20 Apartment colour schemes to add life to your home

Transform your home with bold and vibrant or soft and serene paint colours.

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A fresh coat of paint can go a long way in personalising a generic-looking, cookie-cutter space. But coming up with apartment paint ideas can be daunting with the many options to choose from. Here’s a list of apartment colour schemes to give you some inspiration. We’ve also included some tips on how to choose paint colours for your home.  

Modern apartment paint colours 

1. Olive green and tangerine

Olive green and tangerine kitchen. Bar counter with three bar stools, oven, and sink. Panoramic window with skyscraper view

Olive green walls paired with tangerine accents can give a grounded energy to your home.

2. Monochromatic green 

Luxury living room in apartment. Green velvet sofa, gold coffee table and decorations

A strong and soothing atmosphere perfect for living rooms. Go bold with a single-colour theme, like green. 

3. Blue and coral

Modern kitchen with blue cabinets and coral-coloured wall accent

For a vibrant and energising look, consider painting your walls a bold shade of blue and accentuating it with pops of coral colours.

4. Sage and turquoise

Sage and turquoise apartment colour scheme. Marble kitchen island with gold fixtures and white decorations

Cover your apartment walls with sage and turquoise paint for a tropical atmosphere.

5. Red and black

Modern kitchen interior design with red and black wall

Use black as a canvas for red. Colorblock or paint an accent wall with either colour for a sultry and sophisticated look.

Minimalist apartment colour schemes 

6. Grey on grey

Grey bed and walls. White poster over a headboard, two symmetric shelves with ledges of wood

With grey being a neutral colour, multiple shades will give your apartment a textured feel. It’s soft and understated, perfect for a classy look.

7. All white 

All-white apartment colour. White kitchen counter with two stools and modern hanging lamps. Wooden furniture and stairs

Just like vanilla, white is the safest yet most versatile apartment colour to work with. You can keep your space looking clean and simple or add some wooden furniture to bring in warmth. 

Earth tones

8. Dusty green and brown

Dark green home interior with brown sofa, table, and decor in living room

For a sense of nature, accentuate your apartment with plant colours like green and brown.

9. Sage

Sage green apartment wall. Living room with Scandi sofa, dog, side table, and creative personal accessories

Similar to the herb it’s named after, this colour will bring a sense of calm and relaxation to your apartment.

10. Coffee browns

Coffee brown apartment walls and curtain in windows. Vintage living room with yellow sofa and lamella wall with TV and bookcase

Different shades of coffee-coloured paint are an excellent choice if you want a contemporary yet warm atmosphere.

11. Orange, yellow, and cream

Yellow alone can look too much. But partner it with a cream colour, and you can tone it down and still exude that radiant energy and brighten up your room.

12. Earthy ochre

Usually paired with other warm tones, this cosy colour is perfect for spaces meant to feel warm and comfortable.

13. Beige

Living room in beige and brown colours

If you find white too plain and want a warmer, more timeless look for your space, consider using beige. This classic colour pairs beautifully with greenery or wooden accents, making it an ideal choice for creating a cosy and natural atmosphere in your home.

Contemporary apartment colours 

14. Teal, wood, and white

Teal and white living room wall. Pastel lamp above grey armchair at wooden table

Instead of using teal as your main colour, use it to complement white and wooden themes in your apartment. This will help to create a harmonious and balanced look while adding a pop of colour and visual interest to your space.

15. Blue-green

Green armchair against blue wall with silver painting in living room interior with plants

The colours of the ocean can bring a refreshing and serene look to your apartment. Use colours like aquamarine, teal, and turquoise.

16. Silver and grey

Luxurious and glamour style living room interior with silver and grey colour scheme. Quilted corner sofa, glass coffee and dining tables, and fancy chairs

Prefer a more sleek and sophisticated colour? Silver is the way to go if you want a modern feel. This colour goes perfectly with lighter shades and greys, too.

17. Tangerine and white

Kitchen with orange cabinets and white wall

Pair two bold and contrasting colours like tangerine and white! Colour blocking is a modern interior design technique you can easily do on your walls and cabinets to spruce up your apartment.

18. Dark blue

Dark home interior in blue with open kitchen and dining area with round table

Accentuate your apartment with dark blue if you want to highlight a certain feature. 

Serene apartment colours 

19. Sky blue

Sky blue bedroom interior with double bed, plants, and grey boxes on the floor

You can’t go wrong with a light shade of blue when trying to achieve a relaxing space.

20. Lavender

Stylish bedroom with lavender-coloured wall and comfortable bed

This versatile colour is perfect for bringing life into any small, dull space. Use complementary colours like white and other shades of purple and green to add some variation. 

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Deciding on your colour scheme

Figuring out the perfect colours can be a challenge. But basic colour theory can help you identify the right colour choices for your home. Here are some tips when choosing apartment colour schemes.

Tip 1: Apply basic colour theory

Person looking at colour wheel at desk for apartment colour inspiration

You must get the basics down, such as what colours look good together and which ones best suit your space. Using a colour wheel, choose colours that complement or contrast each other to achieve a desired effect. For example:

  • Use complementary colours: Choose colours opposite each other in the colour wheel, like orange and blue. Complementary colours give a good push-and-pull effect, giving the space depth.

  • Try accent colours: Give attention to a colour by accentuating it. One way to do this is by picking colours closest to your primary paint colour. Choosing nearby colours makes for a more calming look.

  • Play with tints and shades: Depending on how you’ll approach your lighting, ensure you have the right tint or shade for the colour you want. How paint colours and lighting interact can make or break the feel of a space.

Learning the basics can help you narrow down your options and identify the right paint to get. So, grab a colour wheel and have fun visualising the possibilities!

Tip 2: Be intentional

When choosing a colour scheme for your apartment, it’s important to consider the effect you’re going for. 

  • If you’re aiming for a warmer atmosphere, choose colours that evoke that feeling, like earth tones. 

  • If you’re aiming for a more lively theme, choose bright colours like tangerine and yellow.

Also, make sure to check the lighting in your apartment, both natural and indoor lighting. Lighting can drastically affect the shade and hue of colours. Also, consider what kind of furniture and accents you have to tie the space together. 

Tip 3: Be expressive

Don’t forget to have fun and choose colours that show your personality. For example:

  • Neutral tones: Beige, white, and cream can evoke a calm and simple personality.

  • Bold colours: Embrace your lively and adventurous side by opting for bold and bright colours in your decor. Consider incorporating vibrant shades such as orange, blue, and teal to infuse your space with energy and personality.

As long as it works, it works. Remember, the goal is to make your home feel like you.

Need help painting your apartment? 

Now that you’ve seen these different apartment colour ideas, it’s time to start painting! If you can DIY it, then that’s great. But if you need help painting your apartment, you can hire a professional painter. You can save yourself trial and error by hiring an expert with all the proper tools and skills. Find painters on Airtasker who can help you with every step, from planning your colour scheme to painting your entire apartment.

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FAQs on apartment painting

As of writing, there aren’t any laws that prohibit you from painting your apartment walls. You can paint your apartment as long as your landlord or property manager allows it. Check your tenancy agreement to find out about the rules on apartment alterations. 

The 60-30-10 rule is a simple design rule that can help you create a balanced colour scheme in your home. You do this by having 60% of your space in the dominant colour, 30% in the secondary colour, and 10% for the accent colour. Doing this helps balance the paint scheme for your room. 

While each tenant and apartment is unique, neutral tones are popular. Think of white, beige, grey, and tan. These colours are easy on the eyes and forgiving to paint with. Neutral shades also often go well with different colours of furniture, accent walls, and trims.

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