How much does a house renovation cost?

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Renovating your home is an exciting project to upgrade your space and give it a fresh look. But this task can get messy, time-consuming and costly. The average cost to renovate a house is around $38,000

If your home is up for renovation, read our price guide to know how much you need to budget for a house renovation cost.

Average house renovation costs

Type of renovation

Average cost 

Full house renovation


Kitchen renovation


Bathroom renovation


Living room renovation


Bedroom renovation


Exterior renovation 


House extension renovation


a builder breaking an indoor wall for house renovation

Full-house renovation cost estimate

Small homes

For small home renovations that require a small extension or internal refurbishment, you can expect to spend an average total cost of $50,000.

Medium homes

Renovated medium homes, including an extension to a post-war home, will cost between $90,000 to $250,000.

Large homes

Large house renovations that require a house lift, extension, or a build-under can go up to $300,000.

Types of renovation 


The heart of the home is often the first area homeowners choose to start renovating. You can expect kitchen renovations to include new cabinetry, modify electricity and plumbing, structure work to remove existing walls or to open up the kitchen, and fixtures and appliances.


Renovating a bathroom usually involves plumbing. Take note of this, as it can render a bathroom unusable during the project.

Renovating a bathroom usually involves plumbing and may also include the following:

  • Stripping out the existing bathroom
  • Adjusting wall frames
  • Applying new tiles or tapware
  • Adding a fresh coat of paint


Basement renovations can involve a tremendous amount of work and design depending on its state, so make sure to allocate the proper budget. This renovation typically covers building a frame, running mechanicals, installing walls, painting, and installing flooring.

Home extension

Adding another room into your home is a common upgrade for homeowners with growing families, but do note that by doing so, internal structures of the house may need to be altered throughout the renovation.

A house extension involves adding to a current level to increase floor space. It could go sideways, towards the back, or to the front. Home extension jobs may include a concrete foundation or file foundation, excavation work, wall removal, painting and wall and tile installation.


Renovating the outside of your home is a great way to show off your style. You can transform your roof, patio, porch, deck, or landscape. Exterior renovations may also include exterior painting, replacing external cladding, re-roofing, upgrading the landscape, and replacing paving.

Whole house

This type of renovation involves renovating your whole house, including knocking down walls, structural changes, painting, installing walls and floors, modifying plumbing and electricity, and more. You may also alter existing structures and render parts of the home unusable during the renovation period.

a handyman installing tiles on a renovated bathroom wallFactors that affect house renovation costs


Different locations will present logistical challenges. These issues affect operating costs to transport supplies, materials, and manpower. 


One of the biggest cost variables is labour and hourly wages, varying from state to state. Prices may also go higher if the plumbing or electrical work is included in the renovation.


Different contractors will charge varying rates. Find a contractor that is known for their workmanship and experience in the area of the house you’re getting renovated and the features you wish to include. Then see if their rate fits your budget. 


Some materials will cost more to produce and transport. They could also be more complex in processing and may run in limited supply. Make sure to budget carefully when choosing materials such as wallpaper, paint, tiles, furniture, and more.


Houses with square or rectangular rooms will be the most cost-efficient to renovate. The more complex the angle of the house, the more difficult it is for contractors to revamp because it means cutting custom shapes and items to fit the space. 

Old houses may also have special requirements for preservation purposes, and you may need to secure permits before renovation. You can also consider working with a floor planning professional to help you out with the layout. 

Seasonal factors

There are many seasonal factors affecting businesses, including home renovation costs. Holidays can affect the number of people working, and labour costs may increase. Make sure to schedule your renovation accordingly.

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One of the highest costs in a renovation project is labour. While it’s possible to reduce labour costs by doing it yourself, there may be aspects of the renovation that are best left to the pros. 

The general rule is to spend less than 10% of your house’s current market value. For instance, if your house is valued at around $1.2 million, your renovation budget should not exceed $112,000.

This depends on the extent of renovation required for the property. In some cases, rebuilding a house is cheaper than renovating. However, there will be instances where renovating would be the better option for you and your home, such as when it’s only one area you need to revamp. 

When done successfully, renovating a house can be worth it! It will help raise your house’s market value and showcase your home style to others.

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