I bet you probably haven’t thought of this detail before, but it might make a huge difference to your space! It’s an especially great choice if you have any awkward open space underneath your windows or next to your shelving.

Master bathroom
Source: meetthejohnsonfamily

37. Fancy feature lighting

Take the mood to the next level by installing a statement lighting piece. This boho-modern light hangs in perfect symmetry above the lush soaking tub. And it ties in perfectly with the black-framed window.  Here are some more feature bathroom lighting ideas if this is something you want to add to your master bathroom.

Large bathroom
Source: jaimeeroseinteriors

38. Handy storage

If you have a small master bathroom, then it’s really important to think about how you’re going to store everything. Get smart with your storage by adding hooks to the walls for towels, installing floating shelves above the toilet and adding railings to the side of the wall.

Small bathroom
Source: Alo Profile

39. Personal touches

Make your master bathroom truly yours by hanging special family prints, photos and art pieces. Take this design, for example, it includes framed watercolour cactus and pineapple prints plus a vintage piece from travels afar.

Boho bathroom
Source: Jessica Brigham

40. Natural touches

When it comes to styling, I think the more natural elements you can add the better. You can use hanging pots filled with greenery, small vases filled with vines and big ceramic jugs teaming with luscious flowers – how peaceful!

Master bathroom
Source: Kristin Dion Design

41. Feature panelling

Add interest to your space by installing panelling across the bottom half of your walls. I love this pink colour – it’s soft and feminine – but the white breaks it up!

Small bathroom
Source: Yellow Brick Home

42. Gold and blue

There’s something about this colour combination that feels elegant yet relaxed. The blue sets the foundation of tranquillity while the gold hardware fancies things up a little.

Grey bathroom
Source: Citrine Living

43. Classic moulding

Take a leaf out of the book of the bathrooms of yesteryear and craft unique moulding into your cabinets. This is something that’s often seen in kitchens but there’s no reason why this style can’t make its way into your master bathroom!

Beige bathroom
Source: Collins Interiors

44. Red tiled shower

Thinking of integrating a bold colour choice in your master bathroom? Why not go deep red? Look, I understand that it’s not always the favoured colour of choice… green, blue and neutral tones are usually the most popular options. But dark red will definitely stand out and make your bathroom different from the rest!

Master bathroom
Source: The Effortless Chic

45. Square tiles

While subway tiles have been taking over the design world as the minimalist tile of choice, there are some other options that you should consider. And these simple square tiles should be at the top of your list. They are so easy to style, and they look fantastic with grey grout! Plus, how cool are the indented niches? They’re a practical storage solution for hand towels, soap and other items.

Master bathroom
Source: The Design Files

46. Extra-large vanity

If you have a huge master bathroom space, why not go all out? The more room the better, right? This vanity spares no space, covering the entire expanse of this wall. And can we talk about the black tiles for a sec? They make a beautiful bold feature wall!

Double vanity
Source: Scout Design Studio

47. Simple down lighting

Don’t forget to think about your lighting! It will make a huge difference to your master bathroom. Of course, there are the usual installed ceiling lights. But then there are lights like these simple white and black ones. The nature of the downlight allows the light to bounce around the room, creating a soft glowing atmosphere.

Small bathroom
Source: Yellow Brick Home

48. Exposed pipes

Take a look at the sink in this master bathroom – it’s pretty cool, isn’t it? I love that it’s so simple yet utterly unique. And the real stand out here is the exposed pipe underneath. It’s these small touches that make a space truly special.

Black and white bathroom
Source: Luxe Design Build

49. Decorative wallpaper

You may cringe at the idea of lining your walls with wallpaper. Yes, it can be old and drab. But it can also be modern and fresh. Take this blue watercolour inspired wallpaper, for example. It feels light, fresh and airy. This bathroom wallpaper would be the perfect choice for a seaside home.

Small bathroom
Source: Airows

50. Classic approach

There’s something about this traditional bathroom that really draws me to it! To me, this bathroom feels special. It honours the art of tradition and the styles of yesteryear. I love the mix of vintage pieces in all shapes, colours and sizes. And the warm white and cream palette provides the perfect base for the architectural pieces to really shine!

Master bathroom
Source: Coco Kelley

And so there you have it, the ultimate collection of master bathroom ideas with everything from contemporary 21st-century spaces to old school classic designs. We’ve examined a lot of different tiles – from hexagonal floor tiles to vertical subway wall tiles. And we’ve looked at more mirrors, vanities and fancy lighting fixtures than I can count.

I hope that this has given you all the inspiration you need to create your very own master bathroom. Remember, a master bathroom isn’t just a purely functional space. It’s a room that should make you feel relaxed, and one that you should love to be in! So, as you design, make smart practical choices but don’t be afraid to have a lot of fun with it too. Play with colours, patterns and textures for a bathroom that truly represents your personality.

And before you go, I’d love to hear from you. Which master bathroom idea did you like the best? And which design concept are you going to implement in your home? If you think I’ve missed something and you’ve got some other bright ideas, comment and share them too!


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