How much is IKEA furniture assembly?

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IKEA furniture is amazingly cheap for its quality. It’s supposedly easy to assemble. But in reality, assembling IKEA furniture can turn into an absolute nightmare. So getting help from a trusted assembler is ideal. It reduces the risk of losing parts and spares you from deciphering diagrams and figuring out which goes where.

What’s great about IKEA furniture assembly is that it only costs $99 to $200, depending on the piece. For example, assembling a wardrobe costs more than assembling a bed. Regardless of the furniture type, there’s always a Tasker to help you.

So if you’ve recently bought IKEA furniture and are considering hiring a pro to assemble it, this guide will go into detail on IKEA furniture assembly prices.

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Price list for IKEA furniture assembly

Flat-pack furniture assembly is a relatively straightforward task. However, knowing the different types of flat-pack furniture and their costs is an excellent way to avoid surprises when you read the bill. Take a look at this table. Please note that this list does NOT include the actual furniture price.

Type of furniture

Cost of assembly


$100 to $230


$65 to $130


$80 to $150


$70 to $140


$50 to $110


$62 to $100

Factors affecting IKEA furniture assembly costs

Minimum fee

Most flat-pack assembly services charge a minimum fee, no matter the size of the furniture or the intricacies of assembling it. A minimum fee helps Taskers by covering the basic tools and overhead for the task.

Furniture size

One major factor affecting the assembly of flat-pack furniture is size. This is particularly important in the transportation of goods. The size of the vehicle depends on the size of the furniture. It is also essential in estimating the number of people needed to carry and assemble the furniture.

Larger pieces of furniture, like beds, bookcases, wardrobes, and even outdoor furniture, might need bigger vehicles for transportation and another Tasker to support in assembly.

Task difficulty

It usually takes one Tasker to assemble pieces of furniture, like tables and chairs. However, larger ones might become more complicated to build. These tasks will require more than one person to accomplish.

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Location is an essential factor in the cost for two reasons.

First, the mileage charge accounts for location. A typical service included in IKEA assembly is the pickup and delivery of flat-pack furniture. Prices depend on how accessible the delivery address is from the Tasker’s area. 

Second, states have different rates, as seen in this table:


Average cost


$93 to $207


$100 to $225


$100 to $220


$97 to $240


$90 to $179


$80 to $176

a handyman assembling a small cabinet

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Post a task for IKEA furniture assembly

Whether your IKEA furniture is big or small, you can find someone to assemble it for you on Airtasker. Booking a Tasker requires little effort. Just click “Post a Task” and follow the instructions on how to fill out the request form.

Here are some details you might need to include:

  • Your schedule
  • Your budget
  • Your location
  • The IKEA furniture you purchased
  • The location of the IKEA warehouse

While there is no need for certifications in professional IKEA assembly, it’s crucial to consider the Tasker’s experience. If you want to get the most out of your money, ensure their abilities are up to your standards. They should accomplish the job as efficiently as possible. Here’s a to-do list when hiring a Tasker:

  1. Get multiple quotes to get the most reasonable offer.
  2. Look for testimonials. Read the reviews of previous clients first! 
  3. Agree on a fixed rate for the time it takes to accomplish the task.
  4. Ask about VAT, refunds, or additional charges.

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Taskers will bring their own tools and equipment to assemble your furniture. But be sure that you have enough space for the Tasker to unpack and build your furniture. Doing so will help both of you save time.

The beauty of IKEA furniture is that they provide detailed instructions for self-assembly. While it's always an option to DIY, hiring a pro saves you from undue stress and ensures the integrity of your furniture.

Assembling IKEA furniture by yourself might take a whole afternoon. However, a Tasker can assemble chairs and tables in 30 minutes and beds and wardrobes in a few hours.

Yes! It will cost $140 to $338, depending on the pieces.

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