How much does an awning installation cost?

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As the seasons go by, awnings can help regulate the temperature inside and protect it from rain, snow, and other debris that might damage your property. 

The cost of awning installation is between $1,000 and $4,500, including the materials and installation fee. Awning prices can change depending on factors like the material and size. This awning cost guide will walk you through the different prices you can expect to pay for the type you want for your home. 

Awning price list

Various types of awnings in the US have different costs. Below is a table showing awning price ranges for various types. This is solely the cost of the awning you'll purchase. Labor costs will vary on the installer's rate. Take note that this differs from the price you'll pay someone to repair your awning

Type of awning

Average awning cost (excluding labor costs)

Canvas fabric


Manual retractable




Non roll-up 


Mechanical retractable




a man opening an installed awning

  • Canvas fabric: Awnings made of canvas cloth are known to be durable while adding a bit of style to your home. It can be customized to your choice's style, pattern, and color so that it matches your patio furniture and the exterior of your house. 
  • Manual retractable: This can be folded manually or using a control. You usually fold it depending on your preference or on the weather you’re experiencing at the moment.
  • Metal awning: Metal awnings are one of the sturdiest awnings on the market because of their material, which is often aluminum. They are set up outdoors, on the patio or in the garden, or even over doorways. 
  • Non roll-up: This awning can be made from either canvas or metal. They come at a more affordable cost range but are less flexible than other awnings. Once it's installed, you can no longer adjust it according to your preferences. 
  • Mechanical retractable: These are awnings that can retract automatically. It also comes in both metal and canvas types. You can place it in areas with varying weather conditions since it is easy to keep and take out, thanks to the motorized functions of the awning.
  • Portable: This is the most convenient awning because you don't need to worry about installing it. You can bring it out only when needed, making it perfect for decks and patios.

Factors that affect awning costs


The cost of labor plays a major factor in the cost of awning installation. Installers charge more by the hour when tasks require more elbow grease. For example, simple fixed awning installation costs lower for labor than motorized awnings that need to be installed on the house's second story.

Location of the awning

Installers also consider the position of the awning before they get to work. If the area where you want it installed is more accessible, like a front porch awning, it should be a quick task for the specialist. The higher it is from the ground, the more expensive the labor costs and the more tedious the work. Safety equipment like scaffolding is needed for second or third-story awning installation. 

Size of the awning

The larger the awning, the more expensive the installation costs will be. It takes more time and probably more people to install a bigger awning than standard-sized awnings. You can expect the cost of labor to go up as well. Window awnings, for instance, may be smaller in size than patio awnings. However, labor costs will still depend on how many window awnings you'll install. 

an installed patio awning for sunshade for a modern wooden house


In the US, you may need to get a permit before installing your awning. This is only the case if you're putting up an awning for commercial buildings. The price of a permit ranges from $25 to $100. You can confirm with your contractor or the municipal corporation in your area to verify if you'll need a permit to install an awning for residential homes. 

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Now that you have your awning and have better knowledge of the cost of installation, the next step is to find a reliable awning installer. Luckily, there are many installers you can find on Airtasker. All you'll need to do is to post your task on our digital platform. In no time, Taskers will go looking for you!

When creating a task, include details like your location, preferred schedule, type of awning you want and the size, and where you want it installed. It's important to give potential Taskers such information to help them provide you with a more accurate cost estimate. 

Window and door awnings are an investment for your home. It's only correct that its installation is left to professionals. This will ensure that it is installed correctly and properly.

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This depends on the awnings size and the experience of the professional installing it. It can take up to two hours or even two days to install. 

You can install an awning by yourself. However, certain steps in the installation process can be unsafe if you're left alone. The materials can also be quite heavy, and sometimes it can be tricky to do all the work yourself. 

Yes, it an. When installed on the correct window, it will be able to keep your home cold and protected from the sun’s UV rays. 

An awning should be installed at a minimum height of 2,500 mm. 

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