How much does it cost to install a cat door?

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A cat door is the purffect solution if you have an independent feline that decides its own indoor and outdoor time. In addition to its convenience, a cat door offers security against trespassers and other animals. Thinking of having one installed? It’s best to leave the job to a professional who can put a well-fitted cat door in your door. The cost to install cat doors usually ranges from $100 to $2,000.

With Airtasker, you don’t have to search far and wide for a service provider who can offer a cat door installation price according to your budget. It has plenty of installers with the tools to make the job efficient and customized based on your cat care needs.

Cat door installation costs depend on various factors, including its material, size, and added features. They also vary based on where in the country you are and the installer’s experience. With these in mind, you have a significant level of control in determining how much it costs to install a cat door.

Cat door installation price list 


Cost of cat door with installation


$150 – $300


$250 – $350


$350 – $500

Extra Large

$500 – $1,000


Cost of cat door with installation


$100 – $300


$150 – $350


$200 – $500


$300 – $700


Cost of cat door with installation


$300 – $800


$360 – $1,250


$400 – $2,000

Factors affecting the cost of cat door installation

a cat in front of a cat door


How much does a cat door cost? It depends on your choice of material. There are flexible types, such as vinyl and plastic, which can help your cat navigate in and out of your property with ease. Meanwhile, rigid varieties, like aluminum-framed cat doors, are considered more durable.


If you’re wondering how much it costs to fit a cat door in a door, wall, or another surface, another factor to consider is your pet’s height and width. Small to medium-sized cats like Russian Blues and Scottish Folds do not require a big entry or exit, unlike Ragamuffins and Maine Coons.

Place of installation

Some cat doors are installed in entryways, including timber doors. However, some homeowners prefer to have them placed in other areas of the house. A cat door’s placement and the material it will be fitted on play a part in determining the cost of the installation service. For instance, cat door installation in a wall costs differently than in a window panel. It should also be noted that not all cat door materials work for all types of surfaces.

Added features

Compared to the cat doors available in previous decades, many modern kinds can be built with many features. There are basic add-ons, such as magnetic seals and lockable modes, as well as electric ones that rely on tech like microchips and infrared. With this in mind, how much a cat door costs will also affect the installation fee.

Job complexity

The difficulty of a cat door installation job is influenced by the factors mentioned above. If you decide on a store-bought cat door without the bells and whistles, the cost will likely be lower than one with several high-tech features and customizations.

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When posting a task, make sure you include these important details: 

  • Size and material of the cat door

  • Additional features

  • Your budget and location

After filling out the request form, expect offers to come your way. You can then choose the cat door installer who can fulfill your indicated requirements. Here are some things you should take note of when selecting the right service provider:

  • Years of experience

  • Experience with your material of choice

  • Cost of service

Do you want your home to retain its curb appeal while simultaneously offering the convenience of movement to your cat? It is important to leave the job of cat door installation to the professionals if you want the outcome to be satisfactory. The cost of installing a cat door relies on several factors, but the good news is that it also depends greatly on your preferences. 

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You definitely can! However, putting up a cat door in a hollow door would need more prep time and effort on the installer’s part, which would mean a higher cat door installation cost.

There are many reasons why your cats may not be a fan of closed doors. They could be feeling clingy and wanting attention, or their natural curiosity translates to craving to know what’s behind a shut entryway.

Cats can use dog doors as long as they can fit in their opening. They wouldn’t know the difference anyway! However, if you want them to use their own doors instead of the entryways intended for the dogs in your home, you can hire a Tasker in your area to train them.

The short answer is yes. Cats learn this behavior by observing the humans around them. If you don’t want them opening doors while you are busy or away, you can temporarily delegate the task of watching them to a cat care service provider instead.

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