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Landscaping for your home can make a major impact on your homeowner experience. Landscaping projects not only help create your ideal outdoor space, but can also improve your curb appeal and therefore the value of your house before you’re about to sell. Whether you want to plant some native foliage or add a full water or lighting installation, landscaping is a great next investment for your home. 

Landscaping costs have a very wide range from $500–$800 for small yard maintenance to over $20,000 for complex installations and large yard redesigns. For smaller projects, the landscaper will typically offer an hourly rate between $40–$80, but for larger projects, you can expect a quote for the full project, start to finish. On average, its recommended to budget 5–10% of your home’s value for major outdoor improvements.

If you have gardening experience, some landscaping projects can be done by yourself. However, for major landscaping designs you’ll save more money by hiring a professional who can get it right the first time. A professional will not only be able to offer better prices for materials, but they will also be familiar with building codes and zoning laws to ensure your projects won’t cause any issues.

Some common single landscaping tasks and offers on Airtasker include:

Soil prep and turf installation


Landscaping Day labor


Leveling small garden area


Soil removal


Garden prep


Material Costs and Hourly Rates for Landscaping Work

In various parts of Australia, the average rate for landscaping work ranges between $50-$75 an hour. This typically only includes labor, so you will also need to ask for an estimate on costs for materials and plants. These added costs are what usually make a simple landscaping project escalate in price. 

You want to reserve approximately one-third of your budget for plants alone, if you are planning to add greenery to your design. In addition to flowers and shrubs, you’ll want to have a budget for shade trees and either artificial turf or sod.  

The rest of your budget allocation will depend on whether you’re adding structural elements, such as a patio, fireplace, or pool. Additional services such as land grading can be added to most projects as well. You’ll need to talk to your landscaper to determine what services are essential to achieve your desired result, and what you may be able to do yourself. 

What Services Does a Landscape Designer Offer?

Landscape designers do much more than planting flowers and laying down sod. They are experienced builders that can add both natural and structural elements to your yard, turning it into a livable outdoor oasis. Once you have an idea of what elements are most important to you, you can look into local services to find a landscaper that can provide for your specific needs. 

Landscape designers can construct walls, pathways, driveways, patios and porches, fire pits, pools, and more. They can also create ecological designs using flowers and greenery that best suits your climate as well as your personal tastes. Both natural and structural additions can make a major impact in the overall appeal to your outdoor space. 

Many landscapers also provide land grading services. Land grading is the process of creating or correcting slopes in your yard to provide an ideal space for your building projects. Land grading is essential if you have a yard with an uneven slope where you want to build.

Finding the Right Landscape Designer

Finding a quality landscape designer can be difficult. Many do not advertise their work heavily, but instead, rely on word of mouth and referrals. Even if you have a friend who recommends a company, you’ll want to do your own due diligence to ensure they’re the right fit for your desired lawn result. 

Before you hire a landscape designer, make sure they have:

  • A portfolio of past projects for the kind of work you’re looking for

  • Proof of liability insurance and other licenses

  • A list of references

  • An expected timeline and quote for your project (either hourly or by the project)

  • Specialists on staff for the installation or project you want

Cost of Building and Installing Lawn Features

In addition to the cost of labor for landscaping, you’ll need to factor in the cost of materials for building projects and installations. Some of the average material costs of landscaping projects include:

Sprinkler systems 

Sprinklers are an important part of landscape design, especially if you are adding sod or a variety of plants to your lawn. Sprinkler systems have a wide range of costs. However, you can expect to spend between 75 cents to $1 per square foot.

Patios and Decks 

Patios and porches increase in price in correlation with the size and design complexity. Budgeting between $150-$250 per square meter will give you a safe estimate on the overall materials cost of your project. A simple ground patio could be as little as $5,000, or more than $50,000 if you include additional features such as a pergola, seat wall, or fire pit.

  • Lighting Installations - Outdoor wiring is different than indoor wiring, so it’s best to let a professional for any electrical installation or lighting projects. Electrician call out fees range from $50 to $90, while installation costs for simple lighting systems can range between $1,500 to $8,000 or more depending on the scope and complexity.

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Landscaping services unfortunately don’t have a set price, so it can be difficult to gauge just how much you’ll need to budget until you get an estimate. In order to get a fair price, shop around with different service providers, and compare their prices to their referrals and reviews. For a project that can have a major impact on your home’s appearance and value, it’s never a good idea to sacrifice quality for cost.

Landscaping can be a great way to add curb appeal and real value to your home before you sell. However, you’ll want to work with your realtor and do some research on current home trends to determine features that are most important to buyers in your area. Not only do you want to add aesthetic features, such as a patio and shade trees, you may also want to include money-saving or “green” features such as solar-powered outdoor lighting or an efficient sprinkler system.

Some landscaping maintenance projects can be easily done without a professional. Mowing your lawn, adding small bushes and flowers, and trimming shrubs are easy maintenance tasks that will instantly improve the look of your lawn. However, anything that requires design or building work will likely require a professional’s help.

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