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If you want to make the most out of your kitchen, then the first step is to have a kitchen storage system that’s right for your space and needs. In this guide, explore a range of practical and creative kitchen storage ideas, from innovative cabinet solutions to space-saving organizers, that can help maximize your kitchen’s potential.  

Kitchen storage ideas for a more organized and efficient space

Floating shelves to maximize space

floating or open shelves in the kitchen

Floating shelves or open shelving are one of the practical kitchen shelf ideas that increase the space’s storage capacity without taking up too much floor and wall space, making them must-haves for small kitchens or areas with limited cabinetry and tricky kitchen layout. 

By utilizing vertical space, floating shelves let you display and access frequently used items more conveniently. Open shelving makes displaying decorative items or design elements like herb pots and dishware easy! 

Use clear containers

Opting to have clear containers in the kitchen not only gives a more uniform look to the space but also better visibility when it comes to identifying the contents. Clear containers allow you to quickly reach for the right items without opening multiple containers or sifting through cluttered cabinets. This saves time and makes meal preparation convenient. 

Get hooks for organization

space-saving kitchen hooks

Use hooks to free up kitchen space and keep things organized for a smoother workflow, giving you convenient access to essential tools. You can install hooks above your stove, pantry doors, and back of the kitchen cabinet doors. With the hooks, you can hang utensils near your cooking area, ensuring they are available right when you need them. 

Spice up your island countertop

If you usually find yourself prepping on your island countertop, consider spicing it up with easy-to-access drawers and island add-ons. 

Incorporate easy-to-access drawers in your island, where you can store commonly used tools or ingredients, keeping them organized while you work. Explore island add-ons, such as built-in cutting boards, knife blocks, or spice racks, to further enhance your island’s functionality. 

Keep cleaning supplies nearby

kitchen supplies under the sink

Things can get messy in the kitchen! That's why it's essential to have dedicated storage space for cleaning supplies. Consider incorporating a cabinet or shelf designed to hold all your cleaning essentials like sponges, sprays, and scrub brushes. Cleaning supplies are best kept under the sink or in a nearby pantry--easily accessible yet out of sight.  

Install shelves inside pantry doors

Add more storage to your cabinets by adding shelves for jars, bottles, and other small items. These kitchen cupboard ideas use vertical space within your cabinets, doubling the storage capacity. By utilizing the available space, you can maximize storage efficiency while keeping your cabinets neat and tidy. 

Spinners for more storage anywhere in the kitchen

storage jars on a lazy Susan or spinner

Whether you place them in cabinets, on countertops, or pantry shelves, a spinner or lazy Susan offers easy access to items with a simple spin. These rotating storage units are perfect for spices, condiments, baking supplies, or even kitchen tools. Spinners provide ample storage capacity with multiple tiers or compartments while keeping everything within reach. 

Have a pull-out pantry

Important ingredients, kitchen tools, and other cooking essentials can all be placed in a pull-out pantry. With this kitchen pantry idea, you can save valuable space and easily access often-used kitchenware. It eliminates the need to dig through deep or upper cabinetry and keeps your ingredients and cooking essentials well-arranged and visible.

Have utensil holders at the ready

cooking tools holder

While also good for holding cutlery, utensil holders are best for larger equipment like spatulas, ladles, and tongs. These holders provide a dedicated spot for your essential cooking tools, keeping them within easy reach and preventing them from cluttering your countertops or getting lost in drawers.

Utensil holders come in many shapes and sizes, so you can choose the one that best suits your kitchen style and storage needs. Some feature compartments or dividers, providing organization for different utensils, while others offer a sleek and minimalist design.

Reuse closets as a pantry storage cabinet

If you have a spare closet cabinet that’s not being used, a good kitchen cabinet idea is to convert it into a pantry to store all your kitchen supplies and tools. Having them all in one dedicated space keeps them accessible yet properly stored away.

Moreover, having a bigger space to work with will allow you to install shelves, hooks, and bins to increase the storage potential. Closets also provide a larger storage capacity compared to traditional kitchen cabinets, making it easier to stock up on bulk items, canned goods, and larger ingredients.

Add shelves under counters and tabletops

open shelving under kitchen cabinet

Take advantage of the often-overlooked area underneath tabletops or lower cabinets. By adding containers, you can explore kitchen shelving ideas and create additional storage options, such as small nooks for rags, spices, and essential ingredients. 

Bigger spaces under counters and tables can also serve as a space to keep pots, pans, dishes, and small appliances. Putting underutilized space to good use helps free countertop surfaces from unnecessary clutter. 

Customize drawers for larger kitchen equipment

Baking trays and large kitchen equipment, like blenders, slow cookers, and grilling pans, are essential for any kitchen. However, they’re difficult to stow away, especially with limited storage space. That’s why customizing drawers makes for great small kitchen storage ideas, since it lets you customize your drawers based on your needs. 

By installing and adjusting dividers and compartments within your drawers, you can create dedicated spaces to hold large items and other bulkier kitchen tools securely. This stops items from sliding around, scratching each other, or taking up valuable benchtop space.

Opt for a spice rack or spice drawer

spice rack drawer

A spice rack can help to keep your kitchen looking tidy and organized. When you can see all of your spices and other products at once, it’s easier to access them and check or have visibility of their use-by date. What’s more, they come in different designs and layouts, including carousel-style, wall-mounted, or pull-out variations.

Invest in a roll-around cabinet for extra space

Roll-around cabinets are very functional and can be used as additional benchtop space, portable storage, or a movable island to extend your prep space. These versatile storage solutions on wheels usually feature shelves or drawers and can be tucked away when not in use. 

Stackable pantry bins to use vertical space

stackable containers

These bins are designed to fit neatly on top of one another, making the most of your pantry or cabinet shelves. By using stackable containers, you create multiple levels of storage within the same footprint, allowing for better use of the available space.

They make great tools to hold canned goods, fruits, snacks, and baking supplies. Most stackable bins are also transparent, making it easier to quickly find things you need. 

Maximize your kitchen storage space

Now that you’ve got all these ideas, it’s time to put your thoughts into action! Incorporating one or combining several kitchen storage ideas can turn your kitchen space into the practical, functional, and aesthetically pleasing haven of your dreams! 

If you’re changing up your kitchen storage as part of a bigger space renovation, it’s important to ensure a seamless and successful project. That’s why it's best to find a specialist who can provide expert guidance and assist with planning and designing your kitchen upgrade needs.

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FAQs on kitchen storage

Start by decluttering and removing any expired or unnecessary items. Group similar items together, like canned food, spices, and baking ingredients, for easier inventory management and quick access to the items you need when cooking or baking. If you’re working with bigger storage projects, you can consult with experts in kitchen installations.

Generally, pantries store non-perishable food items, bulk items, and kitchen essentials. These include dry goods, canned goods, spices, and small appliances. On the other hand, kitchen cabinets typically store items used more frequently and require easy access during cooking, like utensils, plates, cookware, and cooking ingredients. 

Yes, floating shelves are excellent additions to any kitchen space! They’re great for displaying decor pieces, like stylish dinnerware, decorative glassware, and even cookbooks or flowers. Floating shelves also give your kitchen an open and airy look, making your space look more spacious and inviting. 

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