How much does a tree surgeon cost?

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Tree surgeons charge an average of $600 to $800 for a day’s work. Several factors affect these prices. A tree surgeon considers the job type, the size and condition of the tree, and the location. Complete removal for a large tree costs up to $1,500 and requires two to three days of labor.

If you want to know more about tree surgeon prices in the U.S., read on! Here are some of the most common tree removal requests and how much they cost:

Type of Job

Average Cost

Tree pruning and lopping

$200 to $600

Stump removal and grinding

$150 to $500*

*Depending on the width of the tree

Tree removal

$300 to $1,500*

*Depending on the size of the tree

Tree survey and report

$500 to $1,500*

*Depending on the number of trees within the area

a man cutting off a tree branch

How to know if you need a tree surgeon

Garden or yard trees provide many benefits. They create shade, keep the air clean, and can be a good spot for play. However, they might also require some maintenance because you have to clean up dead leaves and fallen branches.

Tree removal is a daunting and dangerous task. While you might want to delay it, doing so can lead to more significant problems in the long run. That’s why it’s best to work with professionals.

Are you unsure when exactly to call someone? Here are some signs that you should ask a pro to do the job for you:

  • Trees blocking your house or pathway
  • Dead branches and discolored leaves
  • Fungi growing at the base of trees and broken branches
  • Storm damage
  • Detached roots
  • Long branches in danger of falling
  • Branches encroaching into your neighbor’s property

What affects tree surgeon costs?

Different things determine how much tree surgeons charge. Consider these factors need before contacting a tree surgeon:

Tree species

Some trees have multiple stems and require more resources for pruning. A large oak tree, for example, will need more people and equipment. Otherwise, the project might take many days to complete.

Tree size

Size indicates both height and width. Larger or wider trees require additional people to work on them. If the tree is tall, the tree surgeon might need extra tools to reach the top, resulting in higher costs. 

Tree condition

Is the tree healthy, diseased, infested, or damaged? Damaged trees require particular care and attention. Cracks and broken branches need thorough treatments. Tree surgeons are cautious when dealing with diseased or infested trees to ensure the problem doesn’t worsen. 

Tree placement

Working on a tree on even ground takes significantly less time than tree projects near power lines or in areas with high foot traffic. 


Your city or state also matters when hiring a Tasker. Some places have higher costs of living, which will lead to expensive services. Here’s a list of the average prices of tree surgeons in different states:


Estimated cost

New York

$500 to $1,000


$800 to $1,500


$400 to $1,000


$300 to $800


$400 to $900


$500 to $1,500

a tree surgeon examining his work

Things to remember when hiring a tree surgeon

Before booking a Tasker to work on your garden, here are some things you should bear in mind: 

Consult your local council 

Specific regulations of the US Forest Service protect some trees. So cutting them might result in a criminal offense for you or the Tasker. It is wise to consult your local council before asking someone to work on a tree. 

Check your homeowner insurance

Having homeowner insurance is essential, especially in cases like this. You might want to check if your policy covers the project. It beats shelling out money from your own pocket.

Check the Tasker’s credentials and experience

It’s always best to know the Tasker’s competence by researching their credentials and experience. You should look at testimonials for their work. It’s also good if your Tasker is part of a professional organisation, like the International Society of Arboriculture. Such memberships for accredited contractors involve strict clearance processes.

Booking a tree surgeon

Now that we’ve covered the basics, here are a few tips for booking a Tasker for your tree removal needs. 

Get quotes

It’s good to have a deep understanding of the market. One way to familiarise yourself with it is to get several quotes from Taskers. Doing so allows you to compare prices and ask other relevant questions. If you have more garden needs like landscaping, you can ask for a separate quote. 

Scheduled professional visit

Before the project's official start, schedule a visit so that the tree surgeon can survey the area and plan accordingly. This enables them to gauge the extent of necessary work.

Book a Tasker

Once you have chosen a professional, you can book them directly on Airtasker. Discuss the project's specifics, including the start and end dates.

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They are essential because they help Taskers follow the regulations of an area and prepare the necessary tools for the project.

If possible, wait until winter. However, if your tree poses an immediate threat to you, your family, and nearby structures, remove it as soon as possible.

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