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60 Living room ideas: design, decorate, paint

By Katie

Updated: May 5th, 2020

Rugs, pendants and throw pillows - there are so many options but here is a great starting point...

It’s one of the most used rooms in your home. Regardless of whether it’s a spot to relax and catch up on the latest Netflix series or spend time with friends and family, it’s important to make it a comfortable yet functional space.

Here are over 60 living room ideas to turn it into a retreat that you simply can’t wait to come home to:

Sort out your storage first

Before you start the fun job of decorating, it’s time to reduce clutter in the living room and get organised. Here are some easy living room ideas to hide your stuff with style.

1. Entertainment units

If you tend to accumulate a lot of stuff, it’s worth it to invest in a multi-purpose entertainment unit. You have to put your TV somewhere anyway, right? Consider low cabinets with ample drawer space, so they don’t take up much room.

living room ideas tv entertainment storage
Source: Style me pretty

2. Baskets

Baskets are perfect for hiding toys, remote controls, spare blankets and all those bits and pieces that end up on the couch. Best of all, whether you choose wicker or woven baskets, trendy crates or cool storage boxes, they’ll look great in your living room.

living room ideas basket storage
Source: kellyinthecity

3. Chest of drawers

With so many options available, you’ll find a chest of drawers to suit your unique style. Use it as a feature furniture piece in your living room and no one will ever know it’s full of household clutter.

4. Under window storage

Building in some lower joinery under windows is a great way to use what could be dead space. It acts not only as a place to store things away but also as a shelf to host trinkets, picture frames, etc.

living room ideas window storage
Source: arentpyke

Work like this should always be left to the professionals so that it can be done right the first time. So if you want some custom shelving, check out who is available in your neighbourhood to help out.

5. Trunk

Need to hide things? You can’t do better than a trunk with a lid. It means you can throw things in there last minute when a guest buzzes the doorbell. It’s great that you can keep moving them around the home wherever you need that extra bit of storage.

living room ideas trunk basket storage
Source: Just a girl and her blog

6. Toy storage

If you want to keep your children’s toys hidden away, implementing permanent toy storage is the perfect solution. It’s also a good way to start teaching your kids to put away things after they’ve played with them.

living room ideas toy storage
Source: Homes to love

7. Built-in shelves

If you’re dealing with a lack of space in your living room, built-in shelves might be a good option for you. Get a custom design so the shelves are big enough to hold baskets and boxes for storage, as well as books or ornaments. There are plenty of carpenters nearby on Airtasker, ready to help build the right shelves for you.

8. Wall-mounted TVs

If you have a small living room, it could be the TV cabinet that is taking up unnecessary space. So instead look at other storage options in order to get rid of bulky furniture.

living room ideas wall mounted tv
Source: Pinterest

Need help putting up the TV? There are plenty of TV wall mounting experts near you who are ready to help!

9. Tiered coffee tables

Your coffee table has so many uses and it’s often a central focus of the living room. Tiered coffee tables offer multiple tops to fit your coffee, magazines, vases and candles, without looking messy and cluttered.

10. Bookcase shelves

If you can’t go out, look at going up and making use of the vertical space in your room. This is especially useful if you have tall ceilings, as you can place high shelves in a corner of the room and still have plenty of wall space for other storage items.

Get creative with colour schemes and themes

Once you’ve decluttered and organised your space, it’s time to revitalise it with a new colour scheme or theme. These palettes are sure to breathe life into your living room.

11. Monochromatic

A monochromatic colour scheme is a beautiful way to create a harmonious look. Basically, it means using different shades, tints and tones of the one colour family. Blues, greens, creams and greys work well.

12. Nature colours

Colours inspired by nature help you feel calm, relaxed and refreshed. Living room ideas include using greens and earthy browns for feature items, like couches or painted walls. Light pine, white walls, plants and plenty of natural light also create the look.

13. Beach shack

Blues, whites and seafoam greens are your best friends if you’d like to transform your space into a beach-style shack. Consider painting a blue feature wall to act as a backdrop to weathered-look white, blue or wooden furniture.

14. Bright and bold

The key to decorating with bright, bold colours and avoiding that ‘garish’ look, is to use just two or three bold colours on a neutral backdrop. For example, combine red, black and grey on a white background.

15. Vintage

A vintage colour scheme is all about wooden floorboards on a predominately white backdrop. Add splashes of colour with floral patterns, pastel textures, stripes and eclectic shapes on cushions, wall hangings and rugs.

16. Hygge

The Danish concept of Hygge is the art of inviting cosiness and intimacy into your home, with a focus on minimalism. Soothing colours and textures are used to evoke serenity, such as browns, blues, greys, pink neutrals, creams and whites.

17. Country-style

Do you love the rustic, warming feel of yellows, oranges and creamy beige? A country-style colour palette might suit you. Paint the walls in buttery yellow and match it with wooden furniture or bright patchwork, striped and floral textiles.

18. Modern sophistication

Classic black, white and silver add instant modern sophistication to your living room. To achieve the look, place black furniture on a backdrop of white and shades of grey to soften and streamline the look. Incorporate silver in mirrors, lighting, tables and frames.

19. Pretty pastels

Pastels give your room a fresh, soft and feminine feel. Dusky pinks, light purples, powdery blues and mint greens blend beautifully. Stick to pastel shades on a neutral backdrop of grey, white or cream and you can be as colour-happy as you like.

20. Zen

Do you need more peace and a feeling of spaciousness? Bring zen to your home with all-neutral shades of beige, white, brown or grey. Introduce colour and texture in the form of nature, with plants, bamboo sticks or wooden sculptures.

Let’s enhance those walls…

Are you ready to fill up that empty wall space to highlight your style and create a living space that’s unique to you? See how with these living room ideas…

21. Feature walls

Painting a feature wall is one of the easiest ways to streamline your colour scheme, create a focal point and add excitement. If you haven’t found your inner Picasso yet, check out Airtasker to find a painter near you.

living room ideas wallpaper feature wall
Source: Style Fragments

22. Mirrors

Mirrors instantly increase the appearance of size, so they’re perfect wall hangings for small spaces. You can also showcase your design theme with colourful frames, different shapes and charming styles.

living room ideas mirror
Source: Studio Mcgee

23. Artwork

In terms of living room ideas, artwork is a ‘must have’. One striking piece can transform the entire look of your space. It doesn’t have to be expensive either. Simply find something you love looking at, with colours that enhance your design.

24. Photo galleries

Photo galleries on the wall offer an ideal way to showcase your memories while adding an endearing decorative element. Play with different layouts to see what works best and remember that asymmetrical designs often work well.

living room ideas photo wall
Source: Pinterest

25. Large potted plants

One of the best living room ideas is to fill blank wall space with large potted plants. Some great options include Kentia Palms and Bird of Paradise.

living room ideas potted plants
Source: Harlowe James

26. Fireplaces

You don’t need a Santa Claus chimney to decorate your living room wall with a cosy fireplace if that’s not a possibility. Electric fireplaces look lovely too, but without real flames or smoke.

living room ideas fireplace
Source: postcardsfromtheridge

27. Wallpaper

Wallpaper has made a huge comeback in recent years, to add interesting colour, texture and design. In terms of art, you can even buy photographic-look wallpaper.

living room ideas wallpaper flowers
Source: Domino

28. Tapestries

Do you have a long-lost tapestry in a cupboard somewhere, that you bought on your travels or received as a hand-me-down? Drag it out and see what it looks like on the wall.

living room ideas tapestries
Source: Urban Outfitters

29. Texture walls

Texture-rich walls add depth to an otherwise flat and lifeless room. You could use existing bricks for natural texture or add texture with painting techniques.

living room ideas brick wall painted
Source: Pinterest

Moving around furniture and painting can be a bit of a hassle so lucky there are lots of painters nearby to help you.

30. Wall clocks

Being able to see the time is obviously useful in the lounge room, but wall clocks are just so much prettier than digital devices.

Living room ideas to light it up

Lighting is everything when it comes to creating a wonderful ambience in any room.

31. Floor lights

Floor lamps have a number of uses and throw diffused light that’s perfect for relaxation. They also add to decorative appeal and practicality in lighting specific areas.

living room ideas floor lights
Source: myscandinavianhome

32. Side table lights

Table lamps create an intimate atmosphere and come in a range of styles to enhance your design. They’re also a prime decor feature to lift the appearance of the whole room.

living room ideas side table light
Source: leecarolineart

33. Pendant lights

Pendant lights are mounted on the ceiling and dangle down from a chain or rod. Apart from looking ultra-stylish, they offer concentrated light in one area, for ambience.

living room ideas pendant lights
Source: Pinterest

34. Wall sconces

When you want to add something extra to your room or want to highlight some beautiful artwork, wall sconces are the way to go.  Consider dimmable sconces for cosy nights in.

living room ideas wall sconces
Source: copycatchic

35. Chandeliers

The blandest of lounge rooms can be enlivened by a chandelier. Modern chandeliers aren’t necessarily the fancy ones of old. You’ll find contemporary designs that offer that ‘wow’ factor.

Source: Pinterest

36. LED strip lighting

If you’re looking for something different in a contemporary living room, LED strip lighting can add the wow factor to any room.

living room ideas strip lighting
Source: Living room gallery

37. Ceiling fans

Ceiling fans are a great energy-saving solution and a godsend in summer. Up until a few years ago, there wasn’t a lot of choice but nowadays you have a few different options which will suit any interior styling.

living room ideas ceiling fan
Source: Three Bird Renovations

38. Downlights

To make your living room feel bigger, consider installing downlights, as they take up less visual space than light fixtures.

39. Decorative lights

It’s amazing what just one string of fairy lights can do for a room. Look for pretty light bulb casings, like flowers, stars, hearts and rattan balls. Pop a string on top of a curtain rod or around a picture.


Want to see some more inspirational ideas with fairy lights? Here are some magical ways to light up your life with fairy lights.

40. Natural light

Nothing really beats natural light, so check if you’re making the most of it. Do your window coverings allow light in? Are furniture items blocking light from streaming in? Clear the way for the sun to shine through.

Decorate with displays

Do you have a wealth of knick-knacks, ornaments, photos or collections to display? Here’s how to do it, without overwhelming your living room with clutter.

41. Unique shelving

Shelving comes in all shapes and sizes, so consider custom-made options to suit the size and style of your particular displays.

living room ideas shelving
Source: Pinterest

42. Side tables

Side tables are functional, but they’re also perfect for styling displays. Use side tables to highlight pieces like vases, large photo frames, plants or statues.

43. Bookcases

Rethink your bookcase and clear out some space to house your knick-knacks among your favourite reads. Doing so also breaks up the visual monotony of books to create a rejuvenated design feature.

44. Glass display cabinets

You’ll find glass display cabinets in secondhand stores or garage sales, and they’re easy to refresh. If you have a lot of ornaments or collectables, make them a feature and keep them safe by putting them all in the one spot.

living room ideas glass display cabinet
Source: stylizimoblog

45. Coffee tables

If you’re currently using your coffee table as a purely functional piece, it might be time to rethink its design value. Style yours with candles, flowers, small stacks of books or a treasure or two.

46. Console tables

Console tables are thin enough to fit in small spaces and they’re excellent for highlighting displays neatly.

living room ideas console table
Source: Pinterest

47. Decorative desks

Are you a stationery fan, who also needs a comfy space to rest your laptop? Decorative desks store your stationery paraphernalia, with a practical purpose too.

48. Window sills

When’s the last time you really looked at your window sills? Dust off the surface and create a charming display of herbs, small books, candles or ornaments.

49. Reading nooks

If you have space to create a little reading nook, you’ve got the perfect excuse to display books, reading lamps, vases and photo frames alongside your comfy chair.

50. Vignettes

In design, a vignette is a small, visual picture, created by grouping a few objects together in the one spot, to draw the eye to the area. Aim to create vignettes with all of your displays for impact.

All-important accessories

Living room ideas just wouldn’t be complete without discussing the most important accessories. Here’s how to complete your look.

51. Throw pillows

Using throw pillows on the couch or chairs is one of the best ways to streamline your colour scheme. Match pillows to a standout colour in artwork or furniture. Don’t be afraid to mix and match patterns and shapes either.

52. Floor rugs

A well-placed floor rug really enhances the artistic appeal of a space, with colour, texture and style. In a practical sense, rugs help to reduce noise on hard floors, while adding to comfort underfoot.

53. Plants

The value of a few indoor plants in your living room can’t be overstated, and it’s not just because they’re beautiful. As natural humidifiers, plants improve air quality and just looking at them can reduce stress.

54. Window blinds & curtains

Your window coverings make a big difference in terms of the quality of natural light in a space and the overall design appeal. Often, changing your blinds is all it takes to revitalise the living room.

55. Throw blankets

There’s just something about a throw blanket placed strategically on the arm of a chair. It evokes instant relaxation. Cosy materials for throw blankets include wool, faux fur and knits.

56. Serving trays

Be prepared for a cup of tea at all times, with a dedicated and decorative serving tray. Pop one on the coffee table, complete with antique cups, or consider a funky tray on wheels. When you’re not using it for serving, it’s great for displays.

57. Coasters

Haven’t you ever wanted an excuse to buy all those pretty coasters you see at the markets and home decor stores? Go on, splash out and use them as a design feature on coffee and side tables. They’ll also protect your table tops.

living room ideas coffee table
Source: swoonworthy

58. Occasional chairs

Providing you already have chairs for comfort, an occasional chair could be that one piece that finishes your design. Options include rocking chairs, swivel chairs and French provincial chairs.

living room ideas accent chairs
Source: blissfulbblog

59. Antiques

Antiques range from intricate sculptures to musical instruments and retro turntables. Just one quirky piece that fits your style can take your living room from average to design success.

living room ideas antiques
Source: onekingslane

60. Candles

Candles are often overlooked in living room design, as they’re just so common. However, there’s nothing common about the effect candles have on your senses. Visually, they’re lovely when lit, but you can also smell scented versions and hear them crackle, which adds to the overall feel of a space.

living room ideas candles
Source: senseandserendipityblog

Mix and match many of the items on this list, or just pick out one or two living room ideas to refresh your space. No matter what you choose to do, it’s easy to design, decorate and paint your way to that retreat you can’t wait to come home to. 

So what’s next on your renovation hit list? Perhaps it’s the bedroom and you’re in luck because we’ve curated over 65 bedroom ideas to spark your creativeness.

Do you have some more ideas to share? Let us know in the comments below.



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