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Must-Know Spring Gardening Tips

By Katie

Updated: August 19th, 2019

Spring is around the corner, so it's time to prep your garden for the warmer weather.

As we start to enjoy more time outside, it’s a great time to get our gardens back into tip-top shape. This requires a bit of planning, time and dedication, but once you’ve finished you’ll have a lovely garden to relax and enjoy in for the upcoming warmer months.

Here are some Must-Know spring gardening tips:

1. Clear out

Throughout winter your garden can become quite neglected and overgrown so a clear up is a great starting point. Depending on the size of your garden dedicate a weekend to it and then you won’t rush it and do a thorough job.

Not sure where to start? Clear up leaves off the grass and garden beds, also check to see if any plants have died and do any weeding that needs to be done. If you need some help, there are plenty of gardeners on who can help you get the job done.

2. Be organised

It’s easy to accumulate tools, maintenance products and seeds over time. As part of your initial clear out, take a look in the shed as well to see what you need to trash, replace or stock up on.

3. Test the soil

Before you rush off the nursery and spend big on plants, you need to give the soil some love and care. Use a soil pH test in several areas of the garden to give you an indication of how the soil is at the moment. That helps you get it back to the optimum level for your new plants.

4. Prepare garden beds

You’ve tested the soil but that’s only the first step. You need to also correctly prepare garden beds so that they are the ideal environment for your new plants. This process will involve breaking up the old soil, adding compost or fertiliser, turning the soil, then adding some old soil to mix it in and leaving for a few weeks so that the compost can break down.

A few days before you’re ready to plant, give the garden bed a good watering and let it sit.

5. Get planting

Now it’s time go to your local nursery and buy some plants. If you’re not sure what to get, someone will be there to give you a hand but the main things are to consider the climate, sunlight and soil type.

You can buy young plants which you can just put into the ground but if you want to start from scratch, seeds are your way to go. Just make sure you read the packet so you know how deep to put them and how far apart from each other. Make sure you water your seedlings daily.

6. Add mulch

Keep your garden looking fantastic by topping off the soil with some mulch. This will keep the weeds at bay, while also helping to regulate temperature and hold water.

7. Lawn care

Be careful not to forget about that luscious lawn, it needs a similar treatment as the rest of your garden with mowing, fertilizing, watering, weeding and aeration.

If you’re looking for some help with your lawn, check out these lawn maintenance tips for summer.



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    Thanks most true and helpful 🙂

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    Very concise article. Thanks. Would be good to add a list of airtaskers that have 5 star ratings to further encourage me to list a gardening task and pick the best airtasker..

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    As an organiser I see so many homes with too much clutter and excess things. Garden tools included. Lots of men’s sheds, schools etc are s great place to donate.

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