How much do dreadlocks cost?

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How much do dreadlocks cost?

The cost of getting dreadlocks can vary based on hair length, thickness, and the desired style. On average, dreadlocks can cost between $200 and $600, with prices influenced by the process's complexity and the stylist's experience. It's advisable to consult with local hair salons or dreadlocks specialists to obtain accurate pricing and find a skilled professional who can achieve the desired dreadlock look.

Price list for dreadlocks per state

How much does it cost to start dreads? Professional-made dreadlocks cost between $200 to $1,500, depending on how much hair you have. 

State Dreadlock weaving appointment price
Alabama $90
Arkansas $90
Arizona $100
California $130
Colorado $100
Delaware $85
Florida $110
Georgia $110
Hawaii $150
Iowa $90
Illinois $100
Kentucky $90
Louisiana $100
Maryland $120
Texas $110
Wyoming $110

a hairdresser weaving dreadlocks

Types of deadlocks and their costs

How much do dreads cost? Many salons charge a flat rate of $600 for the first six hours and $50 to $60 for each extra hour. Many people get average-sized locks, and the work normally takes about six hours to complete. This isn't a guarantee since every head is different. Extra small sections, extra long hair, and extra dense hair have an impact on the cost.

Crochet (full head)

For crochet dreadlocks, your hair must be at least four to five inches long. They're ideal for people with loose and un-knotted hair. The outcome also depends on your hair's thickness and texture. Some new dreadlocks take more than one session to complete. With routine upkeep, the backcombing and crochet method does not cause any length loss. 

Maintenance every six to eight weeks after the first session is a good way to keep your dreadlocks looking smart and fresh. Have another maintenance appointment after three months to straighten the dreadlocks closest to the bottom, as they tend to shrink. How much does it cost to get dreads? The average price for a full head of dreadlocks is $600.


Partial dreadlocks can include 10, 20, or more dreads. Have a follow-up appointment six to eight weeks after the first session to tighten the loose locks. The high friction at the bottom causes some of the dreadlocks to shrink. To fix this, book another session at week 12. You can add extensions if you plan to keep partial dreadlocks with loose hair. The base price for partial dreadlocks is $250.

Soft crochet

This method gives you natural-forming dreadlocks. It is a slow and messy process that takes more than four months for the locks to start forming. There's no way to control the shape of each dread, and the process guarantees at least six inches of hair loss.

Have a follow-up appointment at week six to tighten rebelling dreadlocks and continue the process. Then book another maintenance session at week 12 to keep the locks looking fresh. The average price of soft crochet dreadlocks is $200.


Faux locks are ideal for those who want the dreadlock look without the permanent commitment. Faux locks provide instant length and improve your thinned or discoloured dreadlocks. If you’re wondering how much fake dreadlocks cost, the price starts at $300 up to $1,000. Synthetic hair or yarn will be much cheaper, at $50 or more.

Dreadlock extensions

This is the best way to instantly get the long dreadlocks you’ve always wanted. When fixed correctly, you won't be able to tell the difference between natural and extension dreadlocks. The extensions have loose ends, but they become more locked and solid with time.

If you want the rounded extension ends, you only need to pay $1 for each extension. Many dreadlock hair experts use real human hair extensions to create a natural look. Don't dye the extensions more than once, or they'll deteriorate.

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Wool dreadlocks are super comfortable, and they're also temporary. They come in different colours and lengths. The cost of getting wool dreadlocks is $150 to $300.

a woman with dreadlocks

Dreadlock reattachment costs

You can reattach dreadlocks just like hair extensions, but your hair must be at least five inches to keep the locks in place. This service works for a person who had to cut off their locks with the hopes of growing them later. Dreadlock reattachment is $25 to $400.

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You should clean your dreadlocks once or twice after the first retouch session. After week 12, clean them as often as you want, but make sure that each lock is dry and straightened.

Yes, but use the smallest amount every six to 12 weeks. You can increase the frequency if you have dry and coarse hair.

The best style depends on the amount and type of hair you have. Talk to a dreadlock expert for more information.

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