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35+ Greatest grey living room ideas – paint colours, carpet and furniture designs

By Elise Hodge

Updated: January 4th, 2024

From sofas and ottomans to wall tapestries and throws...

Are you thinking about updating your living room? It can be tricky to navigate the array of options – from light and bright to multi-coloured, to dark and moody. But have you considered a grey living room? It makes it a really easy space to continuously re-style and update with new trends and seasons.

Grey is a versatile choice, providing a blank canvas to paint on. It’s safe but stylish, and there are so many colours you can combine with it. Try pairing grey with exposed brick, or adding it to brown, white or yellow, or even layering shades of grey to add depth and dimension.

1. Incorporate shades of grey

With so many shades of grey, you certainly don’t have to stick to just one and in fact, by using a few different shades it will add dimension and layers to it. Use a different shade for a couch, coffee table, light fittings and of course, paint colour. You can then bring it all together with some monochrome picture frames and other styling items.

Source: Photo by Becca Tapert on Unsplash

2. Create a gallery wall

One way to inject life into a grey living room is to create a personalised gallery wall. Pro tip: arrange your gallery wall on the floor (like a puzzle) until you’re satisfied. Next, start hanging pictures one by one, starting on the right side and slowly moving to the left side.

3. Paint a textured grey feature wall

Make a statement in your living room by incorporating a large feature wall using textured paint. Also, you could use grey flooring to create a streamlined look from floor to walls.

As for the furniture, choose pieces that will stand out against the grey. For example, incorporate timber furniture with a neutral rug, as well as black lamp shades for the hanging lights.

Source: Photo by avery klein on Unsplash

4. Include a simple grey couch

A simple grey couch is a living room staple. And the great thing is that it will suit almost any space or style. You can make it more Boho with a vintage rug, or Scandinavian with simple timber furniture and white – the choice is yours!

grey living room couch
Source: Kirill via Unsplash

5. Add a colourful couch or cushions

Multi-coloured pillows bring so much life to a simple grey couch. Likewise a grey-toned living room can be made striking with a bold, colourful couch. I love the patterned grey wallpaper here.

Source: Photo by Max Vakhtbovych from Pexels

6. Hang a feature print

A colourful piece of art can transform your grey living room into a joy-filled space. An intricate print, for example, adds a splash of colour but doesn’t complicate the overall mood of the living room. Overall, it creates the perfect space for you and your friends to enjoy while sipping a cuppa.

7. Go industrial

If you have an exposed concrete wall, don’t be afraid to embrace it! In fact, it can actually add a whole lot of character to your grey living room. When it comes to furniture, choose a simple light grey couch, and add timber accents. And remember to keep your furniture soft and comfortable to add a touch of warmth to what could otherwise be a cool room.

Source: Photo by Charles Deluvio on Unsplash

8. Grey and white

If you’re the kind of person who spends a lot of time in your living room, then you’re going to love this design. Although it includes a lot of white and silver tones, you can incorporate grey with a textured rug and throw. Imagine cool winter evenings by the fireplace with a hot chocolate in hand, cosied up under a fluffy grey blanket.

Source: Photo by Adam Winger on Unsplash

9. Use grey panelling

A grey TV cabinet can be the real hero of your living room. A detailed design, like diagonal timber slats, adds detail to the room, in keeping with the geometric design of your cabinet. A grey armchair would also fit right in next to a grey wall. And metallic touches can bring brightness to the room.

10. Add neutrals and grey

A grey couch serves a perfect base for your living room, allowing you to be more creative with the rest of the room. As for the pillows, go with as little or as much colour as you like. You might like a simple design which  incorporates simple rectangular cushions in natural beige, adding both contrast and texture.

11. Create a cosy corner

If you have a small living room, try a corner couch to create a sense of intimacy whilst enhancing the limited space in your room. While bright colours might be too overpowering, the grey and white combination makes for a tranquil environment.

12. Make it moody

After grey living room ideas for grownups? Imagine sitting back and relaxing with a glass of red in hand while catching up on your latest read. Recreate the look by painting your walls light grey and adding in dark furniture on a patterned rug. It’s important to strike the perfect balance of light and dark to create a sophisticated space that you’ll love to lounge in.

13. Mix the old with the new

If you like something a little bit different, merge the new and the old to create a modern Art Deco feel to your living room. Use grey as a base and add your favourite colours in the form of paintings and cushions. Also, add colourful pendant lights or copper touches that will reflect the sun around the room.

Source: Photo by Deborah Diem on Unsplash

14. Add a grey throw

If you have a mostly cream or white living room, it’s important to add another dimension. It can be as simple as in the form of a cosy soft grey blanket thrown across the couch.

15. Include a dark grey couch

On the other hand, if you prefer dark finishings, you may like a deep grey couch. Intertwine shades of grey into a print on the wall and the pillows on the sofa.

16. Basket of blankets

Baskets are a simple addition to any living room. A grey and neutral basket will add both practicality and detail. And if you want to take your grey colour scheme to the next level, include blankets with grey spots.

17. Embrace Hamptons style

For an elegant grey living room, choose furniture has a coastal feel. This can be done with lots of grey and hints of white, like a white bookcase. Don’t be afraid to go all out, and paint the walls grey. Add dried flowers on top of the mantelpiece to add height and detail.

18. Layer different grey tones

Using only one shade of grey can make your living room feel dull and flat. So it’s important to create layers with different shades on top of one another. Start with a base grey that you really love, and then add in furniture and accessories in lighter or darker shades.

Source: Photo by Trend on Unsplash

19. Add a grey bookcase

This is one piece of furniture that you don’t want to miss. A bookcase is a handy place for not only holding books but also holding personal items and decor. Give it a chic refresh with a coat of grey paint.

20. Offset grey paint with gold touches

You simply can’t go wrong with the colour combination of grey and gold. Consider a grey feature wall on one side of a fireplace. Then brighten it up with a contrasting white wall and gold and blush touches.

21. Mix different styles

For a chic grey living room, go for a mix of industrial and contemporary Scandinavian style. Panelling on the walls can add a traditional twist to an otherwise modern space. Then you can add a black steel lamp and light timber sofa.

22. Stripped back minimalism

If you like to keep things simple, this might just be the space for you. Create a minimalist light coloured room with grey furniture and pops of greenery for colour.

minimalist grey living room
Source: Sidekix Media via Unsplash

23. Combine deep green and grey

This is a match made in colour heaven. Green is the perfect colour to complement a grey room, especially a deep natural green. Just add green in the form of small potted plants on your side and coffee tables to break up what would otherwise be a monochromatic space. You can also incorporate deep green in the form of vases and greenery on your mantelpiece.

Source: Photo by Sigmund on Unsplash

24. Huge display

If you have a large living room, don’t let any corner go to waste! Maximise your space by including a large cabinet with many shelves and drawers. You can use this to display books and highlight your favourite family photos and trinkets. The best thing about a living room cabinet is that it’s so versatile. And in grey, it provides the perfect backdrop for all of your colourful items.

25. Include a speckled couch in your grey living room

If you live in a traditional Queenslander-style home, transform it into a cosy character-filled space with moulding on the walls. And if you’re looking for a couch that’s a little bit different, then you should consider a speckled grey three-seater option.

26. Use grey carpet

If you want to add comfort to your room, add grey carpet. And the best thing about it is that it will hide any unwanted stains or marks. It’s a perfect choice if you’ve got young children.

27. Create magic with grey and pastels

The use of pastels softens a grey space and adds warmth to it. Something simple like grey and checkered pillows combined with palm tree and ocean prints gives a coastal touch and ties together the room visually.

28. Build your colour scheme with a grey rug

When you’re not sure how to start designing a living room, look down. The floor is often the best place to begin when you’re building a colour scheme. And if you want to incorporate grey, this is a good place to get started. Pick a larger grey rug as a centrepiece or layer your rugs on top of each other for a more laid back, casual approach.

Source: Photo by Sven Brandsma on Unsplash

29. Add a daybed

If you’ve got some time in your day to lay back and relax, then you simply must have a day bed. This is a practical addition to your home that you can use for reading a book or as a spare bed for any extra guests.

30. Hang a tapestry

Don’t leave a blank white wall bare, cover it up with a striking piece of art. For example, a palm-print tapestry. It adds a lighter dimension to a room, especially if it’s otherwise dark with a deep grey couch and flooring.

31. Create a light, coastal space

Create a light and bright living room to be your very own peaceful oasis where you can hide away from the world. Let the sunshine filter through the space with multiple wide and tall windows. And keep the colour scheme natural to allow the light to bounce around the room. When it comes to adding that splash of grey, a light grey couch is the perfect choice.

Source: Photo by Minh Pham on Unsplash

32. Make your grey living room warm and cosy

Add lots of dark grey to add depth to your living room. Combined with a fireplace, this makes for a cosy space that the whole family will love! Just imagine hosting movie nights in this room – your friends won’t want to leave.

Source: Photo by Gabriele Rampazzo on Unsplash

33. Incorporate grey and brown

If you’re lucky enough to have industrial elements to your home, leave them in!  For example, exposed brown beams add a whole lot of character to a room. And grey and brown is a timeless colour combination that won’t date. You can also add touches of yellow and mustard for colour.

34. Make it modern beach style

Embrace the coastal style with a white, bright living room. This is perfect for you if you live near the beach or simply want to create a coastal vibe. Fill the space with a large couch that the whole family can fit on. Also, you can incorporate a square coffee table big enough to fit a tray and drinks for entertaining.

35. Create a contemporary grey living room with a view

Does your living room have a breathtaking view? Don’t leave it covered, make the most of it. You can put up sheer grey curtains to shade the sun at peak times while allowing you to still see the ocean at other times.

I hope these 35 ideas have given you the inspiration you need to get started on your very own grey living room makeover. But the question remains – what design are you going to choose? I’d love to hear from you. Comment and tell me which design styles you’re going to use.


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