How much does it cost to install a dishwasher?

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A dishwasher could be a great addition to your kitchen, whether you’re starting to build it out or doing a home improvement project. It is not only a big timesaver, but it is also an efficient way to keep your dinnerware clean and hygienic.

But how much does it cost to have a dishwasher installed? Consider the technicalities involved, such as locating power and water sources. Having your dishwasher installed by a professional is the best way to go. The average dishwasher installation cost in the US is $250 to $2,500.

Dishwasher installation prices

The following table provides an overview of the average cost of installing a dishwasher. Costs may differ depending on the complexity of dishwasher installation, but they generally go for the rates below.



Dishwasher removal


Connecting the dishwasher to the electrical supply


Connecting the dishwasher to the water supply and drain line


Installing a flat-pack dishwasher cabinet


Type of dishwashers








What factors affect the cost of installing dishwashers? 

Dishwasher unit

The price of your new dishwasher unit is not part of the total installation cost, but the type of dishwasher you choose affects how it will be installed. The most common types are underbench, freestanding, and integrated (or built-in) dishwashers. 

  • Underbench dishwashers are designed to be placed below your kitchen bench, which covers the dishwasher’s exposed internals.

  • Freestanding dishwashers are more portable; they can be fixed anywhere with water supply and drainage. 

  • Integrated dishwashers must be built into your kitchen, whether semi- or fully integrated. The front cover can be customized to match your kitchen cabinetry.

New vs. old dishwasher

The cost of installing a dishwasher heavily depends on whether you want to replace or install a new one. Generally, the cost to install a dishwasher where there wasn’t one, i.e., replacing an existing dishwasher, will be lower than a first-time installation.

A new dishwasher without existing plumbing connections will need to be fitted out with the help of licensed professionals. Besides plumbing labor costs, you might also need to shoulder electrical and carpentry labor costs. The prices of pipes and taps will also add to the cost. Meanwhile, plumbers may charge an additional callout fee if you need an old unit replaced.

new white dishwasher


Do you need a plumber to install a dishwasher? Unless you’re going the DIY route, hiring a plumber will ensure that the basic installation of the pipes and connections to the water supply is safely and efficiently handled. This is even more important for first-time installations. However, if you’re replacing an old dishwasher, you may need to look at your existing water supply line.

Plumbers typically charge by the hour. A permit may also be required for them to begin work, so this is an additional cost you should consider.


You might need new wiring done for a new unit, or you may want to have your dishwasher moved from one place to another. In either case, the professional assistance of an electrician is required for the job. Electricians locate and install the power points. They charge depending on the complexity of the job. If your dishwasher unit needs repairs, expect to pay more.

Kitchen remodeling

Kitchen remodeling costs may significantly impact your overall spending to have a dishwasher installed in your kitchen. This depends on the type and size of your dishwasher unit. If your kitchen doesn’t have the space for it, you may want to consider remodeling it. Retrofitting your kitchen around a dishwasher will incur higher costs, so choose the suitable unit. Depending on what your kitchen needs, you may also have to consider floor repair costs and cabinetry costs. 

Cabinet makers typically charge by the hour; they must get accurate measurements when creating custom cabinetry for your kitchen.

Your location

Charging for dishwasher installation may be higher in metropolitan areas than in suburban ones. Depending on where you live, you may also have to pay for delivery fees and—if not included in your dishwasher replacement service—the cost to take away or dispose of your old unit.

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FAQs on dishwasher installation costs

You may try to do it yourself. However, it would be safer to get it done by professionals who can do the electrical work accurately. Some retailers also offer installation when you buy your unit from them.

You can try to DIY the process, but you may need the expertise of a plumber, especially if it’s a first-time installation or needs specific fixes, like installing a new drain line.

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