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Redecorating your flat or place may seem like a taxing ordeal, but it can also be quite satisfying. The slightest shift of your stuff can spell out a change in perspective for you. Who does not love a change every now and then? We are sure you would love to welcome it on occasion. Aside from the chance to re-spruce, you can make this an excuse to organize. 

But in this case, let us take it to the bedroom. One of the core things of organization is to always ensure you maximize your space. It could be in the way you introduce storage containers, move your furniture around, or toss things you no longer need. After all, Marie Kondo once asked, “Does it spark joy?” Has this applied to your clothes as well? But if all of your fits still spark joy and you are running out of space to store them, let us interest you with the built-in wardrobe. 

Now you may be wondering, “How is this different from the wardrobe I already have?” Most semi-furnished and fully furnished units already come with a pre-built wardrobe. But since it has already existed prior to your presence in the residence, the space is no longer customizable.

The built-in wardrobe (or fitted wardrobe), however, is custom fit for your house. It is a pre-customized space that you can fit into your room. Although prices can vary due to certain factors, fitted wardrobes usually cost between the range of $2,000 - $5,000 per linear metre. But a starting cost of $7,000 per linear metre is also very possible. 

Although there are several cost calculators floating about online, we at Airtasker have put together this easy-to-refer price guide for you to better assess the built-in wardrobe for you. 

What factors affect built-in wardrobe prices?

The size of your wardrobe is a big factor for you to consider when estimating the price of your wardrobe. It is more a nice-to-know suggestion, but knowing the size of your bedroom can more or less give you an idea of the wardrobe that best fits. But aside from this, there are three more factors that you need to think about. 

The type of material

This is also an important factor to think about. It is not only about the material itself, but also how rare or how common it is. For instance, imported wood would cost more than using local wood for your wardrobe. It can even expand to the type of shelving and lighting that you will make use of. Even the design itself is expensive. If you will be adding custom fixtures like wood etches, the total cost can also fluctuate. 

Labor fee

Depending on the tradesman you work with, labor fees could be factored into your total invoice or not. But on average, hiring a carpenter or tradesman could cost you $300 - $500 per hour. However, the cost could increase based on the amount of work they have to do. 


It would be too great a situation if the shop was just next door. But if your installer lives a few streets past yours, you have to factor in the delivery fee as well. Unless you do not see yourself lugging the parts all the way to your house, make sure that you slate this in your total budget. 

Different wardrobes and their costs

Now that you have a sense of why fitted wardrobes are beneficial to your space, we now take a look at the different wardrobe types and their corresponding costs. It is important to note that there are three categories they are sectioned in:

  • Pre-built. As its name suggests, it is already built for use. Unlike customized wardrobes, this is the most economical and cost-efficient option out there. Materials that make up this category include plywood or melamine (compounds used in plastics). The average range is from $1,500 - $3,500.

  • Semi bespoke. This is in the mid-quality scheme of things. It is a leveled-up budget range wardrobe, complete with standard light fixtures and customized shelving. The average range is from $2,000 - $5,000.

  • Fully bespoke. Wardrobes that are under this are for when you wish to splurge and go wild with the design process. Every inch of the wardrobe is designed by you and the tradesman you are working with. Solid wood or customized materials will comprise your wardrobe. The average starting price is $3,500 and above. 

Aside from getting an estimate of the types of categories you wish to venture into, you can also take a look at these common wardrobe designs. Take note that these prices vary based on several factors. 

Type of fitted wardrobe


Average starting cost

2-door fitted wardrobe

They have two opening and closing doors

$2,000 - $3,500

3-door fitted wardrobe

They have three opening and closing doors

$3,500 - $6,000

4-door fitted wardrobe

They have four opening and closing doors

$3,500 - $7,000

Walk-in wardrobe

A closet that has enough room to walk in

$750 - $50,000

What are the advantages of a fitted wardrobe?

If you need a little further convincing, you have landed on the right section. We have already mentioned the capacity of fitted wardrobes to acclimate to your bedroom. It is the best reason yet, especially if you have more Keep than Toss items. But aside from this, there are three more advantages as to why this works. 

In sync with your interiors

What is the best part about getting a built-in wardrobe? Getting involved in the design process, of course. This especially applies if you wish to have your place renovated. You can take down your old wardrobe (if present) and have a custom one fit in. Aesthetically, it would please you to have a perfect match and the rest of your vision. 

Let us take a couple of examples here. For instance, wardrobes made of wood complement rustic interiors, while white and sleek materials pair well with contemporary, minimalist looks. 

Well-lit wardrobe

Let us quote Ernest Hemingway for a while here. Who wouldn’t want a clean, well-lighted place? Old, pre-made wardrobes usually have a single light fixture. It may be light-saving, but if you find yourself rummaging through your clothes during the evening and find yourself knocking your head on the door one too many times, it’s time to bring in the shine.

When building your built-in wardrobe, you can integrate your very own light fixtures into there. Whether it be just adding more light bulbs or adding top and bottom lights, the choice is up to you.               

Easy maintenance

Since most fitted wardrobes are from floor to ceiling height, the process to clean your wardrobe and your interiors will be much simpler. For one thing, you can forget about the dust and the webs that accumulate atop your wardrobe. There simply won’t be any tiny gaps in between to funnel through. The second thing is you only clean the spaces that matter. If that is not simpler living, we do not know what is.  

Now that you have an idea about the costs of built-in wardrobes, get a professional to help bring your vision to life. Put up a task now and find one nearest your area in minutes!

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Granted that this would definitely be a wonderful experience for you, it would be more cost- and time-efficient if you engage with a seasoned professional. Not only will they get the job done fast, but they can also get the job done right in a moment.

If you are renovating your place, it is helpful to decorate the space you live in. This is so that you can know how to maximize your space best. Not only that, but you can also get a more precise measurement of your wardrobe.

While each process varies, the average time it takes to fit is around one and a half hours. It is best to allow at least half a day to a day just to ensure that the fitting goes smoothly.

Aside from knowing what you want out of your fitted wardrobe, you can also make way for the process itself. You can start shifting furniture around to give space for the fitting. If you have an existing wardrobe that will be demolished, you can also empty out your clothes and section them in an area devoid of dust.

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