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When planning an outdoor lighting project, it is important to consider the outdoor lighting installation cost. Cheap may seem cheap, but it can quickly translate to expensive when choosing the right outdoor installation project, because budget products have a limited lifespan. It is also important to know that low voltage products (12V) are lower cost than high voltage (240V) lighting products. 

However, it is important to remember that the total cost of outdoor lighting installation depends on the type of project and the charges of the sparky. The average labour cost of an outdoor lighting project is between $80 to $120 per hour, and this needs to be considered alongside the size of the project, type of fittings and the size of the outdoor space.

Outdoor lighting improves the security and safety of your property and adds beauty and style to your outdoor space. There are many choices of outdoor lighting to consider, such as location, style, design, type, material and many more, but the long term cost must be the determining factor.

Always choose a professional tradesperson for your outdoor lighting project. A highly trained and experienced sparky has the skills needed to do the job right. A professional recommends the best design for your outdoor space, the materials to use, and the style that best meets your situation.

Installing outdoor lighting on your property is a good idea, but before you spend your money, you’ll want to consider the following:

  • The lighting products available

  • The cost of the project

  • Other important details, which we'll be covering in the following sections

Outdoor Lights You Should Install

These are some of the areas you need to consider for your outdoor lighting project:

  • Steps and pathway. These lights allow you to navigate safely after dark.

  • Deck, patio and gazebo. To illuminate your outdoor living space and add a decorative touch.

  • Entrance way. These include any lights on the steps, walls and up-lights. 

  • Water feature and swimming pool lights, especially submerged lights. This gives water features and pools a real upgrade.

  • Trees, garden and shrub lights look amazing during night time.

How to Create the Perfect Outdoor Lighting Project

You should take time to understand all the details of project before you hire an outdoor lighting electrician.

Some of the things you should consider include:

  • Future expansion – when installing outdoor lighting, you need an expandable and upgradable lighting system.

  • Convenience – the lighting switches should be in an easily accessible place.

  • Compliance with Australian Standard AS 4282-1997 – you need to take a look at this standard to know whether your outdoor lighting is compliant. Basically, the lights should not bother your neighbours.

  • Cost saving – if you want to lower your energy costs, choose LED globes or solar lighting. High powered globes or floodlights use a lot of energy.

  • Extra security features – you can add a timer or sensors to your outdoor lighting for additional security.

  • Beauty and Style – you can install feature lighting to highlight the central point in your garden.

What You Should Know About Outdoor Lighting Materials

When buying outdoor lighting products, you should check the material because the product stays outdoors where it’s affected by elements such as excess heat, cold, harsh UV rays, and moisture.

  • Stainless steel is durable and is the best material for outdoor use. Outdoor lighting products made with 304, 316 and 904-grade steel are a good choice. Stainless steel is a great material but it stains easily and has to be cleaned often.

  • Aluminium, especially marine grade aluminium, withstands salty water and does not easily corrode. Aluminium is not as durable as other outdoor lighting materials and it fades and chips after a period of time.

  • Outdoor lighting materials manufactured with galvanised steel are moderately durable.

  • Plastic materials are brittle and are for temporary use only. Polycarbonate plastics are cheap and have high heat resistance, but they are of low quality and deteriorate easily under intense heat.

  • Copper is a high-quality material that lasts for a long time and does not corrode but it scratches over time.

  • Brass is durable and works in all environments, but it darkens over time and is the most expensive.

  • Composite is cheap, but it lacks the quality and breaks down faster than other materials.

  • The best lenses or light covers have toughened glass instead of plastics (polycarbonate and acrylic).

  • The cable connectors and light housings should have an IP 67 or IP 68 rating for dust, immersion and heat protection.

How to Choose the Right Electrician

You should only hire a qualified and licensed electrician for your outdoor lighting work, poor outdoor lighting work could cause serious damage to your property.

If you plan to DIY the project, avoid high voltage products such as the 240V outdoor lights. High voltage products need professional skills and the electrical circuit should have overload protection.

Use low voltage products or solar-powered outdoor lights that don’t need wiring.

A certified electrician should give you a compliance certificate after completion. The certificate proves compliance with the relevant Australian laws and covers you for any workmanship flaws that may have taken place.

Cost of Outdoor Lighting Products

The following table shows the quoted process for a variety of outdoor lighting items.


Cost (AUD)

12 Volts Dome Garden Bollards


12 Volts Large Bollard


Low Voltage Cable (20m)


2 Light Deck Globes Kit (Blue)


LED Weatherproof Steplight


LED Floodlight (30 Watts)


Twin AC Floodlight with Sensor (11 Watts)


Coach Exterior Wall Light (100 Watts)


Garden Light Transformer (12V, 220 Watts)


LED up/down Wall Light


LED In-ground Stainless Steel Spot (2 Watts)


Additional Costs and Considerations

Install front and backyard outdoor lights at the same time to get a discount.

Check the codes from your local authorities before you install outdoor lights. In some areas, you need an outdoor lighting installation permit.

Always hire a qualified electrician to make sure that the installation is compliant and done right.

Only use lighting installation materials meant for outdoor use. Indoor lighting materials do not have the right insulation for outdoor weather conditions. They easily break or blow up when exposed to sunlight, UV lights, and moisture, and the damages can be catastrophic.

Keep it simple when adding pieces to your project, or your outdoor space will end up looking like a light show. White light adds an elegant look to your front or backyard without overdoing the overall aesthetic.

Adding outdoor lighting to your property is great, but you must be ready for higher electricity bills. Try not to leave the lights on all night to keep the energy bills down.

Finding the right outdoor lighting installer can be a challenge, especially if you don't know where to look. You can spend the whole day searching on social media or calling your friends and family to get a recommendation. At Airtasker, we make it easy for you to find a qualified and experienced electrician for your outdoor lighting project. You will find all sorts of professional sparkies to get the job done for you. The best thing about Airtasker is, we have honest reviews from real customers to make it easy for you to find the right person.

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Outdoor lighting FAQs

The answer to this question depends on different factors, such as: The number of fixtures – more fixtures take more time to install. The contractor – highly trained and experienced contractors complete the work faster. The planning processes – a large front or backyard needs a lot of planning, and the process takes more time. Consent from the authority – delays occur if the local authorities take time to authorise your project. The time of the year – weather conditions affect the work rate of the contractor.
Normally, it depends on the weather conditions of your location and on what you can afford. Talk to an electrician to learn which type they install in your area. Your material of choice might not necessarily be suitable in your region.
You can use halogen lights if you require a high amount of light. These ones are more effective and durable than incandescent lights. Incandescent lights are cheap and emit a warm white light but they have a short life span and are not energy efficient. LED lights are the best option for outdoor use. They are long lasting and energy efficient.

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