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35+ Living room lighting ideas – ceiling light ideas, wall light ideas

By Elise Hodge

Updated: May 4th, 2020

Just changing a light can change the ambience of a whole room, here's why...

Lights are the unsung heroes of any living room. They add warmth, atmosphere, style, colour, and a whole lot of character. And there are just so many designs to choose from and it can be overwhelming with where to start. That’s why I put together this list of my absolute favourite living room lighting ideas.

When looking for lights you’ll want to choose lights that fit in with your current living room design. So it’s important to have a think about exactly what that is before you start buying every beautiful light off the shelf. If you want to create a sophisticated living room, then you might want to go with a simple white design. If you want to create a dark, moody space, then an industrial wrought iron might be for you. Or if you want to create a living room that screams fun, then you might want to choose something bold and colourful.

But what about style? If you’re renting, maybe you can only by a floor lamp or change a covering. Or if you have an electrician, perhaps you can put in a pendant light, several downlights or even gallery tracking lights to show off your artwork.

To help you pick the right option for you, I’ve compiled a list of over 35 living room lighting ideas, including ceiling lights, wall lamps, and so much more. So there’s something in here to suit every style and taste. Are you ready? Let’s dive on in!

1. Elaborate chandelier

If you want to make a statement with your lighting choice, then you can’t go past this. How incredible is this huge, glass chandelier? I love the contrast between the transparent glass and the wrought iron that holds the lights. It feels very modern yet a little bid mid century.

Source: Jacquelyn Clark

2. Sophisticated lamp

Lamps are a great way to add extra ambience to your living room. Take this one, for example. It’s a very chic style that matches with the creamy colours of the rest of the living room. It’s elegant and beautiful without stealing the show!

Source: Jacquelyn Clark

3. Combine different styles of lamps

Who says you have to stick to one style of lamp? Get creative by combining different types of lamps, like in this living room. The thin, dark iron-coloured standing lamp on the right adds shape and interest to the room, while the white-shaded lamp on the left brings both dark and light colours together.

Standing lamp
Source: Jacquelyn Clark

4. Simplistic round light

This is a beautiful option for a light, airy space and would look fabulous in a beach house. If you have a neutral colour scheme, then you should seriously consider installing one of these white round lights in your living room. It adds a whole lot of interest but also looks consistent with the colours.

Round light
Source: Jacquelyn Clark

5. Brass pendant

How cute is this hanging pendant light? Brass has been a huge trend over the last few years. While some may say it’s had its day, I think it’s timeless. Brass adds an industrial-chic style to any space, bringing it into the 21st century.

Brass pendant
Source: Style by Emily Henderson

6. Pendant light

Looking for something that’s a bit out of the ordinary? Well, this pendant light might just be the choice for you. While it does look a little like a spaceship, it adds a beautiful pearly white shine to this living room design.

Pendant light
Source: Style by Emily Henderson

7. Contemporary lamp

Take a look at the lamp on the black coffee table in this living room. The shape is quite unusual, but it’s that detail that makes it all the more intriguing. While this room has plenty of decor, the lamp is still a feature piece that adds a whole lot of character to this space.

Source: Style by Emily Henderson

8. Brass and white wall sconce

Wall lighting is seriously underrated – it can add warmth and atmosphere to a room. This double-ended white and brass light is a beautiful design feature of this room that ties in perfectly with the glass and brass lamp on the little black side table and the brass detailing on the coffee table.

Lamp on wall
Source: Style by Emily Henderson

9. Black modern wall sconce

This is a quirky choice that looks pretty fabulous next to the frames and wall prints. The black is a great choice to ever so slightly offset the overall whiteness of the room. And the great thing about this style is that the black wall light adds a touch of masculinity to an otherwise neutral room.

Black light on wall
Source: Style by Emily Henderson

10. Silver and glass wall lamp

If you’re sick of brass and black but still want to steer clear of the same old white, then why not consider silver? This silver and glass light stands out against this dark blue wall and ties in perfectly with the grey curtain to the left.

Light on wall
Source: Style by Emily Henderson

11. Rattan pendant light

Rattan be it natural, white or black is a lovely modern light material that can be used in a wonderful oversized way and make a large impact. It’s really great value for money if you want a quick makeover for your living room.

Source: samanthawaters

12. A combination of styles

This living room includes all sorts of lighting styles – from a brass lamp on the side table to a floor lamp with a white cover, to a little lamp on the blue table to the gorgeous double lamps on the far walls. This proves that you don’t have to stick to one style or type of lamp to give your living room the lighting it needs. Have fun by playing around with different colours, textures and styles. Your living room might just end up looking as fabulous as this one!

Source: Style by Emily Henderson

13. Small modern lights on the wall

This choice is for the modern living room lover. Simple industrial-style black lights can do a whole lot of good for your living room without being overbearing. I love how these two lights have been carefully framed up above the in-built shelving. They also tie in well with the black detailing of the windows and balcony.

Lights on wall
Source: Style by Emily Henderson

14. White and gold wall sconce

This is another elegant choice that will look great teamed up with other gold elements. This gorgeous wall lamp looks perfect positioned directly above a gold bar cart. If you’re going for this style, consider adding some fun prints or photographs in a similar colour scheme between the wall light and the bar cart. You can also fill your cart with books, family heirlooms or your favourite bottles of wine.

Wall light
Source: Style by Emily Henderson

15. Black shell chandelier

It’s not often that you would opt for a black chandelier but when it’s made out of shells or beads, it encompasses relaxed formal very well.

Source: thehouseofsilverlining

16. Dramatic floor lamp

On the other hand, you could go all out and make a bold statement with a large floor lamp. This one is particularly effective because it stretches up over the sitting chair. Imagine yourself in this space, sitting back and reading a good book with a cup of tea – wouldn’t that be nice?

Dramatic floor lamp
Source: One Kings Lane

17. Twisted rope

Now you don’t see this kind of light every day. If you want something out of the box, this rope-style light might be the choice for you. It would be the perfect option for a cosy cabin or snow retreat.

Light in living room
Source: Lesley Unruh

18. Dainty ceiling light

If you want to add a feminine touch to your living room or spruce up your already pretty pink space, why not choose a ceiling light like this one? It looks a little bit like a butterfly or flower, and the rose gold colour looks lovely with the cream-coloured furniture and soft pink walls.

Living room
Source: Lesley Unruh

19. Leather and iron

This ceiling light is the perfect choice for a masculine living room. If you’ve already got dark walls and furniture, then why not add a candle-themed ceiling light with touches of leather and iron. Integrate these design elements throughout the room by using touches of leather and dark metal.

Living room
Source: Lesley Unruh

20. Brass table lamp

This mid-century lamp looks great sitting on a marble-white cabinet and against a dark wall. This proves that it’s important to think about the colours when you choose your lighting. Think about how the colour of the shade and body of the lamp will match with your existing decor and paint.

Brass lamp
Source: Lesley Unruh

21. Cream ceiling light

Now you don’t see this colour used very often in lighting. But this cream ceiling light adds the perfect touch to this eclectic living room. This just shows that you don’t have to choose the same old black or white lighting, but that you can go outside the lines!

Light in living room
Source: Bil Huber

22. Gold spilling chandelier

The unique shape of this chandelier is what makes it stand out from the rest. It looks like it’s spilling over and out of the centre. The gold and glass shine beautifully together and look great with the rest of the living room decor, which keeps fairly neutral.

Ceiling light
Source: Style by Emily Henderson

23. Brass lamp over a bookcase

Is there something in your living room that you want to showcase? Maybe it’s a unique piece of art or a plant or, like in this case, a bookcase! A wall lamp can help to highlight this feature by drawing people’s gaze.

Brass lamp on wall
Source: Jacquelyn Clark

24. Black industrial lighting

You can instantly make your living room more edgy by adding industrial lighting. Take this single suspended lamp, for example. The long cord makes it really stand out.

Industrial lighting
Source: Style by Emily Henderson

25. Costal pendant light

This lantern-style light is a sure statement piece in this cosy living room. It’s a bold choice but because it’s in the same colour theme as the rest of the room, it works!

Living room
Source: My Scandinavian Home

26. Mid-century blue ceiling light

This is a fun and funky choice! And the dark blue light looks striking against the peach-coloured walls. The great thing is that the colour of the ceiling light ties in with the shades in the couches for a beautifully finished living room.

Living room
Source: Gian Carlovalle

27. Quirky ceiling light

This light is funky! And it adds a whole lot of fun to this living room. When choosing a light for your space, remember that you can always change it later. So why not go with something that’s a bit out of the box? The result will be a character-infused space that you love.

Living room
Source: Architectural Digest

28. Curved black wall lamps

Can you see the thin wall lamps in this picture? I think they look great among the mismatch of paintings, frames, and mirrors. This living room looks very vintage, but these wall lights add a modern flair to the space.

Source: Architectural Digest

29. Tassel lights

Tassels are everywhere at the moment. Once reserved for curtains they can be found on towels, bags, clothes and now lights. I love this light for a lovely beach coastal design.

Source: White Picket Farmhouse

30. A collection of round lights in the corner

Earlier on, you saw a beautiful large round white lantern-like light hanging from the ceiling. This is a twist on that style. Instead of including just one light, this design goes above and beyond to incorporate multiple round white lights in a pod in the corner of the living room. I think this looks really great contrasted against the mostly blue room.

Source: Architectural Digest

31. Industrial floodlighting

Floodlighting is usually used outdoors to light up large fields, but this design brings it indoors in the living room. This small ‘floodlight’ style floor lamp adds an industrial touch to this very modern space. It also adds serves as an art piece of its own, by the sheer fact that it isn’t any normal household light!

Living room
Source: Robert Stilin

32. Modern lighting

If you’re going for ultra-modern, check out this filament light which is mesmerising to look at. Teamed with this dusty blush sofa make it a very warm and romantic room.

Source: Vogue

33. Art deco light

Art-deco and mid-century styles are having a moment. Again.  So if it’s a look that you want to achieve in your home, there is a lot of inspiration out there but for art deco, I love this multi-tiered chandelier.

Source: disicouture

34. Simple in-built ceiling lights

If you want to keep things stripped back and minimal, then consider installing lights into your ceiling as opposed to hanging from the roof or on the wall. I like how these four lights have been arranged in a perfect square above the sitting area.

Simple lights
Source: Shelton Mindel

35. White shaded ceiling light

For a modern, clean look, you can’t go past this white shade hanging ceiling light. This will work in almost any room, but it will look especially good in a light, all-white space like this one. To keep your living room from looking too mono-coloured, add a splash of colour with a throw rug and a few coloured pillows.

Living room
Source: Suzanne Kasler

So, there you have it – 35 living room lighting ideas. Which ones were your favourite? And which ones are you going to incorporate in your own living room? I personally love all of the brass and gold lights! There are just so many options but it depends on your personal style and the design of your space.

If you’re a minimalist at heart, then you might want to go with simple lights installed in the roof of your ceiling. If you like things a little more glam, then a glassy chandelier might be the choice for you. Or if you like them all, then why not combine a few different styles in the form of table lamps, floor lamps, suspended ceiling lights, and wall lamps. The choice is yours!

Before you go, I’d love to hear from you. Tell me which style is your favourite, and which one you’re going to try out in your living room.


Elise H

I've recently moved into a new home and I've been having so much fun decorating it with pretty wall prints and Scandinavian-inspired furniture. So as well as being a freelance writer, I'm always on the lookout for new design pieces for my home!

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