How much does it cost to install a toilet?

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$120 - $230







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So how much does it cost to install a new toilet? The prices start at $120 and cap off at $230, with people usually spending $170. This figure includes the cost of a new toilet bowl with efficiency features.

Sometimes, simply unclogging the toilet won’t cut it anymore. Your toilet will need replacement, be it because of age, damage, or just you wanting something better for your home as part of a bathroom renovation project

These days, you can DIY minor toilet repairs. But unless you have experience, installing a new toilet is a job for professionals. Read on to learn how to set a budget for this endeavor.

Toilet installation costs in different states

Each state has different costs of living. Here’s a quick look at the average cost of toilet installation per state.



New York


Las Vegas




Los Angeles




Toilet labor costs

You can expect to pay $75 to $125 for per hour for plumbing work, including toilet installation. However, it isn't as simple as it seems. You might encounter issues, such as pipe and drain rerouting. Refer to the table below for other essential services:



Toilet removal

$30 to $50

Toilet drain pipe installation (for new placements)

$1,875 to $3,875

Toilet train pipe rerouting

$600 to $800

Flange installation or repair


a plumber assembling a new toilet

Toilet types and their costs

You can find several kinds of toilets in the market. Each caters to the distinct needs or preferences of people. For example, some toilets are short for kids, while others are taller than usual to help senior citizens. Toilet prices depend on product height, design, and quality. Here’s a brief look at new toilet installation costs:

Toilet type



$190 – $1,000


$230 – $1,050

The key differences between these are ease of use and overall aesthetic appeal. One-piece toilets are usually bulky but easy to clean, preventing bacterial growth. On the other hand, two-piece toilets have detachable tanks and have customizable in terms of style and height.

Toilet parts and their costs

Sometimes, you don't have to replace your entire toilet but only some of its parts. Doing so can help you save money, especially if you look for high-quality products to ensure durability. Here are the prices of typical toilet components:



Toilet seat


Wax ring seals

$5 to $30

Valve parts for leaks


Flush systems

$90 to $650

Signs that you need to replace your toilet

If you want to know if you need to get a new toilet, watch out for these issues:

  • A constantly clogged toilet is a red flag. Replace it as soon as possible.
  • If your toilet seat is wobbly even after you tighten its screws, it’s time to call plumbers for a proper inspection.
  • If your toilet gushes out water and floods your bathroom, it might have a broken valve or flapper. 

If your problems persist, seek professional help and see if you’ll benefit from long-term solutions, like an all-out toilet replacement.

a plumber repairing a toilet

What to include when posting a task

Now that you know the cost of toilet installation, it’s time to post a task and look forward to a hassle-free experience. You can share these pieces of info:

  • Whether you need toilet installation, replacement, or relocation
  • Your preferred type of toilet
  • Additional plumbing requirements
  • Toilet add-ons, like smart connectivity or hands-free operation

Overall, installing a new toilet can improve the quality of your life. Once you've chosen the best one for your home, reach out to a Tasker, wait for them to complete the job, and say hello to a better bathroom experience. 

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Yes, they can accommodate you, but it will cost more because installing high-tech features takes more time and manpower. You can have plumbers deal with the actual installation and then hire electricians and accredited suppliers for all the gadgets you wish to include.

Ideally, plumbers should have licenses or certifications. For your peace of mind, you can ask about their work experience and credentials to ensure the quality of work.

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