How much does car window tinting cost?

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Having your car windows tinted is a good investment, especially if you want more privacy and security or just want to add to the car’s overall aesthetic. In addition, it offers plenty of benefits. For example, it protects passengers from harmful UV rays and glass shatters. It also improves overall comfort by reducing heat, especially during summer. 

With these benefits, it can get expensive, with window tinting prices ranging from $50 to $800. There might also be added costs depending on the tint quality, car model, and car size. To know more about how much it costs to tint car windows, we have created a comprehensive price guide.

Factors that affect car window tinting prices

Many factors affect car window tinting prices near you. It can start at around $50 using a cheaper quality tint, but expect to pay four times higher for more luxurious tints. In addition to this, costs can ramp up depending on the vehicle and warranty inclusions. Here are some that need to be considered when estimating how much will it cost to tint car windows:

Car window tinting price guide

Average price

Two-door windows


Single cab trucks


Extended cab trucks


Full-size vehicles


Mid-size SUVs and wagons


Large SUVs and wagons


Extra large SUVs and vans



The make and model of the car, size, and type of window, and year manufactured are crucial in determining the price for window tinting jobs. This is because some car types require more work than others, especially if it has curvier windows. 

Of course, the bigger and more windows your car has, the more expensive the cost will be. The year the vehicle was manufactured can also add up to the car window tinting cost, as there might be additional care and maintenance depending on the state of the car.

Quality of tint films

Aside from the vehicle, the quality of the tint is also a factor to arrive at the average cost to tint car windows. Fully metallized films with advanced technologies like UV and solar heat protection, glass shatter protection, and glare reduction are more expensive but offer more benefits and better tint quality. Budget window films are more prone to peels, glazes, bubbles, and cracks and will cost you more in the long run.

Service and tint warranties

As mentioned, warranties often come with more expensive window tinting films. This is one of the things that you should ask upfront before availing of the service, as it varies per service provider and material to be used. Some warranties offered are:

  • Color-safe warranty — ensures replacement of car window tint in case of discoloration and color fading

  • Transferable warranty — ensures warranty is still usable even if the car has been sold

Besides this, be wary of lifetime warranty offers and only get this from reputable service providers. It will not be usable if the service provider is no longer existing.

On Airtasker, you’ll be able to choose highly rated Taskers nearest to your location. So skip going around town looking for tint shops, and hire skilled locals who can do the job within your car tint price range.

Window tinting rules and regulations

Another consideration aside from how much it costs to get car windows tinted is the current rules in place, especially if you travel often. In general, darker tints can lead to some driving challenges, especially during low light and bad weather. If you’re not aware of how dark you are allowed to tint your windows, it’s best to check with the state that you live in.

Take note that state laws vary depending on which window, and can have specific requirements on color and reflectivity.

Additional costs to car window tinting

Window tint costs might increase for additional services such as tint film removal or sunroof tint installation. The average time for film removal of a four-door car is two to three hours.

Car window tinting additional costs

Average price

Front visor strip - windshield


Full windshield


Sun roof, half glass roof, full glass roof

Starts at $110

Tint removal - full vehicle

Starts at $125

Tint removal - partial vehicle

Starts at $20


Moreover, if you also want to have your car wrapped, windscreen replaced, or car glass repaired, that will incur other costs. So to save you time searching for service providers and to ensure you’re getting the most bang for your buck, put up a task on Airtasker, and all the needed fixes will be done in no time.

Using DIY tints

How much it costs to tint your car windows could quickly go sky-high. It might be tempting to buy a DIY car tint and install the kit on your own. However, there are benefits in hiring a professional to do the service, as car window tinting usually takes time and lots of patience to master. 

Professionals are more familiar with car window tinting rules and regulations in your area. Failure to follow these could lead to penalties and inconveniences. Experienced window tinting professionals are also experts at installing tints and avoiding annoying creases, bubbles, and debris. Thus, hiring a professional would ensure a lesser risk of window tinting removal in case of mistakes. Your much-loved car will also get the professional care it deserves.  

Lastly, mid to high-grade window tints installed by professionals often last longer and have more variety in terms of tint choice and benefits, such as heat and glare reduction and glass shatter protection.

Tips before installing a car window tint

Now that you know the different factors to consider and how much it is to tint your windows, here are a few tips to help you get started:

  • Go for a reputable service provider. Read up on online reviews and ratings.

  • Take note of response times as this could give you an idea of the reliability of the service in case you would need to avail of maintenance in the future

  • Offer a fair price and discuss added services before the visit to ensure you are both on the same page on how much it costs to tint car windows

  • Know the level of film tint your car currently has. Window tints range from 5% for a very dark tint to 100% or no tint. Beware of heavily tinted front windows, and make sure each window tint passes US standards before buying a car.

When you’re ready and want to take the next step, put up a task for window tinting near you, and soon you’ll be on your way to having a safer, more comfortable ride!

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Professionally tinted windows usually last around 10 years, but might be shorter or longer depending on the tint used and weather conditions.
Car window tinting usually works by limiting the amount of light passing through the glass, making it more challenging to see in low light and bad weather conditions. Window tinting rules ensure that drivers and passengers can still see during these times. With this, it is best to have your window tints installed by a seasoned professional with knowledge and background on window tinting regulations to ensure protection and avoid road traffic accidents.
To find out if your tinted front or rear windows are legal in the UK, best to consult a professional to avoid future inconveniences and undergo necessary fixes to ensure your vehicle is compliant. The typical cost to tint car windows could easily double or triple if you have to have it redone.

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