How much are family photo shoots on average?

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In the modern world of selfies, you might be wondering, "Is professional family photography worth my money?" Well, we're here to tell you that it is worth every penny! Professional family photography is a beautiful way to capture fleeting moments. If you're planning to photograph your baby's first steps or document your family's special get-togethers, it pays to know the cost of professional services in your area.

Family photo prices range from $145 to $550 per session in the U.S. However, these still depend on the location, equipment, and amount of professional photo editing you need. Other factors influencing the total cost are prints, props, and expertise. Here's a price list to help you find the right photographer for your first family photo shoot:


Average price per session

Los Angeles

$250 - $550

New York City

$200 - $600


$125 - $350


$129 - $350


$199 - $450


$100 - $550


$75 - $350


$150 - $500

a portrait of a happy couple and their two kids

Factors affecting family photography prices

Finding the perfect photography service for you and your family can be confusing at times. Since most photographers offer their services at different prices, it can take a while before you find one who meets your budget and needs. If you want to know how much family photo shoots cost in the U.S., here's what you need to remember: 


There are three options for family photo shoots: your home, your photographer's studio, and outdoor locations. If you decide to take your family photo in your home, the final fee might be lower since you don't have to cover the costs of using a standalone premise like a studio. However, you might still shoulder additional charges if your photographer needs to travel beyond their service area or if you want to do the photo shoot outside. 


Incorporating props is one of the easiest ways to make your family photos look more fun and creative. Although some photographers have ready-to-use props included in the final cost of their service, you might have to buy supplies to achieve the setup you want. 


The phrase "It takes money to make money" is one of the most accurate statements when starting a photography business. Photographers need to invest in high-quality cameras and other tools, such as reflectors, storage devices, and lighting equipment to take beautiful portraits. These overhead expenses affect the overall cost of their services. 


Post-production services, such as editing and uploading photos, also determine the project's final cost. Aside from working extra hours, photographers will consider the software needed to achieve the desired look. 


Expect to pay more if you hire a photographer with more experience and an extensive portfolio. Skilled photographers invest their time and money in different workshops and conferences to stay up-to-date with current photography trends. Although it's expensive, you'll likely get better photos when you hire an experienced photographer instead of someone new in the field.

What equipment does a photographer use?

To know how much family photos cost in your area, you need to understand what equipment photographers use for their services. The standard kit for professional photography consists of the following:



Digital single-lens reflex (DSLR) camera


Walkaround lenses






Storage cards

$28+ each


Although lenses can last for years, photographers must change their camera bodies from time to time. They also need to invest in regular maintenance and cleaning to extend the service life of their equipment. Lighting materials are also essential to capture the right mood and atmosphere. 

Photographers offering post-production services, such as photo editing, need to purchase desktop computers with large screens and high specs. These help them see details clearly and ensure photo authenticity. On top of this, photographers have to invest in editing software, such as Adobe Photoshop, to refine photos.

a portrait of a smiling couple and their two children 

Things to look for when hiring a family photographer


Before hiring a family photographer, it's best to look at their portfolio and know their specialization. Professionals usually have experience in couple, wedding, maternity, and newborn photography. Choosing a photographer who works well with children can make the whole experience more fun and stress-free. 


 Pricing for family photo packages depend on extra services/perks. While some photographers will grant you full rights to your photos, others will only ask you to pay for the session and sell the digital prints separately. Other add-ons people look for in family photo packages are props, editing, and makeup services. 


You want to hire a photographer who can produce the same quality of photos you see in their portfolio. Before committing to any photography service, scan their portfolios and assess how consistent their work is. When you notice a trend in how they shoot and edit their output, you'll likely get the results you want for your family photos. 


This is the most important factor. Check if your photographer has good reviews from their past customers. You want to make sure that they offer quality photos and excellent customer service. Remember, it only takes customer feedback to unveil what it's really like working with that photographer. 

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Most photographers suggest taking your family photo during the early morning. There are a few reasons for this. Photographers want to take advantage of the early morning light, children are more energetic during the day, and outdoor locations are less busy and crowded. However, the photo shoot schedule still depends on your preference and availability.

Wear anything you want. You want the final photo to look as genuine as possible, so wear clothes that allow your personality to shine. However, printless shirts work best in photography, while layering clothes creates more interesting textures in your final photo. You can also change outfits throughout the photo shoot. If you're doing an outdoor shoot with your little ones, wear something light and comfortable so that you can run around and play in front of the camera.

While most photographers allow pets to be part of the photo shoot, others charge an extra fee for the inclusion of furry friends. Just make sure your pets are clean and well-behaved so that your photographer won't have difficulty capturing decent photos. You can also bring treats and toys for your pets, and if possible, put them on a leash so that they won't run around.

If you want to shoot in an outdoor location, you need to bring spare clothes and snacks for your little ones. You can also bring your own props if you want creative photos. Grooming products, like makeup and combs, are essential to keep you looking fresh. Most importantly, don't forget to bring lots of water to stay hydrated!

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