How much does it cost to have furniture painted?

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If you want to give your furniture an updated look but save on costs, having it painted is a great alternative! How much does it cost to get furniture painted? On average, expect to pay $150 to $400. These days, you can request painting services for wood furniture and your kitchen cabinets. Furniture painting can also be a part of a much bigger project, like dining room renovation

If you need to know how much it costs to paint furniture a different colour, you've come to the right place. This guide will help you set a budget for furniture painting.

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Furniture painting price list

Paint finish



$30 to $40 per litre


$35 to $45 per litre


$25 to $40 per litre


$40 to $60 per litre

Your furniture can make or break the look of your entire living space, and painting it is an excellent way to customise it to fit your liking. Here are some of the most common paints used for furniture:


This is the most common coat of paint and finish. A satin finish mineral paint creates a certain glow on surfaces. Thus, it's great for brightening your living space. It's also very durable and easy to maintain, making it ideal for high-traffic areas. Satin paint costs approximately $30 to $40 per litre.



Much a smooth finish like satin, a gloss finish has a sheen to it. The difference is that gloss reflects light more, so it shines more. Costing around $35 to $45, this kind of coat of finish is commonly seen on doors, cupboards, and other frequently used furniture, as it is incredibly easy to clean.



Matte paints cost around $25 to $40 per litre. In contrast to satin, matte doesn't reflect much light. Mattes also aren't as durable, as they are easily marked. If you want a matte finish for your furniture, you might want to avoid using it on something that will be heavily used. 


The eggshell finish is a mix between satin and matte finish lustres. It's not as durable as satin but isn't as high-maintenance as matte. So an eggshell finish or stain is ideal for moderately used furniture. Eggshell paint costs $40 to $60 per litre.

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What factors affect the cost of painting furniture?a woman painting a piece of furniture

Furniture condition

Well-kept items are likely easier to paint, while others will require furniture restoration or refurbishment. This means additional work for the Tasker.

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Furniture size

A big piece of wood furniture, like a wardrobe or dresser, will require more paint than something small and simple, like a chair.


Paint price (colour and finish)

The finish you choose for your furniture is as important as the colour; the best paint finish will complete the look. There are various paint finishes for the surface of your furniture, each with different prices.

Your location

The retail price of paint will also depend on the location. It will most likely cost more to get furniture painted in an urbanised area because of the high demand. If you live in the suburbs, you might get a lower quote for furniture painting. 

Post a task for furniture painting

Overall, having your furniture painted is simple. Just click "Post a Task" and follow the instructions on how to fill out your request form. Here are some things to remember when posting a task for furniture painting:

  • Have a schedule in mind

  • Indicate your budget

  • Mention your location

  • Specify the piece of furniture you want painted

  • Indicate the finish you want done

The more specific you are about your painting needs, the easier it is for Taskers to assess if they can do the job. This results in a faster transaction. 

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Painting looks easy, but it takes a lot of time and hard work. An experienced Tasker knows how to sand down wood and address discolouration for a consistent finish.

Most furniture can be salvaged and refinished or refurbished, depending on how bad the damage is. Refinishing is more intensive work involving sanding down the wood before painting over it. Refurbishing is a more gentle approach, as it only involves touch-ups on paint.

Ideally, wood requires two coats of paint. Remember to let the wood dry in between coats to get an even, consistent finish.

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