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It can be necessary to give your kitty a trim or shave! Here are cat haircuts to choose from.

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Getting a cat’s hair trimmed is not always on the usual task list for a cat owner. But matted fur and other sticky situations may call for getting your long-haired cat’s fur trimmed. If your kitty needs a trip to the groomers, you can check out this list of popular cat grooming styles.

Before we dive in, here are some considerations when deciding whether to trim your cat’s fur.

When is it okay to shave my cat?

Cat breeds with matted fur may need a shave or haircut. In such cases, trimming can also reduce the effect of hairballs and manage the mess around your home. 

shaving a cat with matted fur

But you don’t need to get your cat shaved to stay cool for the summer. Cats can regulate their own body temperatures. What’s more, you shouldn’t try to shave your feline friend yourself. You or your cat may get injured in the process, especially if your cat is not used to grooming. 

If you think your cat really needs it, it’s best to hire a professional groomer to trim or shave your cat’s fur. 

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While some cat owners prefer a simple trim, you can opt to take it to the next level with these other cat haircuts.

1. Comb cut

comb cut cat hairstyle

One of the most basic cat hairstyles, the comb cut involves trimming the fur down to 1 inch. The groomer leaves fur around the cat’s head, feet, and tail while trimming the main body. 

This cat grooming cut style is great for preventing mats on medium- to long-haired cats. Moreover, this cut can help maintain your cat’s good hygiene. Note that this cut is not ideal for cats with existing mats or knots.

2. Lion cut

lion cut cat grooming style

Usually reserved for long-haired breeds, the lion cut involves trimming the cat’s fur except on the head, neck, feet, and tail. As the name suggests, the outcome mimics a lion’s regal look. 

A very matted cat can benefit from the lion cut, which is the kindest and safest way to remove tangles by closely clipping the fur. 

White or light-colored cats may not do so well with a lion cut, as this very short hairstyle can put them at risk of sunburn. Your vet or local cat groomer can help you decide on the best course of action for your cat’s fur.

3. Belly shave

cat with its belly shaved

The belly shave involves shaving the entire belly area of the cat, from the rear to the front. Aside from preventing matted fur, a belly shave can help maintain your cat’s hygiene. 

Knots and mats also gather the most around the belly and the creases of their hind legs, and this haircut can prevent this from happening.

4. Hygiene cut

hygiene cut cat grooming style

If you prefer not to shave your cat’s entire belly, you can opt for the hygiene cut. This grooming style involves trimming the fur around the cat’s rear end. A hygiene cut is ideal for long-haired cats that often get poop and litter stuck in their behinds and struggle to clean themselves properly.

5. Panther cut

The panther cut kicks the lion cut up a notch, with all the cat’s fur shaved off except some around the head, tail, and feet. While the lion cut subtly blends where the fur meets the skin, the panther cut has a more dramatic contrast between the fur and the skin. 

panther cut cat grooming style

A panther cut is usually recommended for cats with terrible matting and skin problems. What’s more, this cut is the closest to a full shave. Hopefully, calling it a panther shave cheers up your brave little kitty! 

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Ready to have your cat groomed?

Now that you’re familiar with the common cat grooming options out there, you can connect with a trusted local groomer and plan out the best haircut for your feline. Post a cat grooming task now; we can help you find rated and reviewed cat groomers near you. 

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FAQs on cat grooming styles

This depends on the length of your cat’s fur. Short-haired breeds may be brushed about once a week, while medium-haired and long-haired cats need brushing every day. Full-grooming sessions will be more frequent for long-haired cats. You may have to groom your cat more often during the shedding seasons. As these are general guidelines, it’s best to check with your vet whether it’s necessary to groom your cat at all. 

Some cats don’t like to be groomed at all. Clipping a cat’s fur will always come with risks of injury to your cat or yourself. Fortunately, a professional cat groomer can ensure a safe and comfortable grooming session for your cat. 

Your groomer should leave at least an inch of fur. This will leave some protection for your cat against sunburn and keep your cat warm during cold nights and in air-conditioned rooms. Make sure to hire a groomer who’s trimmed similar cat breeds as your cat. Improper technique can lead to irregular fur growth, ingrown hairs, and other skin problems. 

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