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When it comes to your HVAC system, an annual tune-up should not be neglected. Average HVAC tune-up costs range from $70 to $550 per project, depending on several factors. Some providers offer yearly maintenance plans to help reduce the cost of the service, while others charge a small hourly fee for quick repairs, such as duct cleaning and air filter replacement.

To know how much HVAC repair costs near you, check out our price guide below.

Cost to repair an HVAC system

The term HVAC refers to various technology systems used to regulate indoor temperature. HVAC systems warm up a place during winter months and provide cool air during hot weather. Most maintenance providers base their service costs on your HVAC type. While a typical air conditioner tune-up can set you back $70, maintaining a duct-free split system can go as high as $550. 

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To help set your expectations, here's a comprehensive price list of HVAC services based on unit type.

Unit type

Tune-up cost range

Air conditioner

$70 to $200

Split system

$200 to $300


$70 to $200

Heat pump

$75 to $150

Packaged heating and air

$450 to $550

Duct-free split system

$300 to $550

an HVAC unit being tuned up

Some service providers also charge an hourly fee based on the type of repair you need. On average, the hourly labor cost of HVAC tune-ups ranges from $50 to $150. 

Other factors affecting the cost of HVAC checkups

Repair type

Aside from unit type, the most significant factor you need to consider is the type of repair you need. In a regular HVAC tune-up, service providers usually check and adjust the working parts. But if you need to repair, replace, or clean certain parts in your HVAC system, expect to pay higher fees for these additional tasks.

Repair type

Cost range

HVAC leak repair 

$200 to $1,600

HVAC capacitor repair

$100 to $250

HVAC circuit board repair

$50 to $150

HVAC coil leak repair

$200 to $1,500

HVAC compressor repair 

$800 to $3,000

HVAC duct repair

$500 to $2,000

HVAC freon leak repair

$125 to $300

HVAC refrigerant leak repair

$200 to $1,600


Your location

Another factor that can influence the service's total cost is your location. If your service provider needs to travel beyond their service area, you'll likely shoulder additional fees, such as gas and parking expenses. Towns and cities with limited resources might also have higher rates for HVAC tune-up services. Check out this price list based on location to give you an idea of how a standard HVAC tune-up costs in your area.


Price of HVAC tune-up

Los Angeles

$49 to $250


$75 to $200


$50 to $150


$100 to $200


$100 to $200

Las Vegas

$50 to $150

HVAC age

The age of your HVAC will also play a crucial part in determining the total cost of the service. If you're still using your old HVAC system from the 90s, you might find it difficult to look for replacements compatible with your machine. It's also more challenging to fix issues in an old HVAC system. This can increase the price, as it will take more time and effort to repair the damages. 

Time of the year

The time of the year also significantly impacts HVAC maintenance costs. You can typically find lower rates and perhaps an even better offer during off-seasons. The best times to have your HVAC tuned up are during early spring and winter when there's less demand for these services due to the cold weather.

HVAC condition

The overall condition of your HVAC system will also determine the price of the service. Most damages found in HVAC machines are caused by dirty or obstructed ducts and vents that haven't been cleaned for a long time. In addition, you’ll likely need to repair or replace some parts in your HVAC machine if you don't do regular HVAC inspections with a professional technician. This will increase the project's overall cost, as you'll need to shoulder more service fees. 

What does a typical HVAC tune-up include?

HVAC tune-ups include various services that can help your machine stay in its pristine condition over time. These regular checkups can reduce the likelihood of breakdowns and enables your HVAC system to perform at its maximum level. 

a man performing HVAC tune-up

Most HVAC maintenance providers also offer package plans that include yearly or quarterly service visits. Some even provide priority scheduling discounts for those who sign-up for a service contract. Here are some of the most common tasks included in a standard HVAC tune-up package:

  1. Coil cleaning

  2. HVAC system cleaning

  3. Thermostat checking

  4. Air filter cleaning and replacement

  5. Lubricating moving parts

  6. Tightening of electrical connections

  7. Checking for mold and mildew

  8. Cleaning and checking ductwork

  9. Checking for leaks

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A yearly tune-up is necessary to maintain the peak condition of your HVAC system. Having regular maintenance in place lessens the likelihood of damage and expensive repairs. By having your HVAC checked by a professional, you can spot and correct small issues that would otherwise grow into something more serious.

Although it's not necessary to have your HVAC tuned up every year, many professional technicians recommend it. Not only does an annual tune-up spot minor errors, but it also ensures that your HVAC system works properly.

Usually, it takes about 1.5 hours or less to tune up an HVAC system. However, your technician might need more time to fix or replace certain parts of your machine.

Professional technicians suggest having your air ducts cleaned every 2 to 3 years. This is to prevent various maintenance and health issues that can affect you and your family. However, if you have pets or family members that are allergic to dust, it’s recommended to clean your air ducts more frequently.

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