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Frequently asked questions

There’s a huge range of tasks on Airtasker. From home maintenance tasks such as cleaning, gardening and handyman tasks to office-based tasks, such as admin, graphic design, and web design tasks. There are also a bunch of interesting tasks as well, for example, pet grooming, makeup artistry, tutoring, and cabinet making.

The customer will let you know if the task needs to be completed in person or remote and provide dates that tasks need to be completed by.

You can start working on the task knowing that your payment for the task has been secured with Airtasker Pay from the customer. When you complete the task and request payment, the customer will be notified to release the task payment. This is then securely transferred to your nominated bank account.

Airtasker automatically deducts a service fee when the payment is released to include variable transactional and insurance costs and also ongoing maintenance costs to continuously improve and develop the Airtasker platform, maximising your opportunity to earn more.

It’s completely up to you who you’re comfortable working with. When browsing tasks, you can look at the customer’s profile and past reviews to see if you would like to help them.
So you can post or earn with peace of mind please refer to Airtsker Insurance page - terms and conditions apply.
Of course! Set up task alerts in your account settings and we'll let you know when any new tasks appear that match your interests.
Here's a few tips to dramatically increase your chances of getting assigned. When you make an offer, make sure you say why you'd be great for the task. Remember also that the customer doesn’t know what skills you have so make sure your profile is up to date with verification badges, photos of past work and any expert qualifications. The more you’re able to share about your skills and services, the more likely you are to win more jobs!
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