How much does a Ford car service cost?

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Do you have a Ford car? Servicing costs got you wondering if you’re getting the best deal? You’re in the right place.  

We’ve put together this Ford car service price guide to help you compare the costs, know the common issues, and understand the factors that go into pricing your Ford car service. That way, you can make an informed decision next time you’re due to book in with a service provider. Ford car service prices are usually around $100 to $7000.

Ford car service costs by model

It’s tricky to give an exact Ford service cost because it depends on your make and model. So we’ve put together a list of the most common Ford cars in the U.S. with approximate car service prices for each.

Common Ford car models

Car service price guide

Ford Ranger 

$95 - $2162

Ford Transit

$95 - $2501

Ford Mustang

$95 - $4459

Ford Focus

$95 - $2657

Ford Fiesta

$95 - $2524

Ford Ranger

$95 - $2162

 a male customer talking to a mechanic about his car

In the USA, Ford cars are sold new at over 3,000 dealerships. You’ll find secondhand Ford units at a used car dealership in just about every suburb. According to the U.S. News, Ford was the third most popular car brand in 2020, with over 2.3 million registered Ford vehicles. So you’re not crazy if you feel like you’re seeing them everywhere.

Ford has a reputation for making quality cars that last, so it’s no surprise there are still plenty of Ford cars on the road two decades after purchase. And if you keep your eyes peeled, you’ll even see a few old (much loved) classics like early 70s Ford Falcons, which are now coming up to a very respectable 50 years old.

So there’s a huge range in car models, engine types, and needs for car servicing, and therefore a lot of variation in what a Ford car service can cost. But don’t worry - we’ve done our best to break it down for you in this guide to make costs a lot more transparent for Ford car owners around the USA.

How often do I need to service my Ford?

Regularly servicing your car is essential if you want it to run efficiently, avoid breakdowns, and stay roadworthy (aka safe to drive). Most of the time, it’s a good idea to get your car booked twice a year, although some vehicles might be able to get away with a yearly service.

Generally, your bookings will alternate between a major and minor service, which is why your Ford car service costs a little more every second visit.

When you decide how often to book your car, consider the long-term Ford maintenance costs - if you book your vehicle in more frequently, there’s a good chance your mechanic will catch any problems before they become too expensive.

During a standard car service, what happens typically?

A standard or minor car service will usually include the following:

  • Oil and filter change

  • Visual inspection

  • Top up fluids, including washer fluid, brake fluid, antifreeze, and steering fluid

  • Check of critical components for potential issues or wear and tear

  • Brake check

  • Noting down any issues

  • Filling out logbook

A major service will generally include all of the above, plus:

  • Changing spark plugs

  • Changing fuel filters

  • Wheel alignment check

  • Belt check

  • Tire pressure and tread check

  • Lights check

  • Steering check

  • Windscreen wipers check

  • Exhaust check

  • Battery check

Of course, these inclusions will vary between mechanics, so don’t assume that everything listed here will be part of your service. It’s always best to check with your service provider about what’s included in your Ford car service and confirm costs before you book in.

What’s included in Ford’s service schedule?

Ford generally recommends you follow either a regular schedule for everyday driving conditions or a special operating condition schedule for vehicles that regularly carry heavy loads, drive off-road or in dusty conditions, or often drive at low speeds over long distances. Ford has a specific schedule for each model, with extra steps depending on included features (like diesel fuel), but in general, here’s what a typical service schedule might look like:

Every month:

  • Check inside and outside lights

  • Check tires and rotate

  • Check engine oil levels

  • Check the windscreen wiper fluid

Every six months or about 8,000 km:

  • Oil change

  • Check seatbelts for function

  • Check spare tire

  • Check power steering fluid

  • Check windscreen wipers and clean blades

  • Check parking brake

  • Check and lubricate external locks, latches, and hinges

  • Check and lubricate rubber seals on doors

  • Check safety warning lights

  • Check coolant

  • Check battery and clean connections if needed

  • Check clutch fluid

Ford has specific schedules with recommended services at set intervals, right through to around 240,000 km. So we won’t include everything here, but if in doubt, pull out the trusty car manual and see what’s recommended for your current mileage.

What are some common issues when servicing Ford cars?

Every car brand has a reputation for specific qualities, and Ford is no different. Here are some commonly reported problems:

Of course, these won’t apply to all models, and it’s worth mentioning that any significant issues generally result in a recall so Ford can fix the part at fault. And while these might not happen to you, it’s still good to be aware of them in case you suspect something’s wrong so that you can book your Ford in for service earlier than your usual schedule.

Fortunately, many of these problems can be avoided or are a lot less expensive to deal with if you keep up with your regular car servicing. It’s usually only when your servicing gets neglected that you get hit with many problems and costs all at once.

a young man in a jacket asking a mechanic to check the motor of his automobile

What are some typical Ford car repair costs?

The cost of repairing your Ford will depend on what needs to be done, labor costs, parts availability, whether you use new or reconditioned parts, and more. Fortunately, Ford units are generally quite easy to find replacement parts for in the USA, which can help keep car repair costs down. Here are some common repairs and an approximate price guide:

  • Catalytic converter replacement: $615 – $2,000

  • Spark plug replacement: $165 - $209 

  • New battery: $41 - $51

  • Aircon repair: $116 - $249

  • New tires (all 4): $500 - $1200

  • Carbon air filter: $15 to $50

  • New radiator: $674 to $738

  • New timing belt: $500 and $2,000

What are the main factors affecting the cost of my Ford car service?

As you can see from our price guide, there’s a huge variation in cost between different models and types of services. Plus, the overall cost of a Ford service also needs to include your mechanic’s labor, which will depend on:

  • Whether it’s a basic or major service

  • Whether there’s other major work required as part of your car’s maintenance schedule

  • How complex the job is likely to be for your car 

  • The year your vehicle was made in

  • Whether it’s a diesel or petrol model

  • Whether it’s 4WD or not

  • Whether you or your mechanic will source the parts

  • How difficult the parts are to source

  • Any extras

  • Your location/suburb

  • Whether you book an independent mechanic or bring your car into a workshop

  • How urgently you need the job done

  • Whether you need them to work on a weekend or weekday

How can I save on my Ford car service costs?

You might be looking at the Ford service price guides above and wondering how you can make sure you pay on the lower end of the scale. While there will always be some pricier services and expensive parts that need replacing, you can get a lower-cost Ford service by choosing the right service provider. 

We’ve found you can save as much as 50% on some car services just by choosing an independent mechanic like you can find here on the Airtasker platform, rather than heading to your Ford dealership or franchised mechanic. Independents can operate with much lower overheads, which is one reason why they’re a lot more affordable. Plus, an independent mechanic will usually offer a mobile service, which means you don’t have to try and find time to drop your car in (and find alternative transport).

How to book an Airtasker mechanic for your Ford service

Ready to book a mechanic for your Ford and compare some quotes? It’s easy! Just write out your task, post your listing, review your offers, choose someone, and they’ll arrange to come and do your catalytic converter replacement at a time that suits you. If you’re curious, check out how it works.

Here’s what you might include in your listing:

  • Timing and budget

  • Location

  • Car make and model

  • Whether it’s a minor or major service

  • Anything in your service schedule that needs doing

  • Issues noticed

  • Equipment and parts provided

  • Additional services required

The more info you include, the easier it’ll be for your mechanic to price up the job and send through a quote. Plus, they’ll rely on accurate info in your listing so they can come prepared when they turn up to work on your car. Sign up and book a Ford car service.

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Logbook services can be handy for tracking what’s been done and when, to ensure you stay on track with scheduled maintenance. And it’ll make a good selling point if you decide to upgrade your car in a few years.

You can expect a basic service to take around two hours, while a major service might take up to four hours, or longer if you need extra replacements and maintenance.

Unless you have a special bundle or deal when you purchased your Ford, car service costs at the dealership are much higher. And dealership servicing isn’t required to maintain your manufacturers’ warranty (although if you have an extended warranty, this might be different, so check the Ts & Cs).

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