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Long hours or slower months at the clinic may motivate you to explore side hustles and veterinary jobs from home. Side hustles not only help increase your income but also let you hone new skills and interests. 

If you’ve asked yourself, “how can a veterinarian make more money?” side hustles are the way to go. We’ve compiled a list of great side hustles for veterinarians.

Pet sitting and dog walking 

As a trained veterinarian, pet sitting can be a walk in the park. Your professional experience can also help attract clients, as pet owners can rest assured their pets are in good hands. 

Mobile pet grooming

Mobile pet grooming side hustle. Veterinarian trimming dog's nails

Do you have pet grooming skills? You can offer mobile pet grooming services to those pet parents that can’t make the trip to the grooming salon. Best of all, you can book as many clients as you want and offer specialized grooming services. 

As a veterinarian, you might even have some pet grooming products on hand for maintaining dogs’ silky smooth, and shiny fur.

Hosting a vaccine clinic

Vaccinating a cat at a vet clinic

Does working on weekends sound fine to you? You could try your hand at hosting a vaccine clinic. This is a great way to make more use of your DVM degree. Not only do you get to promote good animal health, but you’ll also be helping animals in need. 

Telemedicine services for pets

The pandemic has forced many businesses to shut down and people to look for alternative online services. As a result, fur parents had fewer options to inquire about their pets’ health concerns. Luckily, telemedicine for pets swooped in and saved the day. 

Now, animal owners can more easily connect with veterinarians through smartphone apps. If you’re interested in virtual veterinary jobs from home, you can check out these veterinary telemedicine services

Starting a pet blog

Blogging about your expertise is another great way to earn money on the side. You can share pet care tips, review pet products, or even day-in-the-life posts if you have pets of your own.

Pet blogging side hustle. Woman typing on laptop while sitting beside pet cat

There are countless ways you can earn from blogging, including affiliate marketing, sponsored posts, and digital products. You can also be a freelance writer for pet websites needing authoritative content in your niche. 

But if you could use a break from your profession, you could always write about other topics and niche hobbies that interest you.


Are you quite good at writing and want to make money from your love for reading? You can help writers polish their work, be it pet care articles, academic papers, or materials outside your niche. 

You can try this side hustle if you have excellent attention to detail and an eye for great writing! A quick proofreading course can help you learn basic skills to become a part-time proofreader or editor.  

Pet transport services

Pet transport side hustle. Cute small jack russell dog in a car wearing a safe harness and seat belt

Many pet parents don’t have the means to easily travel where they need to go with their pets. You can offer your services to transport pets, as not all ride-hailing apps are keen on pets sitting in their backseats. With your experience working with animals, handling pets could be a manageable task.  

Does transporting pets sound too challenging? For a low-stress side job, you can offer pet food delivery services instead. 

Building pet sheds and furniture

Pet furniture. Two cats sitting on wall-mounted cat beds

Got some handy and creative skills? You can take on small building projects like custom sheds, pet beds, doors, and fences. Moreover, you can extend your services to general home improvement tasks like painting and window repair. 

Pet training

Woman holding a ball and training two dogs at the park

Not all veterinarians have the talent to train animals. But if you do, then you can provide pet training sessions in your spare time. Utilize your veterinary experience to find the best way to train pets. Whether it’s cat or dog training, pet training can be a fun and active way to earn extra money. 

Passion projects

Man taking care of potted plants at home. Selling plants as a side hustle

People don’t usually include passion projects as a side hustle. That’s why they’re called “passion projects.” But you’ll be surprised that many businesses are born from these small efforts. 

It can be related to your veterinary career; perhaps creating a specialized service like pet food meal plans or an app that helps veterinarians do their jobs more efficiently. Or it can be an entirely new area like making art or organizing homes.

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