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$50 - $80







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Driving is a good life skill to have, especially during emergencies. Something you have to consider once you look up the cost of driving lessons in the US is their customizability since people learn at different paces. After all, what worked on another might not work for you.

So how much are driving classes? Private driving instructors usually price by the hour, unlike driving schools where lessons are offered in packages. The average cost of driving lessons per hour is $50 to $80. If you're a beginner or someone looking to rehash their skills, this price guide will help you set the right budget for driving lessons. 

Driving instructor prices per state

The cost of driving lessons primarily depends on where you're located. The table below shows driving lesson prices in some states.


Driving lesson cost per hour




$50 to $60

New York

$55 to $70

New Jersey

$55 to $65


$65 to $80


$50 to $70

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Factors affecting driving lesson costs

Here are other things you have to consider when calculating the cost of driving lessons:

Lesson duration and frequency

Technically, the driving lesson's hourly cost will depend on whether you avail of a packaged deal or just a session. Each session lasts somewhere from 90 minutes to two hours. If you're new to driving, getting a packaged deal on the get-go will save you a lot of money. However, a per-session arrangement should be right for you if you're looking for a refresher course. 

Hours behind the wheel

Related to the previous factor is the total number of hours you have/want to practice driving. You have to consider two things: (1) the hours of behind-the-wheel practice required by the DMV in your state, and (2) approximately how many hours it will take for you to get comfortable and confident driving. Driving instructors usually offer learners discounts the more hours they get, so it's best to be decisive about this. 

Lesson plan or curriculum

Always look at the lesson plan or curriculum of your driving instructor. Some instructors offer cheaper services but at the cost of technical knowledge. Check if their curriculum has all the basics you might need in the future, like how to parallel park. Remember, you can never learn too much about safe and proper driving.

Other things to consider when hiring a driving instructor

As with anything, it's best to do your research first. This is particularly important before taking driving lessons. Here are a few things you must reflect on when looking for a driving instructor.

Your instructor's experience

Your instructor should be experienced because they'll be the one to (1) teach you the right way to drive and (2) possibly help you enjoy, or even love, driving. When booking a Tasker for driving lessons, check if they have an instructor's license. This will help ensure their credibility, and, ultimately, your safety as a student. 

DMV requirements

Don't forget about DMV requirements. The DMV requires 30 hours of classroom lessons for student drivers to get their IDs. This is accompanied by a certain number of practice sessions. Then, student drivers need to take a written and applied test to check their road knowledge. 

Private classes vs. driving school

Getting private classes or going to driving school will depend on several things: (1) where you're at with your driving, (2) your schedule, (3) your needs, and (4) your instructor's flexibility. If you're someone with a busy schedule or you only want to improve a specific skill, perhaps private classes will be a better fit. 

a woman having a driving lesson

Book a driving instructor on Airtasker

Now that you're familiar with driving lesson prices, the next step is to find credible driving instructors on Airtasker. The process is pretty straightforward. Just post a task and wait for offers in your inbox.

To make sure you get the right Tasker for your needs, include these details on the request form: 

  • Your budget, location, and schedule

  • Your preferred number of hours for practice driving

  • Your skill level as a driver 

  • Specific driving skills you want to learn (if applicable)

Although you have to memorize and follow many rules to be a good driver, the learning process doesn't have to be boring. Taskers can adjust their lesson plan, making it fun without compromising safety. 

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The short answer to this question is that driving is a very technical skill that requires an excellent teacher. Instructors must be extra careful and undergo much training, as driving can be a life-and-death situation.

It depends on your competence and comfort level. Driving instructors typically recommend six hours of behind-the-wheel training for good measure, but you can always go beyond that if you’re not yet confident in your skills.

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